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A-level Results

18 Aug 2022

There was plenty to celebrate at Loreto College this morning, with the vast majority of pupils securing the grades they needed in order to pursue their chosen pathways. This year’s top achievers were Lucy Baker and Elizabeth Burridge, who both achieved four A* grades. Elizabeth will commence her degree in medicine this September, whilst Lucy will read History and Ancient History at Durham. Outgoing Head Girl Karis Rable achieved three A* grades and a grade A, and eloquently thanked her teachers for all the support they have provided over the years, as did Sienna Harrod who achieved three A grades.

This year group has had an even more challenging time than most, with the first lockdown meaning that they had no previous experience of sitting major external exams, and the second one affecting their learning in the Lower Sixth, so our Year 13 students should be particularly pleased with what they have achieved.


Summer Showcase

16 Jul 2021

Since we have been unable to run our usual Summer Showcase in celebration of our students’ creative talents, we have instead put together the following video. It contains images from a number of the projects our Art and Technology students have completed, whilst the accompanying soundtrack features a number of our Music students.  Many thanks to Mrs Carter for pulling all of this together in a single fantastic film:



The Music Department is extremely excited about restarting the extra-curricular next term and is looking forward to seeing everyone in person at our first concert in November, in the meantime we would like to celebrate the amazing talent of our girls. Please listen to the following solos and small ensembles all performed at school to celebrate the end of this unique school year.


Daisy Cooper Y12, voice:


Darcey McLoughlin Y9, voice:


Emily Vellacott Y10, French horn:


Fabiola Kabelis Y9, trumpet:


Gabriela Gomez-Pavon Y9, voice:


Louise Young Y9, piano:


Mackenzie Holt Y9, French horn:


Milena Kabelis Y7, trumpet:


Oksana Wojcik-Jardzioch Y10, piano:


Alana Cullen Y9, voice:


India Coffey Y9, voice:


Laura Bailey Y7, trumpet:


Grace & Molly Y9, violin duet:


Brass Ensemble:


Farewell Mass

15 Jul 2021

Our students will be taking part in an online Farewell Mass at 11.30 on Friday 16th July.  Other members of our community are welcome to join us for this:



Posted July 2021


Year 11 Information

14 Jul 2021

Since we are still unable to invite parents into school, we have prepared two films outlining what to expect as your daughter moves from Year 10 into Year 11.

The following presentation provides a general overview of the year ahead:



The following presentation focusses on wellbeing in Year 11:



Posted July 2021


Year 10 Careers Day

14 Jul 2021

The Year 10 Careers Day was a great success and the students appeared to get a lot out of every session, each of which focussed on transferable employability skills.   The Careers Team would like to extend their sincere thanks to all the guest speakers who gave up their time to support the Q&A sessions, and all the members of staff who worked so hard to make the day such a success. 

The sessions:

  • Q&A Panel gave students a chance to question people working in a range of different careers. 
    We were lucky to be supported by 16 guest speakers across a variety of different industries and professions.  
  • CV Workshop let students access our online careers platform, Unifrog, to build their own CV. 
  • The Interview got students thinking about and practising giving answers to a range of different job interview questions. 
  • Mood Board got students inspired and creative about their future-selves.   
  • Sustainability in Business was designed to get students thinking creatively and innovatively about environmental issues that face small and big businesses alike.    

Beneath this selection of photos you will find some feedback from the students themselves:



Here are some reflections from our Year 10 students, who all did themselves and the school proud: 

I really enjoyed careers day and the activities were great fun. The activities such as creating your own mood board, a CV, and designing sustainable resources for the school really allowed me to get creative and think ahead for the future. The Interview showed me how I could prepare for job interviews because it showed what questions to expect and how I should answer them. And the Q&A session offered me a chance to think about what path I might want to take and even if I don’t get a job I expected, it doesn’t mean I still can’t be happy where I am. Overall, the day was a real eye-opener which helped me to see what to expect for the future.”

“Year 10 Careers day was a great opportunity to think more about the path I would like to take in the future. I enjoyed the Q&A session the most as I was able to learn more about different jobs from the perspective of people in that profession and we were able to ask specific questions based on the information they had given us. The mood board session was a creative way to group together some ideas for the future.” 

I thought that Careers Day was an excellent opportunity to start thinking about future jobs and occupations in a fun and interesting way. It offered a sense of reassurance and comfort knowing that the school is there to support us during our important decisions, as we prepare for our forthcoming education and professions. I particularly enjoyed the Q&A panel, where we were able to ask people of different professions their career journeys and their own thoughts and opinions about work life. We were also able to begin writing our CVs and answer some possible interview questions, which helped me think more positively towards applying for jobs.”

“I really enjoyed all of the activities we partook in today. I found them extremely helpful in deciding what I should do in the future and thought that creating the CV on Unifrog was very beneficial. It was easy to use and helped me to think of what more I could do now in order to add to it.”

Sustainability Session Report:
The students all fully immersed themselves in planning a sustainable initiative for Loreto as part of careers day. This was designed to tie in with our centenary celebrations in 2022. They were set the challenge to come up with a project that would not only improve our school environment and be sustainable but would have additional benefits. They explored ideas such as saving the school money or generating an income, promoting mental health, increasing educational understanding, and enhancing the reputation of the school. We asked the students to think of something “visual” that would leave a legacy.  We were truly impressed with the range of ideas they came up with, from green rooves, solar panels and energy saving devices to composting food waste, water butts, re-wilding and bee gardens. We even had suggestions of exercise bikes that would generate energy and outdoor classrooms powered by solar energy! The pupils not only showed great creativity in their ideas but in their groups but also took on individual roles such as financial director, communications officer, designer, and members of the sales team delivering their pitch. We look forward to sharing their ideas with the Governors! Here is some of their work:
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Year 10 Information

14 Jul 2021

As we cannot currently invite parents into school, we have prepared two presentations for those of you who have daughters about to move into Year 10.  Please can we encourage you to watch these so that you are as well-placed as possible to support your daughter during Key Stage 4.

In this first presentation, Mr Hayes explains issues relating to your daughter’s new timetable and outlines some key events in Year 10:



In this second presentation, Miss O’Callaghan focusses on your daughter’s wellbeing:



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Duke of Edinburgh Award

05 Jul 2021

This weekend many of our Year 11 students successfully completed their Duke of Edinburgh Award Bronze Expedition. They all did really well, taking the rain in their stride and getting better and better at navigating as the weekend went on. Congratulations to Pelin, Juliana, Katie, Jessica, Joia, Anna, Grace, Jessica, Izabella, Jessica, Ciara, Emily, Mia, Nicole, Kayleigh, Jada, Alanna, Heaven-Leigh, Halena, Ava, Charlotte, Sophiya, Isabel and Katherine.

