16th Dec 2016 – Yesterday a group of Y9 pupils took part in a visit to the British Library. Here they tell us more about their experiences.  Click on any image to enlarge it and/or view a slide show …


We travelled by train and when we arrived we were greeted by the staff at the library.  We were divided up into smaller groups, and went into a room where the librarian talked to us about the British Library and how people use it to research different topics.  This was really interesting and the librarian made it fun and interactive for us. Then we went to the Treasure Galleries where we researched various questions about items such as the Magna Carta.  At the end of the day we went to the gift shop.  I hope to go back to the Library again and explore and learn some more.

Jenny Wilson

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My favourite thing we did was when we went to into the Treasure Gallery, and also the workshop where we had to put certain words into a negative group, or a positive group.  It was fun.

 Ciara Wynne



Today I had great fun!  I saw lots of interesting things and learnt so much!  My favourite part of the day was when we were given envelopes and had to make something interesting out of them, I would definitely recommend this workshop!

 Leah Thomson


I particularly enjoyed the Treasure galleries: it was so interesting seeing so many words in different languages.

 Isabel Hayes


My favourite part of the day was seeing the original books written by William Shakespeare.  In the Treasure galleries there are original old scrolls hand written and many beautiful had written colourful bibles.  I also liked seeing the Kings Library.

Elisha Assaf


 My favourite part of the day was when we went to the Gallery and I saw the exhibition of the original hand-written Beatles lyrics and then I listened to the songs on headphones.

Caitlin Marron


Many thanks to our own librarian Mrs Parkin for organising this super trip.