Extracurricular PE

Welcome to the Physical Education department. Our aim is to provide all pupils with a range of activities to develop skills, gain confidence and hopefully foster an interest in beyond the school curriculum. We encourage pupils to develop competence, make and apply decisions, evaluate and improve performance as well as make healthy choices about their lifestyles. In order to help them achieve this, pupils will practise a variety of skills, use tactical strategies to outwit an opponent, observe others and make comments on performances as well as be encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities.

Students looking for advice on how to keep themselves fit at home, should watch The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, on YouTube.  He has created primary and secondary school workouts for pupils to follow.  Students should aim to complete these at least 2 times in the week.

Key Stage 3 Physical Education

Pupils take part in netball, football, gymnastics, dance, trampolining, outdoor adventurous activities, athletics, tennis, rounders, and basketball.

During these activities, pupils will develop sports-specific skills such as passing, catching and footwork in netball, or body tension and core stability in gymnastics. They will also start learning to apply these skills in the correct context and to make effective decisions on when best to use these skills to beat their opponents.

Pupils will complete assessed task work will be set once every half term. This should take approximately 20 – 30 minutes to complete.

Extracurricular activities will take place throughout the half term.  These will be inter-form based and will include cross country, netball and rounders to name a few.  Competitions and extracurricular clubs for netball, gymnastics, dance, football, trampolining, swimming, indoor athletics, tennis, rounders and football all take place throughout the year. A timetable can be found on Twitter and is updated weekly.

Key Stage 4 Physical Education

All pupils are expected to participate in sport regularly throughout the week. Government recommendations are 60 minutes a day. In their core PE lessons, our pupils may take part in netball, trampolining, first aid, outdoor adventurous activities, badminton, volleyball, tennis, rounders, table tennis, yoga, and fitness.

Pupils who opt to take a GCSE in Physical Education will follow the OCR J587 specification. Pupils will be assessed on their performance in 3 different activities – one team sport, one individual and one other.  They will also need to complete a written analysing and evaluating performance task. This is worth 40% of their final grade. They can choose to take part in an activity not provided for by the school e.g. horse riding provided it is on the specification but will need to provide video evidence for these.

They will also be required to sit two written exams which are worth 60% (30% each) of their final grade. Topics include components of fitness, diet, drugs in sport, pathways into sport, the skeletal system, the effects of exercise and media.

Written homework tasks will be set every week and should each take approximately 45 – 60 minutes to complete

All pupils are encouraged to participate in at least two extracurricular activities a week. These activities include netball, cross country, gymnastics, dance, trampolining, tennis, rounders, swimming and athletics.

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Key Stage 5 Physical Education

Core PE lessons offer pupils the chance to take part in fitness, table tennis, yoga, first aid, basketball and benchball.

Pupils who can also opt to take an A-level course in Physical Education. We follow the OCR H555 specification.  Pupils will be examined on 3 sections of Physical Education: this work is worth 70% of the final grade.  The remaining 30% is practically based and students are assessed in one sporting activity.  They must also give an oral response on the evaluation and analysis of a live performance in their sporting activity.

For every hour of lesson time, another hour should be dedicated to homework i.e. 4-5 hours/week.

All students taking the A-Level in Physical Education are expected to participate in one hour of sport every day. The extracurricular timetable can be accessed via the website.

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Want to find out more about PE work skills, then check out this infographic poster, which can also be found on the Maths corridor.