Many thanks to Miss Lynch, Miss Ross, Mr Hayes, Miss Gilleece, Mrs Da Costa, Miss Coombs, Miss Hyland,  Miss McAteer, Miss Rowlands, Miss Marathamuthu, Mrs Swann-Roberts, Mr Fryer, Miss Insall and Mrs Eridani-Ball for giving up their time to help them all achieve this.

Click on any image below to enlarge it.


Posted 5th July 2021


St Peter and St Paul Mass

29 Jun 2021

This Mass will be held online and will begin at 2.20 pm today. Pupils will attend in their form rooms. Others members of the Loreto community are welcome to join us by clicking on the link below.

Posted 29th June 


Farewell to our Y13 students

28 May 2021

Today we say farewell to our Y13 students.  They have been a delightful year group – wonderful ambassadors for the school – and we are very sad to see them leave. Today they have enjoyed a garden gathering outside the sixth form block, followed by a three course meal in the canteen with waitress service provided by our Y12 students: a lovely way to mark the end of their time in the sixth form.

Click on any image below to enlarge it.

Posted 28.05.21


Farewell to our Y11 pupils

28 May 2021

Today we have said farewell to our Year 11 pupils.  Their GCSE years have been far from straightforward, which has left us all the more impressed at how positively they have approached school life!  There was a lovely atmosphere in the Mary Ward building this morning as they all celebrated the friendships they have formed, the progress they have made, and everything else that they have achieved.  We wish them all the best for the future!

Click on this image to enlarge it:

Posted 28.05.21


Diary Cover – Competition Winners

20 May 2021

Earlier this term, the Art Department asked all Year 7 students to take part in a competition to design the front cover of the 2021-2022 Loreto College Student Homework Diary. This is the first time that we have asked our students to help design the front cover, and we were overwhelmed by the standard of work, creativity and talent shown by our entries!  Well done to everyone who took part in this competition!

The winning entry, which will be used for all of next year’s diaries, was designed by Orla in 7T:

In second place was Elysia in 7F:

In third place was Maria in 7J:


Posted 20th May 2021


Year 10 Geography Projects

20 May 2021

Year 10 Geographer students have been learning about the challenges facing cities such as Rio de Janeiro, and their teachers have been very impressed with their creative skills. The pupils were tasking with building their own slum, or favela, starting with just a single piece of paper!

They learned about the difficulty of obtaining resources, the problems of building a solid structure, conflicts with the local authority and how to earn a living. Over time they realised that slum dwellers can improve their homes and by the end we had a water supply, electricity and even their own shops to earn an income.

Here are some examples of their work:

Posted 20th May 2021.


Meet the Head Girl Team

12 May 2021

We are delighted to announce that we have recently appointed our new Head Girl Team.  In this short film, they introduce themselves …


Posted 12th May 2021. 


Ascension Mass

11 May 2021

This Thursday 13th May at 2.20 pm our students will be attending an online Mass. All members of the wider Loreto community are invited to join us for this:



Posted May 11th 2021 


May – The Month of Mary

06 May 2021

May is a very special month in the Catholic calendar as it marks the month of Mary. This is a time when we should take time to think about Mary and reflect on how she is the Mother of Jesus and Mother to us all. Our Year 7 pupils have been busy learning about the month of Mary and the Rosary this week. They have also helped to decorate our prayer corner and various statues of Mary around the school.


SusFest 2021

04 May 2021

Loreto Collage is proud to support SusFest again this year. This is a local initiative promoting environmental sustainability via a series of events and activities for our communities, all taking place between Sun 23rd May and Sun 6th June. For more details click here.


Lockdown Creativity

26 Mar 2021

During the latest period of school closure, we were very impressed with how well Loreto pupils kept on top of their learning, and how well they kept their creativity flowing.  The video below features a soundtrack produced as part of a Music department project: over 50 singers and string players recorded individual contributions at home and then our Head of Music, Mrs Carter, combined them all together to create the piece you will hear here.  The accompanying images are examples of the excellent responses received to tasks set for RE, English, Drama, Science, Art and PSHCE.  Well done to all those involved, and to our wider community for helping to keep the learning going and to keep everyone’s spirits up!




Easter Liturgy

25 Mar 2021

Our end of term liturgy will be celebrated at 10:00 am on Friday 26th March.  This is a unique opportunity for us to join with all school communities in the Diocese of Westminster, which contains some 90,000 students.  This is a powerful example of everyone coming together in a year which has kept so many people apart.  If you would like to join our Mass, the link to use is


International Women’s Day 2021

12 Mar 2021


The Loreto WoW group marked International Women’s Day (March 8th) with a virtual celebration throughout this week to raise awareness of the inequalities women and girls still face, to celebrate female achievement, and to inspire our students to appreciate and make the most of their opportunities. The theme this year is ‘Choose to Challenge’.

Each day a PowerPoint was shared in morning registration.  This included prayers written by WoW Reps along with the profile of a woman who embodies both the theme of International Women’s Day (Choose to Challenge) and also one of Mary Ward’s five virtues.

You can read more about International Women’s Day here.

A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change.
So let’s all choose to challenge!

How will you help forge a gender equal world?
Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.


Posted 12.03.21


Notice for Arriva bus users

04 Mar 2021

With pupils about to return to school, those who use the Arriva bus service should be aware of the following information from the company:

Please rest assured that all our buses are Covid-19 secure and undergo enhanced touchpoint cleaning each day. Good ventilation of fresh air is also ensured by keeping windows open wherever possible.  To help reduce the amount of physical contact between pupils and drivers, we are asking pupils to only use contactless payment or pre-purchase tickets via the Arriva UK Bus app. Cash will only be accepted as a form of payment in exceptional circumstances and where the correct fare can be paid, as our drivers will not be able to provide change at this time.

We will have buses reserved for school, sixth form and college pupils only, the route number for these services will begin with an “S”. Pupils from any year group and from any school or college located on the route can travel on these buses. If pupils need to travel on the same bus as those from another school, we are asking them to sit with those from their own school, and ideally from their own year group. Where possible we are asking pupils to maintain social distancing. The seats behind the driver and any facing each other will be marked off and should not be used. Government guidance is that all pupils over the age of 11 must wear a face covering, although medical exemptions do apply. We encourage pupils to also carry hand sanitiser with them and use it before getting on and off the bus wherever possible.

