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Extracurricular PE

Welcome to the Physical Education department. Our aim is to provide all students with a range of activities that develop skills, boost confidence and hopefully foster an interest in physical pursuits beyond the school curriculum.


At Loreto College we aim to achieve the following:

  • Allow our students to work towards becoming independently active within the school and community.
  • Enable students to know the importance of physical activity to lead a healthy physical, social and mental life.
  • Build students’ self-esteem through the development of physical confidence, teaching them to cope with the successes and failures they might meet in competitive and co-operative activities, both in and out of sport.
  • Develop students’ problem solving and inter personal skills, forging a link between the school, the community and across cultures.

Our intent is guided by and celebrates the values of Mary Ward:

  • Freedom – students take charge of their own learning and show commitment in Physical Education, demonstrating teamwork and understanding of everyone’s abilities and differences.
  • Justice – students are encouraged to understand fair play and adhere to the activity’s rules, becoming good leaders through appreciating the rules governing an activity.
  • Sincerity – teamwork and empathy is celebrated in all activities in order to learn about ourselves and challenge our own capabilities.
  • Truth – students are given time and space to reflect on their work and the work of others to showcase and evaluate their true potential.
  • Joy – last, but certainly not least, we want students to have fun whilst learning and flourishing in a physical environment.

In Key Stage 3, students explore a broad curriculum to widen and deepen their knowledge of physical education, evaluative skills and values in sport. Emphasis is placed on students striving for their personal best whether this be mastering a basic skill, or competing in the school club teams. In Year 9, students also develop leadership skills in a variety of activities.

In Key Stage 4, students will all take part in one hour of core PE. Students cover a variety of activities they will hopefully continue in their lives and beyond school. Students can also choose to study Physical Education at GSCE, learning all about the theoretical and physical aspects of the subject.

In Key Stage 5, Year 12 students take part in a weekly PE session. Students are given a choice of on and off site activities with the aim to continue leading a physical active lifestyle once they leave the school. We also offer A-level Physical Education, which explores a deeper understanding of the theoretical components of the subject.


Key Stage 3 Physical Education

Years 7 & 8

During Years 7 & 8, students participate in a variety of sporting activities with competitive elements including team games and racket sports, in addition to outdoor adventurous activities and aesthetic performances. Students also gain knowledge of key components of fitness and are introduced to the different ways of testing these components.

Additionally, students are encouraged to fulfil their potential by acquiring knowledge of key terminology and rules associated with each activity. They explore the benefits of exercise and become exposed to the values of fair play.

Building on from the Year 7 curriculum, Year 8 students develop further tactics and understanding on how to outwit opponents in competitive sports.

In addition to sporting activities, students will learn the importance of exercise, hygiene, and basic first aid through PSHE in PE.

Year 9

In Year 9, students build upon some activities covered in Years 7 & 8. They follow a sports leadership programme to develop their confidence and enthusiasm for sport not just as a performer but as a leader. Topics and skills covered involve qualities and characteristics of a good leader, organisation and communication skills, using a whistle, and identifying barriers that may prevent participation in physical activity. Students are introduced to training methods and the long term health benefits of exercise by developing personal fitness through circuit training and HRF (Health Related Fitness).

PSHE features significantly in Year 9 with students gaining education and understanding in administering first aid, focusing on the primary survey, recovery position and CPR.

Key Stage 4 Physical Education

We take pride in promoting lifelong physical activity in Key Stage 4, so students can participate in sports and activities beyond Loreto College. Furthermore, students are given the opportunity to participate in activities covered in Key Stage 3 further developing and advancing their skills by taking part in both co-operative and competitive sporting situations. Students are encouraged to demonstrate transferable skills including teamwork, leadership and communication.

PSHE is celebrated in Key Stage 4 through the importance of practising mindfulness, focusing on emotional well being, and discovering sporting activities/facilities in the local community.

GCSE Physical Education

We offer PE at GCSE.

