13th March 2017 – Recently some of our Sixth form students learned about CPR training.  Jasmin Oudahar and Rianna McConachie tell us more …

Rebecca Burridge, an A-Level Biology student, taught us how to administer CPR.  She herself had been taught by taught by the St. John’s ambulance, and shared her knowledge with the rest of our A-Level biology class and our teacher Mr.Downes.

We were taught the “DR.ABC” procedure.  This is an anagram developed to remind us of the actions to take in a crisis:

D – Danger. Check that it is safe to give help.

R – Response.  Check to see if the patient is able to respond.

. – Stop before going any further in order to ring an ambulance or call for help.

A – Airways.  Check the patient does not have an obstructed airway.

B – Breathing.  Make sure the patient is breathing.

C – Circulation.  If the casualty is not breathing, start CPR.

We learned that infants, children and adults all need different administrations of CPR due to the amount of pressure required.  Another skill we discovered was how to place someone in the recovery position.

This valuable life-lesson is one that everybody should experience, as these important skills may potentially save a life one day. We received this opportunity thanks to our peer and some CPR dummies donated by the British Heart Foundation.  We are very grateful for this and will make sure we don’t forget what we were taught.