To help increase capacity, we will be adding in additional journeys on certain services and in some cases, we will be running two buses at the same time so that both those travelling to and from school or college and keyworkers travelling to and from work can do so safely. Some buses will be supplied by the local authority and will not look like an Arriva bus.

If the route a pupils usually travels on does not begin with an “S” it means that there is no dedicated school bus. They can still use this normal service to travel to school or college, and we have ensured there is plenty of capacity on these services.

This document outlines the services in this area: Hertfordshire – Schools Return – 8 March 2021

Full timetable details can be found by clicking here or by using the Arriva UK Bus app, which is free to download from the app store.

Posted 04.03.21


World Book Day 2021

25 Feb 2021

This year World Book Day falls on Thursday 4th March.  This event is designed to bring people together in their love of books, stories and all things pertaining to reading.  At Loreto we have always celebrated this special day with author visits, competitions and events aimed at raising money for charities connected with literacy.  Although this year there are limits on how much we can do, we still want to encourage our students to pick up a book and to share with others what they have been reading – indeed, the theme for this year’s World Book Day is “share a story”.  Sharing a story can be done in many ways, such as chatting about it with a family member or a friend, or writing a formal review of a book which has really struck a chord. During the first lockdown, 60% of respondents to a WBD survey said that they were reading more than ever: we hope that the same is true of the current lockdown, and that our students will still celebrate this year’s World Book Day with their usual enthusiasm!

For more details about this year’s event, please click here.
Posted 25.02.21

Raising Resilience

23 Feb 2021

In recognition of the fact that many parents are concerned about their children’s ability to cope with the challenging circumstances we currently find ourselves in, Hertfordshire County Council is running a series of free workshops for parents who live or work in Hertfordshire.  These six 1-hour sessions will explore how to help build resilience.  Participants will also receive learning materials to use at home with their children.

You can learn more from this Bounce Forward flyer, by visiting this website, and by watching this short clip:

Posted 23.02.21


Mary Ward Mass

20 Jan 2021

On Friday 22nd January, to mark Mary Ward’s birthday (Jan 23rd), we invite all members of the Loreto community to join us for a Mass which will be streamed online at 2.15 pm.

Mass Booklet


Advent Assembly

17 Dec 2020

With so many students and staff currently required to self-isolate, many members of our community have missed the opportunity to experience our Advent Assembly. Therefore, for their benefit, here it is:



Posted 17th December 2020


Carol Service Art Competition

10 Dec 2020

Our Year 7 Art students were asked to create a title image for the Loreto College Virtual Carol Service. We had some excellent entries with very creative designs. The Winners and runners up are:

1st – Elsie N (7Y) Loreto girl looking up at the Christmas tree
2nd – Elsie A (7F) Loreto Advent wreath
3rd – Ever I (7Y) Loreto Students and Angel

The runners up are:

Emmanuela (7Y)
Orla (7T)
Laura (7F)
Giusy (7Y)

Students will receive their prizes in the New Year.

Click on any image to enlarge it and/or view a slideshow …

Posted 10th December 2020 


Virtual Carol Service

10 Dec 2020

Since we are sadly unable to hold our traditional Carol Service this year, Mrs Carter, Miss Gilleece, our Art department – and of course many of our students – have put a lot of time and talent into creating this virtual version.  We hope that you enjoy our service, and have a wonderful Christmas!


Virtual Careers Fair

30 Nov 2020

Last week we hosted our annual Careers Fair – only this time it was a “virtual event”! We were lucky enough to be supported by five amazing guest speakers who delivered live presentations via Teams to each of the forms, followed by a Q&A. The students participated very well, and clearly got a lot out of the experience. Our guest speakers presented on a range of professions and career paths from computer programming to nursing and accountancy. Students were also given an opportunity to find out a bit more about Labour Market Information (LMI) in Hertfordshire. This data is invaluable in enabling students to make more informed decisions about their career intentions and aspirations.

Posted November 30th 2020 


Y8 HPV Injections

18 Nov 2020

Later this term Loreto College will be hosting Human Papillomavirus (HPV) immunisations delivered by the NHS School Aged Immunisation Team. Parents of Y8 pupils are requested to click here to fill in an online consent form.  It is important for you to discuss and complete the form with your child.

You will need to use the unique code number EE138106, which identifies Loreto College.

The electronic link will close at 10pm on Thurs, 19th Nov 2020.

Please note: The form may not work on some mobile phones and tablets.  If required, you can telephone 01462 341173 for alternative consent options.

Maggie Davies, the Immunisation Lead has supplied the following information for your reference:

HPV infections can be spread by any skin-to-skin contact, and are usually found on the fingers, hands, mouth and genitals. This academic year all year 8 students, boys and girls, will be offered the HPV vaccination. Research shows that the HPV vaccination not only provides protection against cervical cancer for girls but protects boys against some cancers of the anus and genital areas, and both boys and girls from some mouth and throat cancers.

In line with the National Immunisation Programme, Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust School Aged Immunisation Service offers the HPV vaccination to all of year 8 boys and girls in school. Your child will require two injections with the second injection given approximately 6 months after the first.

We will be following COVID-19 infection control guidelines at all these sessions. Please can you make sure on the day of the immunisation your child is fit and well. He/She is wearing appropriate clothing i.e. short sleeved shirt or blouse, and they are wearing a face mask for the duration of the immunisation. Please encourage your child to eat breakfast on the morning of the immunisation. You must complete the on-line form to accept or decline this vaccination.

For further information about vaccines, click here

Measles / Mumps / Rubella (MMR)

We would also like to remind you that all children and young people should have 2 doses of MMR. If you are not sure whether your child has been fully immunised against MMR please contact your GP or Practice Nurse for advice.


Art Competition Success!

09 Nov 2020

It’s always great to learn that one of our students has done well in an independent competition, so you can imagine how delighted we were to hear that no less than seven of our students were all awarded prizes in the 2020 Maltings Art Competition!  The theme of the competition was the ‘History of St Albans’, with the students producing their own artwork and entering it online during the lockdown back in spring.

The organisers of the competition came to Loreto recently to present the winners with medals and prizes in an outdoor ceremony.  Gabriella di Gregorio in Year 11 was presented with a cheque for £250 for being the overall competition winner!  The Art department was also awarded a cheque for £1000 for producing the most finalists out of the 13 schools which entered the competition!  The manager of the Maltings Centre, Mr P Corrigan, warmly congratulated all the finalists on the high standard of work they had produced.

