11th July 2019 – During our Internationality Week earlier this year, the Classics Department decided to set pupils in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 a ‘Classics Challenge’!  Their mission: to spread Classics on a GLOBAL SCALE!

Each year group was given a ‘mystery’ ancient artefact, which they had to investigate and then create an electronic resource about.  Their objective was to help pupils in schools around the world today learn more about the world in classical times.   Four of our international sister schools signed up to use the materials from St Albans with their pupils: Gibraltar (Spain), Pretoria (South Africa), Kolkata (India) and Melbourne (Australia).

The Classics Department was hugely impressed by the standard of work that was produced, and we would like to thank all those pupils who participated.  Everyone has been awarded with a merit.  Sadly though, we could only send off a handful of projects.  The winners’ names, and the destinations for their work, are listed below.  We also awarded several students commendations for very good work.

Mia Suzuki 7Y – video presentation (Pretoria, South Africa)

Maya Elliot and Lily Gazza 7S – newsroom presentation (Gibraltar, Spain)

Amarisa Rrukaj 8T and Emily Perra 8J – PowerPoint worksheets, crime quiz etc. (Pretoria, South Africa)

Emma Staff 8S, Francesca Satik 8S, Ellie-May Brennan 8S- PowerPoint and strigil demonstration. (Pretoria, South Africa)

Glenda Asare-Bekoe 8F – PowerPoint and quiz (Kolkata, India)

Tara Clarke 9T, Henrietta Algaard 9T, Amelia Layne 9T – tour of Verulamium (Toorak, Australia)

Congratulations girls!  In the summer term you will receive formal recognition and a prize (including immortality!) for your outstanding contributions.  Below you can see the feedback received from pupils in our sister schools.

Feedback from Loreto, Toorak, Australia on Tara, Amelia and Henrietta’s (9T) Tour of Verulamium and the carbonised cot found in Herculaneum:

We loved the Quiz at the end! Great creativity as it was not just a normal powerpoint. Overall we thought it was awesome. – Nellie, Scarlett and Matilda

As a group some of the girls in my class together thought that the video task was funny and engaging. We loved how they made and structured their video, the information they gave us about the Romans and Pompeii and the multiple choice quiz which we took part in. – Clare

We liked the quiz, because it was engaging and interactive. The video was very clear and professional, but it could be a bit louder so that we could hear them over the wind. There were a few typos, but overall the presentation was very well edited. – Niamh

They had a strong voice and convinced us that they were confident about what they were talking about. They did lots of research about what they had studied, and we loved how they had a quiz because it really challenged our listening skills. – Katya, Amelie and Allegra.

We thought the video the information was presented in a very engaging and creative way, and it looked like they worked hard on it (and we like their accents!). Their information was very accurate and well thought through. It inspired us to do our own one day! – from Georgia, Grace and Charlotte

In the powerpoint we think that the spacing was very good and that it taught us a lot information while making it interesting. We think that it could improve by making it black and white to make it more realistic and making the transitions more relevant to the topic. – From Zara, Catie and Maddie.

We think that the idea is really creative and the quiz element is more engaging that an average presentation. The information presented in the video seemed well researched and prepared. They could maybe have put some additional information on the slideshow rather than just the video. – Ella and Lucinda

We think that the PowerPoint was very well done and supplied good information. The video that they made was also very interesting and was an entertaining way share information. – Molly, Lucy and Martha

Feedback from Loreto in Gibraltar Maya and Lily’s presentation in 7S.
We all thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, which was well-researched and nicely presented. The girls have written their own script and delivered it well. Their animated countdowns and interactive quiz worked well to engage our pupils.

At some points, they spoke very quickly and the children had trouble following what was being said. They could also have shown some examples of oil lamps somewhere in their presentation, either pictures or actual oil lamps.

Overall though, a fantastic piece of work – well done to Lily and Maya! We look forward to our next Classics Presentation.

