Dec 18th / Last week ten of our Y10 students took part in a series of workshops organised by Setpoint Hertfordshire. “Chemistry at Work” Chemistry at Work aims to introduce school students to their local chemical industry and to demonstrate how the chemistry which they are learning at school is used by a variety of people in their work.





The students took part in four activities:

Fizzy Surprises Where does the fizz in sweets come from? Is it always the same?

Hot & Cold Exploring some everyday chemical reactions and how they work, using heat packs and hand warmers.

Keep your cool! Do mints cool your mouth? Are chillies really hot?

What a pain! Does the chemical formula of a compound tell us the whole story of how it works?




Here are the students’ thoughts on the day:

Rebecca – It was fantastic because we learnt about everyday chemical reactions, how pain occurred, and even how to make toothpaste.  It was very enriching to discover how chemistry could open so many career doors.

Rachel – It was well planned and really opened my eyes to the importance of chemistry around me.

Katarina – I am now looking for a career in chemistry thanks to the fantastic experience I had.

Abigail – There were scientists from GlaxoSmithKline and the Royal Society of Chemistry.  It allowed us to really get involved and learn about reactions beyond the pages of a text book.

Giada – We have all enjoyed the different activities and learnt lots of new and interesting aspects of this subject.

Catriona – All the staff were very welcoming and I think the day was well planned.

Maria – It was a thoroughly enjoyable day compromising of four workshops that linked chemistry with careers.

Ellie – The volunteers gave up their personal time as to provide us with this opportunity and I feel that I have gained much information about chemistry in the work place.



Many thanks to Mrs Sheehan for leading this trip.