The other prize-winning students are: Giorgia Pasqualetti, Wara Gregory, Emilia Hudson, Juliana Bautista MacDonald and Sharon John Philips (in year 11) and Molly Wegenek (in year 10). All the finalists’ work will be displayed in a public art exhibition at St Albans Town Hall at a date to be announced. The Art Department is very proud of all the students who entered work for this competition. Well done to everyone!

Posted 9th Nov 2020


Family Support

06 Nov 2020

During the week of 16-22 November, young people, parents/carers and professionals can sign up to FREE wellbeing webinars.  For more details, click here: Just Talk Wellbeing Webinars

Posted 6th Nov 2020


JPIC Food Bank Support

21 Oct 2020

Here at Loreto we have a very active groups of students promoting Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation. Pope Francis has made the following comment on our role as stewards.  Click on this image (or any other image in this article) if you wish to enlarge it:

Our duty to be stewards of this earth means no only working to create more sustainable environments around us, but also being of service to our communities.  Our students have an excellent history of doing this at Loreto, and they have raised many thousands of pounds for community charities.  We now feel that our help is needed more than ever!

This year’s JPIC fundraising will begin with collections for the local foodbank.  These statistics explains why:

During the week after half term, our students will be encouraged by their JPIC reps and form tutors to bring specific items into school.  This is just one way in which we, as Catholics, can live out the Gospel Values.

What sort of products would be gratefully received by the Food Bank?

  • Tinned fruits/ Tinned rice pudding
  • Jam/ Tinned custard
  • Tinned meats/Lentils/Chickpeas
  • Shower Gel/Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Cereals (but not oats/porridge!)

We thank in advance everyone who supports this initiative!

October 21st 2020


Road closure

15 Oct 2020

We have been notified that electricity supply works will soon take place in Upper Lattimore Road.  As a result the road will be completely closed between its junctions with Victoria Street and Marlborough Gate (see map – click to enlarge).  This is planned to start on 19th October 2020 and end on 23rd October 2020.



30th Sept 2020 


International Day of the Girl

08 Oct 2020

International Day of the Girl is celebrated around the world on October 11th. The day aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting girls’ empowerment and the fulfilment of their human rights. You can read more about this day here: International Day of the Girl Child | United Nations.  The International Day of the Girl Child focuses attention on the need to address the challenges girls face and to promote girls’ empowerment and the fulfilment of their human rights.

Loreto College has marked this day during form time this week:

1. We have said daily prayers around the theme of Mary Ward’s virtues – Freedom, Joy, Justice, Truth and Sincerity;
2. We have discussed the following video by UNICEF;


3. We have shared the following story of Olive Morris, who embodies many of Mary Ward’s virtues.

In London in 1969 a Nigerian diplomat was driving his Mercedes and was pulled over by the police who accused him of stealing the car. As he was being beaten up by the police who did not believe he owned the car, 17-year-old Olive Morris stepped in to challenge the police and was also beaten and arrested by the police. This was the start of her fight for justice, freedom and equality.  We chose her story to focus on as it has even more resonance during Black History month.  Learn more about it here.

Students in 8F also created this fabulous poster (click on the poster to enlarge it):


Active Travel

30 Sep 2020

An active lifestyle is essential to our physical and mental health.  In keeping with this, Herts County Council is keen to promote active forms of travel wherever possible.  Loreto College has signed up to support a programme aimed at increasing the amount that we walk and cycle to and from school. To encourage our pupils to reflect on this, we will be showing this film to all of them during the next few days.



Y7 Flu Vaccinations

30 Sep 2020

The Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust School Aged Immunisation Service will be delivering a flu vaccination programme to Y7 students this term.  The vaccination is free and is given as a quick, painless spray up the nose.

The vaccinations at Loreto College will take place on Tues 24th November.   Parents must click here to accept or decline this vaccination.  It is important for you to discuss and complete the consent form with your child.

You will need this unique code number EE138106 which identifies your child’s school.

The electronic link will close at 10pm on Mon, 23 Nov 2020.

Please note that this online form may not work on some mobile phones and tablets.  Please telephone 01727 732062 for alternative consent options, or if you have any questions about the flu immunisation.


Healthy Families

23 Sep 2020

Hertfordshire County Council is offering a free service to children aged 5-15 who have a BMI above the 91st centile (they can help you work this out if you’re not sure!).  They are providing a 12 week series of webinars covering topics such as healthy snacking, balanced meals, portion size and physical activity. The webinars are fun and interactive, with games and quizzes, and prizes to be won!

For more details, click here or take a closer look at this flyer:

Beezeebodies webinars


Drama festival 2020

16 Jul 2020

15th July 2020 – Our annual Drama Festival was not to be thwarted by the lockdown! Taking the lead from the other great theatrical institutions of our country, Loreto looked to technology as a means of protecting our proud dramatic heritage. The challenge was thrown down to all key stage three students to produce something to entertain, to inspire and to lift the spirits … and this challenge was emphatically taken up! The inter-form competition was fired-up rather than dampened by the need to adapt performances to the medium of film, and the students were certainly successful in proving that “all the world’s a stage” – quite literally – as they took to the highways and byways to seek out suitable film sets!

The best film in each year group wins its maker a family ticket to the largest open-air cinema in the UK! Three films are being shown every day at Hatfield House up until 2 August. On some days, the open-air cinema is a drive-in one, and on others it’s a picnic event. Films include such classics as Dirty Dancing, La La Land, Clueless, Moulin Rouge, The Lost Boys, Emma, Mission Impossible, The Secret Life of Pets, Ralph Breaks the Internet, The Smurfs, and Jurassic World. There’s also a wide range of food and drink available including pizzas, popcorn, ice creams, smoothies and cocktails. To learn more about this event, click here.

Year 7

Form groups had the challenge of adapting a poem into a theatrical performance and, after much deliberation, the awards for the competition categories are as follows:

1. Best Film – Olivia Mgbor 7J – Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare
2. Best Actor Jessica Michau 7Y – ‘Television’ by Roald Dahl
3. Most Original Poem Adaptation – Jessica Mclaughlin 7Y – ‘Mr Nobody’- anon.
4. Best Costumes – Alice Lansdown Jones 7F – ‘Mix a Pancake’ by Cristina Rosetti
5. Best Film Set -Kate Burke 7F – Performing a poem of her own writing.
6. Most Entertaining Film – Lucy Johnston 7J – Performing a poem of her own writing.
7. Most Creative Film – Rose Moysey and Ava Moulton 7T – ‘A Crime Scene’ by Albert Van Hoogmoed
8. Greatest Effort – Sarah Dabrowska 7S – ‘I want to think like a scientist’ by Jennie Munson
9. Technical Award for Best Editing and Film Production – Matila Komodromou and Roxi Irwin 7S ‘Blackberry Picking’ by Seamus Heaney

Congratulations to you all! Your films were fantastic!

