Nov 6th / Today, Y11 & Y13 Classics students took part in a trip to see a modern adaptation of the play “Antigone”, written by the ancient Greek tragedian Sophocles.  The students all enjoyed the production, and were a very respectful audience.  Here is a report on the play from Sophie O’Sullivan in Y13:

“This version of ‘Antigone’ is set in a dynamic urban world of nightclubs and contemporary street culture.  Roy Williams focusses on the decay of the family unit, demonstrating raw emotion and magnifying the challenges that a division between gang-leadership and family can present.  The play encourages us to evaluate the significance of loyalty, truth, religion, grief, love, justice and morality.  Although ‘Antigone’ is an ancient tragedy, key themes such as this still speak to us powerfully in the modern world.”

Some clips from the play can be seen here.