Rome wasn’t built in a day or was it?

Over the course of two days (Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th June) all Year 8 pupils had the opportunity to take an active part in this year’s Classics Days. In addition to learning about life in Roman Britain, the pupils had a chance to let their creativity shine through a range of activities.

Here are what some of the Year 8 students had to say about the day:

“On Classics Day, I really enjoyed making mosaics as it was very fun to make designs and stick them down. It was also very interesting to learn about Roman life, like the games they would play like Nine Men’s Morris and how they would live their day to day lives. I also really enjoyed writing my name in Greek and Roman letters on the papyrus, and I liked seeing how letters have changed and what writing on papyrus was like.”

“I enjoyed Classics day very much. The two activities I enjoyed the most were making our bowl out of clay, because I love to play and create stuff with clay. I find it relaxing and interesting. I also enjoyed making and playing the Roman game with my friend. We were both very competitive which is what made it fun.”

“On Classics Day I had fun with my friends decorating mosaics and using grout to give effect. My pattern was similar to a tree, so it looked cool.”

“I enjoyed learning about the history of the British Roman daily life.”

“Classics day was really fun! It was very interesting to learn about life in Roman Britain and how different it was to today. My favourite activity was making the mosaics. I also really liked Nine Men’s Morris, and then had a lot of fun and very fierce games of it with my friends.”