But, of course, the most important award in the Loreto Drama Festival is for the best performance given by a tutor group. This year, we combined the collective scores for all of the winning films, with double-weighting given to the Best Film.

The winning Year 7 tutor group in the 2020 Loreto Drama Festival is:

7 Justice – well done to all of you for your inspiring efforts!

Year 8

In Year 8, students were given the challenge of promoting the products that they created as a part of the school’s Excellence Week activities! From perfume that makes you perform to pens that make you stupendous, there was a wide range of ingenious invention brought to the table! Either through the guise of a YouTube influencer or via a promotional interview with the product’s inventor, students had to create a piece of drama that inspired and they certainly rose to the task with all the same vigour as their Year 7 counterparts.  Here are the awards:

1. Best Film – Mackenzie Holt 8T – ‘Prue Bakes’.
2. Best Actor – Sophia Garwood 8S – ‘Influencer Vlog’
3. Most Original Idea – Caitlin O’Reilly and Megan Larkin 8J – ‘Brainpops’
4. Best Costumes – Tumelo Hamwene 8S – ‘Excellence Shorts’
5. Best Film Set – Rosalina Argenio 8F – ‘Excellence Pen’
6. Most Entertaining Film – Andrea Pul, Shaniah Sandy and Izzy 8T – ‘Magic Make-up’
7. Most Creative Film – Mia Suzuki and Rosa Dito Smith 8Y – ‘Excellence Hat’
8. Greatest Effort – Lily Freeman, Grace McNamara, Honey Hislam and Molly O’Connor 8Y – ‘Revision Perfume’
9. Technical Award for best Editing and Film Production – Kate Potter and Olivia Woods 8J – ‘Excellence Lip Balm’

Very well done to you all!

However, the most important award in the Loreto Drama Festival 2020, Best Year 8 Tutor Group, goes to …

8 Truth – hearty congratulations!

Year 9

Last but by no means least, we have Year 9, whose experience in all matters dramatic certainly shone through in this most competitive of fields! The standard of performances was phenomenal and the level of technical expertise displayed by some, truly professional. Like Year 8, the challenge was to promote their products, developed during Excellence Week, but Year 9 had the task of creating a television advertisement or a press conference in which to market their weird and wonderful creations! The awards were as follows:

1. Best Film – Christine Bond 9T – ‘Helmexcellence’
2. Best Actor – Lottie McCallum 9T – ‘See’n’Smile’
3. Most Original Idea – Isabelle Adair and Tara King 9F – ‘Eau D’Excellence’
4. Best Costumes – Jessica Kelly, Mariana Moreira and Eliana Hoogenboom 9S – ‘Excellence Ring’
5. Best Film Set – Ava Hathaway, Lucy Lamburn and Charlotte Taylor 9Y – ‘Excellence Perfume’
6. Most Entertaining Film – Sofia Potter and Alessandra Esposito 9Y – ‘Excellence, Eau De Parfum’
7. Most Creative Film – Molly Wegenek 9J – ‘Excellence Energy Drink’
8. Greatest Effort – Phoebe Roberts and Holly Cooper 9F – ‘Excellence Glasses’
9. Technical Award for Best Editing and Film Production – Lauren Mgbor 9S – ‘Excellence Gum’

You were all superb! Congratulations!

The award for the Best Year 9 Tutor Group it goes to the very deserving …

9 Truth – exceptional work!

You can see the ‘Best Film’s for each year group on this page. Films by some of the other winners will be sent to you all via email. If you wish to write a review, to be published in next year’s school magazine, please do look out for an email from the English Department with further instructions. Many thanks!

Finally, all that is left for us to do is to wish you all a fun-filled and safe summer holiday from the English Department!



Loreto student wins Young Person Award

02 Jul 2020

2nd July 2020 – Congratulations to Daisy Cooper, who has just won the Welwyn Hatfield Young Person Award, sponsored by the University of Hertfordshire, for volunteering with local scout and beaver units.  In all she has racked up around 300 hours in support of others, which is why the leaders of these units put her forward for this award.  Click here to read an article about Daisy’s award in the Welwyn Hatfield Times, and to see a photo from the day it was presented to Daisy.


Footsteps to Rome

02 Jul 2020

2nd July 2020 – As every Loreto student knows, during the 1620s Mary Ward set off from Yorkshire on a pilgrimage to Rome which then developed into a considerable tour of Europe.  What is particularly remarkable about this, is that she walked the whole way!  Click on this image to see the route she took:

As part of our “Excellence Week”, and given that we cannot hold our normal Sports Day, the PE department challenged our students to see whether they could collectively match the achievements of this one extraordinary woman.  They were asked to log every walk they did during the week, and to let us know how much ground they covered.  Would they make it from St Albans to Dover (150 km), or all the way through France (1027 km), or even all the way into Italy (another 1000 km)?

We are delighted to announce that during Excellence Week, our students and staff covered:

4468.33 km! 

Well done to everyone who got into the spirit of this challenge!  Thank you for taking part!

There was also a competitive element to this, so here are some further statistics …

Inter-house competition
1st – T – 1337.53km
2nd – F – 1240.44km
3rd – J – 684.41km
4th – Y – 661.02km
5th – S – 544.93km

Best form group in each Year:
Year 7 – T – 297.48km
Year 8 – T – 684.10km
Year 9 – F – 737.09km
Year 10 – S – 175.78km

Best year group

Year 9 – 1520.29km

Best form overall

9F – 737.09km

Year 7

Top performers from each form:

F – Libby Smith 95.6km
J – Sophie L 63.5km
S – Matilda K 44.2km
T – Annika L 235.3km
Y – Anna D 56.71km

Top performer of the year group:

Annika L – although a big credit to her family who helped to collect most of those kilometres!