Feedback from Loreto South Africa:
Dear Emma, Francesca and Ellie-May, thank you for your lovely presentation. We had a little trouble with the video, but it was still great. Your slide show really helped me with my geography. I never knew a place called Pompeii even existed! Thanks guys! – Rebaone

Your presentation taught me things and helped me understand. Thank you. – Tlotlego

I loved the quiz very much. – Rorisang

I really liked your introduction. Keep it going. – Amrane

You taught me about a flask and I did not even know about it. – Robyn

Thank you for teaching me. – Lesedi

The information attracted my attention. The presentation was entertaining and fun. We had some trouble and couldn’t watch the video but the information was great and it really helped me with history. – Letago

I thought your presentation was awesome. It was a shame that your video didn’t play, but overall it was great. Good luck with whatever you’re doing. Stay well. I hope you are all doing well in school and keeping well. May God be with you always. – Lumumba

I loved your presentation and thought it was interesting and liked the quiz. Hope you all read this. May God be with you and all of you girls have an amazing day. – Tom-Tom

Your PowerPoint of the strigil and oil flask was absolutely stunning and I’d like to see and learn more from each of you. Thank you. – Tshego

I really found the quiz very nice. Thank you for making your presentation with words. – Michaella

Your PowerPoint was very colourful and l liked the quiz and also your pictures. I really liked it. – Ronewa

Hey friends, I really loved your group work. I didn’t know that a flask could also be made of glass. – Bokamoso

It was lovely. Latin and Classics is definitely on my list. Thank you. – Bethel

I liked your presentation because it had a lot of detail and it was very understandable. – Samy

The quiz was easy but pretty cool. – Giovanni

I did enjoy and learn a lot from your presentation. I am cleverer than I was a while ago. – Oreditse

You guys care about your past which is a good thing because you’ll be able to understand your future. Have a wonderful life. – Oneile

Wow, I learned soooooo much! I never knew that Latin could be so interesting. You are so amazing! All of you. Lots of happiness and love. – Keketso

Your group’s PowerPoint was amazing I really enjoyed it. I really didn’t know how the Romans kept themselves clean. You guys really represented your school very well by doing this presentation. Power girls. My love to you. – Alizwa

Feedback on the work of Glenda Asare-Bekoe in 8F. Sadly Loreto Kolkata were not able to provide feedback as planned, so this is what Glenda’s own classmates thought of her presentation:

Wow so much detail! You made it really fun for us and made activities to get us involved. Amazing, well done!

You engage with the audience and use a lot of eye-catching images. Well done! Also great presentation and facts.

It was really detailed and deserved to be one of the winners!

I liked the information. It was also very clear and easy to read/understand.

I liked the quiz at the end as it got everyone involved. There were lots of pictures so we could see what it looked like.

I like the way that you told us about the bath houses and the different rooms.

It was really informative, but also really fun because of the quiz at the end.

I liked how are used loads of pictures with short sentences that told us lots of information. I also loved your quiz at the end because it was a nice, fun way to end your PowerPoint.

I liked that there was a quiz at the end so you could understand what you learnt more. Also we could tell whoever didn’t listen to the presentation because they didn’t put hands up.

I liked Glenda’s presentation because it was really detailed and told us a lot about the Roman baths. The quiz was really interactive and fun. Overall the presentation was very pretty.

Your presentation was incredible. It was so well-made and thought out and it was really cool. You are amazing at Latin and your presentation was phenomenal!

She explained really well what the strigil and oil flask were. What she said/wrote was really interesting and almost mysterious. She went into deep detail for each room. She worded it in a way we could all understand and were kept listening. It was also fun!

Your presentation was amazing! You filled us all with information. And it was really interesting. Good job!

A very good presentation and very detailed. I learnt a few more things which I didn’t know before and the quiz was really fun. Thank you. Great!

You had a clear summary of what everything was and it was very informative. Thank you for making it so much easier to understand.

You included a lot of detail for the different rooms. You explained how to use a strigil and flask really well.

I liked the quiz at the end and how you explained all the rooms of the Bath house. I thought the PowerPoint was very fun and creative.

Very informative, described exactly what it was like in each room and what you did there. The transitions were really smooth and added a really nice touch to the PowerPoint.

Gabriela Gomez Pavon and Ellie Escuder 7S – info pack

Adrienne Koppes 7S – cartoon video

Alafair Reinsford and Aoife Brooks 7S – PowerPoint and quiz sheet

Mackenzie Holt 7T- poster

Matilda Cremins 7T – PowerPoint

Lily Freeman 7Y – PowerPoint

Klara King 8S, Jessica Kelly 8S and Emanuela Kucera 8S – board game

Josie Bogle 8T – PowerPoint, quiz, 20 questions

Lottie McCallum 8T – singing

Ivy Gayon 9T – PowerPoint with timers

Anna Berners Lee 9Y and Sarah Hill 9Y – Scratch animation