Exam board: OCR

The two-year linear course breaks down as follows:

Examination areas:

  • J587/01 – Physical factors affecting performance (30%) – Written paper: 1 hour worth 60 marks.
    This component will assess:

– 1.1 Applied anatomy and physiology
– 1.2 Physical training

  • J587/02 – Socio-Cultural issues and sports psychology (30%) – Written paper: 1 hour worth 60 marks.
    This component will assess:

– 2.1 Socio-cultural influences
– 2.2 Sports psychology
– 2.3 Health, fitness and well-being

Further information on the content of the GCSE course can be found in the Specification at a glance

Non-Examination assessment (NEA):

  • J587/04 – Practical Performances (30%) – Students will be assessed in their ability to select and perform appropriate skills consistently, precisely and with control and fluency in authentic competitive environments. Students are assessed in three activities from the approved activity list totalling 60 marks.

Activities must include:

– One from the ‘individual’ list.
– One from the ‘team’ list.
– One more from either list.

  • J587/05 – Analysis and evaluation of performance (10%) – 20 marks will be gained from a written task undertaken in controlled conditions.

Further information on the content of the GCSE Non-Examination assessment can be found here.

Useful websites:

A-level Physical Education

We offer PE at A-level.

The OCR two-year linear course breaks down as follows:

Examination areas:

  • H555/01 – Physiological factors affecting performance (30%) – Written paper: 2 hours, worth 90 marks.
    This component will assess:

    • 1 Applied anatomy and physiology
      – 1.2 Exercise physiology
      – 1.3 Biomechanics
  • H555/02 – Psychological factors affecting performance (20%) – Written paper: 1 hour, worth 60 marks.
    This component will assess:

    • 1 Skill acquisition
      – 2.2 Sports psychology
  • H555/03 – Socio-cultural issues in physical activity and sport (20%) – Written paper: 1 hour, worth 60 marks.
    This component will assess:

– 3.1 Sport and society
– 3.2 Contemporary issues in physical activity and sport.

Further information on the content of the A-level course can be found in the Specification at a glance.

Non-Examination assessment (NEA):

  • H555/05 – Practical performance (15%) – One sport from the approved activity list. Students can be assessed in the role of a performer or coach, worth 30 marks (weighed up to 45 marks)
  • H555/06 – Evaluating and analysing performance for improvement (EAPI) (15%) – Observing a live or recorded performance by a peer and then providing an oral response. Worth 30 marks (weighed up to 45 marks).

Further information on the Non-Examination assessment of the A Level course can be found here


Students are always encouraged to participate in sports clubs both inside and outside of school. At Loreto College, students have access to a large number of extra-curricular sporting activities which run during lunchtime and after school. Each week the extracurricular programme offered by the PE department is shared with students in form time, displayed in the PE department and shared on Twitter and the school website.

Extracurricular PE

All students are welcome and actively encouraged to attend extra-curricular clubs.
Our usual extra-curricular schedule includes:

  • Netball – September to March
  • Football – September to March
  • Trampoline – October to December (after school only)
  • Gymnastics and Dance – January to March (lunchtime only)
  • Rounders – April to July
  • Athletics – April to July
  • Tennis – April to July
  • Daily mile – All year round

Due to the number of fixtures we take part in, some training dates and times may vary. Please do check the extra-curricular page for updates.

We aim to give students as many opportunities to compete in competitive sports. In addition to the activities above, we enter a county swimming league for competent club swimmers.

Every two years we organise a Gym and Dance Display, which is a highly successful school event. All students in Years 7 and 8 perform class routines as well as performances from the extra-curricular clubs that run throughout the year e.g. vault club, gym for beginners, advanced gymnastics, KT’s Dance Academy.  There are also opportunities for individuals and small groups to perform and showcase their talents.  It is great students get to experience live performance and develop their confidence, creating lifelong memories.

Additionally, students in Year 9, who have shown particular commitment and aptitude are selected to participate in our Sports Leaders programme. The programme offers them opportunities to help local sporting events and support the Herts Sports Partnership e.g. District Sportshall Athletics, Tri Golf and local primary schools’ sports days. It is a great opportunity for our leaders to help officiate and coach at primary school sporting events. We are extremely proud of the student-leaders and we always receive positive and warm feedback from the organisers, parents and schools.

PE & Careers@Loreto

Examination opportunities:

  • A-level PE


  • Professional athlete
  • Sports / PE Teacher
  • Nutritionist
  • Sports Analysis
  • Sports Journalist
  • Sports Coach or Official
  • Physiotherapist
  • Personal Trainer
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Sports Psychologist

Extended Learning opportunities:

Useful websites:

Want to find out more about PE work skills, then check out this infographic poster, which can also be found on the Maths corridor.