Impressive performances from form tutors and PE teachers:

7S – Mr Fryer – 50.88km
7T – Mrs Swann-Roberts – 3.1km
7F – Mrs Jacques – 8.6km
7J – Miss Baxter – 7.48km
Miss Lynch – 15km (divided between 7S and 7Y)

Year 8

Top performers from each form:

8F – Eva Glynn – 32.67km
8J – Isabella Goldsmith – 50.24km
8S – Nicole Garcia – 29.79km
8T – Mackenzie Holt – 520.84km
8Y – Sienna Zenonos – 44.56km

Top performer of the year group:

Mackenzie Holt and credit to her family who also helped to rack up the kilometres!

Impressive performances from form tutors and PE teachers too: 

8F – Mr Cuffini – 12.11km
8T – Mrs Johnson – 91.97km
8Y – Mr Carter – 53.11km
8F, 8S, 8Y – Miss Baxter – 30.08km (divided between the 3 forms)

Year 9

Top performers of each form:

F – Jewel Johnson 125.94km
J – Alannah Finn 36.49km
S – Mimi Williams Leung 15.23km
T – Christine Bond 55.09km
Y – Ava Hathaway 153.47km

Top performer of the year group:

Ava Hathaway

Impressive performances from form tutors and HOY too:

Mrs White – 47km
Ms Hyland & her husband – 56.16km
Miss Gilleece – 50km (divided between the 5 forms)
Miss Coombs – 10km

Year 10

Top performers from each form

F – Jess Buzzle 38.65km
J – Ciara Eldred 33.85km
S – Grace Bond 33.93km
T – Ivy Gayon 13.02km
Y – Emily Hayes 9.79km

Top performer of the year group

Jess Buzzle

Impressive performances from form tutors

Mrs Costa – 83.52km
Miss Caamano – 72.64km


Y7 & 8 Come Dine With Me

02 Jul 2020

2nd July 2020 – Over the course of lockdown, the staff of the Technology department have been so impressed with the designing and making skills that many of our younger students have shown, demonstrating huge potential to continue the subjects to GCSE and beyond!

To celebrate the skills within our community, and as a way of using them to give back to loved ones, during Excellence week we asked all Year 7 & 8 students to plan, prepare and serve a special meal for their family, no matter what area of Technology they are currently studying.

We challenged them to pull out all the stops – if you have ever watched “Come Dine with Me”, you will know that the contestants not only make a 3-course meal, but also decorate the table beautifully, plan and produce an appetising and attractive menu, and organise entertainment to make the meal a really special event.

Many students certainly rose to the challenge, but the following girls have really stood out, not just in this task but in the many excellent skills they have showcased during lockdown;

In Year 7, we were particularly impressed by not only the meal but also the creativity that Sophie showed in her homemade table decorations, with all the Chinese lanterns and Chinese writing was done by hand.

Lucy also stood out for the attention she had paid to detail in every element of the experience for her family, including origami table decorations, a recital of a poem that was written for English, and a performance of a song that she wrote for Music.

Last but by no means least in Year 7, we have all been blown away by the projects which Emily has been undertaking in lockdown, many of which are in addition to the tasks we have set. Her meal was no exception, with 3 delicious looking courses and a beautifully decorated table- well done Emily!

The standard was just a high in Year 8, but after much deliberation we have selected to showcase the skills of the following students;

Sofia demonstrated a clear passion for cooking when she studied Food in the Autumn term, but she really showed us what she could do with this beautifully presented 3-course vegan menu which she made for her family.

Lily also produced a delicious-looking meal, full of popular dishes which were presented with care and attention to detail.

Our last Year 8 pick has to be Chiara, who also treated her family to a restaurant-quality experience, with 3-courses based on an Italian theme. She also took up the role of waitress for the night!

The students featured above should come and find Miss Cooke when we are back in school to collect their prizes, but we want to say congratulations again to all of you who entered into the spirit of Excellence week and gave your families an experience which we are sure they will treasure for years to come!


Online Music Lessons

09 Jun 2020

9th June 2020 – Hertfordshire Music Service will be offering online music lessons in the Summer Term so that existing pupils can continue their instrumental and vocal lessons with their HMS teacher at home.  You can find more details and register for this service here.  You can also find an outline of the service on this flyer:

Online Music Lessons


Y10 poetry prowess

08 Jun 2020
8th June 2020 – Congratulations to Lucy Duggleby and Katherine Woods (Y10).  They recently entered some of their own poetry into a competition called Through Their Eyes 2020, organised by YoungWriters.  They were delighted to hear recently that their work has been chosen for publication this summer.  They will each receive copies of the book, and a copy will also be going into the British Library.  Mrs Moran says “Their work is astonishing – they are composing at a level I would not normally expect pupils of their age to be capable of!”
Here is Katherine’s poem:

I’m trapped by society.
They expect me to be one way,
I wanna be another.
They told me that as I’m a girl,
I need to follow the influencers,
Broadcast my life on the internet.
They told me that as I’m a boy,
I can’t express my emotions, I can’t cry.
I have to be strong, I have to be sporty.

Those ways have trapped me.
I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.
As I’m lgbt, they told me I was inhuman,
As if being gay was the worst thing ever,
That I needed to be fixed.
As I’m smart, they told me I was boring,
That they were gonna go find someone less nerdy.

They’ve put me in a straitjacket of expectations and bullying,
And I can’t get out,
Or so they thought.

It would take a long time,
Until I realised how to break out.
I had the key all along, I just didn’t realise that I did.
All I needed to break out was self esteem, the realisation that they were wrong.
They were scarred souls looking for the next person to trap,
Just in an attempt to make themselves feel better,
When in truth they’ve poisoned the lives of thousands,
And are digging themselves further into their own straitjackets of hate and despair.

So, if you feel trapped,
By hatred, bullying, homophobia, xenophobia or discrimination,
Let me just tell you this.
Break out of your straitjacket.
You have the tools you need,
Because all you need to break out of their trap is self confidence.
I know it might seem impossible,
But just ask for help if you can’t, stay strong,
Because soon you will be out,
And the straitjackets of society will entrap you no more.

‘The hardest prison to escape is your mind.’ Unknown

Here is Lucy’s poem:
The Runaway Royals

A perpetual ice lay over the grey brick tower
Tangled moss grew over the damp stone
Blocking out all light, and seemingly all life with it,
Outside, it was different –
Beautiful flowers grew in abundance
Millions of creatures hopped across the dewy grass
And birds flew in the crystal sky, singing.

But here, in this cell
There was no sound, or joy
Yet, echoing around her in the darkness
Were millions of thoughts, screaming in her mind, like searing sirens
In the midst of the emptiness –
She was surrounded by her unspoken fears:
Bold and oppressive like newspaper headlines
Terrifying her, but she could not fight
Tied up and tortured.

In the next dungeon, a biting frost
Had slid its way through the cracks in the walls,
The slit under the huge wooden door
And the candle had long burnt out
There he sat, all he could see, just shadows
Of what could be
Glimmering in the dim moonlight
Dancing around him were the ghosts of all he had lost
Taunting him, but he could not move
Handcuffed and gagged.

Then suddenly, before dawn broke
Lightning struck
It shook the whole fortress
Time stood still, and the huge grandfather clock stopped
At midnight
And for a moment, it felt like the world was crumbling down
The mirror on her wall
Shattered into a million shards of pain
Letting out an almighty thunder with it
In seconds, his sword flew from the shelf
It’s magnitude shaking the entire forest
Tearing down everything around them.

So there they were, racing through the forest,
Surrounded by all they’d ever known burning down in slow motion
Only paces behind them were the wolves,
Hot on their heels
Dashed the hunters armed with guns
The archers poised and ready
There they were, the trapped princess and the captive knight
The runaway royals, chasing down the light.

For miles on end, all they could see was a vast black
With no option to turn around, they ran through the flames
And even though they couldn’t see a thing, they heard the wolves
Snapping at them
Even though they were blind to the chaos around them they felt the cages
Closing in on them
They ripped her silk dress to pieces, and shot him in the knees
Told her she wasn’t pretty, and told him he was weak.

They stumbled along, tripping over trees
All they could hear in the raven’s calls were the echoes of what had passed
Vivid flashbacks followed them, thundering wherever they stepped
Like snapshots from old black and white films
And all the way he could hear the fear in her heartbeat in time with the old grandfather clock
And she could see the horror in his eyes as he remembered the dark emptiness.

As the mob and the leering crowds closed in on them
He was forced to put his armour on, because he had to look strong
The archers hit her in the back so her white dress became a stained blood red
And catching up to them were the hunters with their gleaming knives
Saying to her she wasn’t thin enough, like the mirror on her wall
Saying to him he wasn’t brave enough, like the sword’s huge fall.

And still now, the pain hasn’t faded
At night, she knows when he screams
It’s because he sees his friends again in his dreams
She sees he no longer carries a knife
He’d rather hear them whisper he’s ‘less of a man’ and still have a life.

He knows the memories of her past
Are why, even now, she cries
Because she fears for her friends taken in by the lies
How she believed that to be loved she had to change what she saw in the mirror, is one lasting scar
But what scares her the most, that other girls think to be beautiful they need to change who they are.

So there they were, racing through the forest,
Surrounded by all they’d ever known burning down in slow motion
Only paces behind them were the wolves,
Hot on their heels
Dashed the hunters who shot him
The archers who wounded her
There they were, the trapped princess and the captive knight
The runaway royals, searching for the light.

All he could see were the loaded guns, aimed at his head
All she could hear were the bats screeching into the abyss
All that existed was the turmoil in their minds
The things they would never let anyone see, or say to anyone around them
But after all this time, caged up, had told themselves

But just as they were about to crumble and fall…
They saw maybe they hadn’t lost all…

A golden ray struck his shoulder and gleamed brightly
And in an instant, as if by magic it transformed from an icy kingdom
To a radiant summer’s day
And as she stepped into the sun
From her back drifted hundreds of Scarlett peacock butterflies
Who flitted their wings, then soared into the sky
Leaving behind a velvet gown of the most delicate pink
And behind them, the shadows had faded into the darkness.

Somewhere, in the distance, they could hear a gentle ticking of time moving forward
And as they faced the future
An orange beam lay across the horizon
The sun began to crawl forward
Pulling pink clouds and bursts of golden light across the navy sky
And there, around them were millions of creatures hopping across the dewy grass,
Beautiful flowers grew in abundance,
And birds flew in a crystal sky, singing.

So there they were, finally in the clearing,
Surrounded by all they’d learnt
Growing like spring flowers
Having receded into the woods
The mob and the thieves had
Seemingly disappeared
There they were, the free princess and the escaped knight,
The runaway royals, finally found the light.

Now the glittering sunlight had given them a new perspective, they saw something
They didn’t believe existed before
“Is that a golden palace?”
He asked
And it was…


Year 10 Artwork

08 Jun 2020

8th June 2020 – Before half term our Y10 Fine Art students were set the task of creating a piece of artwork to enter into The Maltings Online Art Competition: if one of our students should go on to win, she would receive £250 and a trophy, and the school would receive a grant of £1000.  The theme of the competition is The History of St Albans. Students have been encouraged to reflect on scenes of St Albans from a historical viewpoint.  They also have to present their ideas using mixed media, which they will be assessed on here in school.

We have been very impressed with the high standard or work submitted.  We’re sure you’ll see why when you take a look at the following examples!

Click on any image to enlarge it and have the opportunity to view a slideshow.

Gabriella di Gregorio:
Giorgia Pasqualetti:
Luisa Caramelo:
Emilia Hudson:
Pelin Atilganer:
Gina La Ragione:

Lockdown / Upskill

01 Jun 2020

3rd June 2020 – Here we celebrate some of the skills our pupils have been developing during the school closure.

You can also see some great Y7 posters here.

Emily, Y7:

Matilda, Y7:

Lucy, Y7:

Rebecca, Y7:

Leah, Y9:

Annabel and Monica, Y7

Andria Y7

Annika Y7:

Emily Y9:

Frances Y7:

Kerry Y10:

Pippa Y7:

Anna Y7:

Emily Y7:



Best Wishes Year 13!

15 May 2020

15th May 2020 – Under normal circumstances Study Leave would have begun for our Year 13 students next week, and we would therefore have spent today in school celebrating their achievements and wishing them the best of luck for the future.  As it is, Miss Ross organised an online farewell for them which still featured lots of celebrating and lots of messages of goodwill.  To help raise a smile at a challenging time for everyone, the Loreto teachers had prepared a couple of light-hearted videos for the Y13 students, which can be viewed on our twitter feed here.

We were delighted to find that the Year 13 students had also prepared their own touching montage (click on any of these images to enlarge them) …

We will really miss you too Y13, and we look forward to getting everyone together again in better times.

In the meantime we wish you all the very best as you prepare for the next chapter in your lives!


Engineering Talent!

15 May 2020

15th May 2020 – We are delighted to announce the Loreto winners of AECOM’s Imagineers competition!  This challenged Y9 pupils to solve a global problem using a creative engineering solution.

The standard of the entries was very high, but it was Holly Cooper‘s design for a Carbon Dioxide Extraction Turbine that was awarded first prize (click on image to enlarge):

Emma Staff was responsible for the runner-up design:

Both students would have gone on to the regional and possibly the national rounds, but sadly these have been cancelled due to the current challenges.  None-the-less, we’d like to congratulate them for their excellent designs.  We’d also like to thank everyone who entered the competition and showed so much creativity and talent.


Y7 Art Competition

13 May 2020

13th May 2020 – The Art department would like to congratulate everyone in Y7 who took part in their competition to design an eye-catching poster saying “Thank You” to key workers such as our wonderful NHS professionals.  The standard of entries was very high!

Original Brief

  • To create an A4 poster to thank the NHS and Key workers including words and or images with lots of colour!
  • It should mention our School, Loreto College, and you may even want to include our very own Log.  I have also attached who is defined as a ‘Key Worker’ if you are unsure.
  • Everything on the poster should be hand drawn but use what you can to help you draw if you’re not as confident, only trace if you are really struggling. I would suggest using clip art images or cartoons to help you as they are simpler.
  • If you have family members who are working, maybe you could even draw them as a cartoon in their uniform!
  • Be as creative, colourful and as imaginative as you can, showcase your abilities!


1st: Alannah Sheehan 7Y:
2nd: Olivia Mgbor 7J:
3rd: Gabrielle Platt 7T:
4th: Sara Cooke 7J:
Other highly commended entries:
Catarina Moriera:
Blanka Sudarouska:
Ava Maeve Blackett:
Rebecca Fuller:

Book Aid

13 May 2020

13th May 2020 – Earlier this year, as one of the many ways in which the school marked World Book Day, Mrs Parkin led some fundraising for Book Aid.  We have just received the following certificate and letter from the charity.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to this.

Click on either image to enlarge it.


Y7 Robotics Success

17 Mar 2020

17th March 2020 – Well done to Emily in 7J. She recently participated in the Vex Robotics National Finals. As a secondary school student, she was in the senior league of this competition, along with many participants studying at GCSE or A-level.  Other participants entered in teams, whereas Emily competed on her own. All in all, a brave undertaking!

Emily made it out of the group stage of the competition, then took part in a very tight and exciting match in which she lost by just one point, bringing her competition to an end in the last-16 phase!

Emily did however win an ‘Energy’ award, which was given for fulfilling the following criteria:

• a high level of excitement and energy maintained throughout the event;
• a clear passion for competition and for robotics, which enriched the experience for everyone;
• knowledge shown in interviews with judges, and overall professionalism.

Emily should be very proud of what she has achieved – she is a great ambassador for ‘Women in STEM’!


International Women’s Day

13 Mar 2020

13th Mar 2020 – International Women’s Day was celebrated at Loreto with a range of activities across the past two weeks with a specific focus on the Human Rights of women.

The Reps spent many lunch times helping to put together an outstanding assembly which was delivered to the whole school (see photo below). We were delighted that Sister Kathryn Keigher (IBVM), who recently spent a stint at the UN in New York, came to see our assembly (all the way from Manchester). She was keen for other Loreto schools across the world to hear about what WoW Loreto are doing and we are honoured to be the first UK Loreto school to be featured in the UN IBVM Newsletter Update. You can read the whole newsletter here:

Other activities included:

– showing film clips of inspirational girls and women in Form time

– creating posters of inspirational girls and women that were displayed around the school, some of whom were from the past who have paved the way for women of today

– creating an electronic display in the main lobby showing a gender equality timeline and profiles of amazing women

As part of our International Women’s Day activities this year, the WoW group also collected for two Women’s Refuges. Thank you to all Loreto WoW reps, pupils, parents and staff for donating so generously. One refuge needed essentials such as tea, coffee and biscuits. They were amazed at the quantity, saying ‘it is really quite overwhelming’. The other refuge is making up ‘Life Boxes’, using the treats that our Loreto community has donated.

Well done to the WoW Reps and the WoW student leaders, Georgia Hall and Lauren Stott, led by Ms Daniells Conroy and Ms McLauchlan for two fantastic weeks of thought-provoking activities.

An equal world is an enabled world: #EachforEqual


World Book Day 2020

13 Feb 2020

13th Feb 2020 – Thanks to the excellent work of our librarian Mrs Parkin, World Book Day is always surrounded by exciting events at Loreto College.  So what will be taking place this year?

4th March

M.A.Bennett, author of the teenage thriller ‘S.T.A.G.S’ will be discussing her novel with our Year 9 students. This is the first book in a set of trilogy novels about a high school, and the strange disappearances of some students!  This is M.A.Bennett’s first visit to Loreto College, so we are looking forward to meeting her!

5th March

As 5th March is World Book Day, the library will be distributing WBD vouchers for everyone – these will entitle students to £1 off any book in any bookstore.

We will also welcome into school the award winning poet Kevin Shaw.  This well be Kevin’s second visit to Loreto, and he will be talking to our Year 7 students. He is a fabulous poet, and we had lots of fun during his last visit!

Our Year 7 students will also be dressing up as their favourite book character to help celebrate the day. Mrs Parkin and Mrs Caulfield will pick out the best four costumes, and these pupils will win books and book tokens!  It costs £1 to participate in this, with all proceeds going to charity.

Last but not least, the library will be hosting a huge sale of books donated by staff and students. We will be to raising money for the charity BOOK AID: For every £2 that the school raises, the charity will send a brand new book to a reader in a war-torn area overseas.  Last year we ran this event for the first time and were thrilled with the generous support from our Loreto community.  For the children who receive these books, this may be their first and only personal possession since fleeing from their homes!  This event is called ‘The Big Booky Breakfast’, and because it is a breakfast, everyone who buys a book will also receive a croissant, a muffin or a cookie!  Now there’s an offer you can’t refuse …


Y7 French Play

12 Feb 2020

12th Feb 2020Écris-Moi is a French play presented by Onatti Production. Having watched it in school with the rest of our Year 7 pupils, Gracie Vaughan and Matilda Munnelly tell us all about it …

The play was about one English boy and a French girl who met over email when they had to do a project for school to learn more about the other country’s language (French/English). As they email each other, there is laughter as well as learning more of the other language. However when they meet in person in Paris, they are not what they each expected one another to be like. They assume that the other person is a boy/girl, like themselves. This caused an amazing and exciting trip to turn into a disaster … until they allow themselves to give each other a chance. In the end, Ashley went home to England having had a fun weekend with his penpal.

We think everyone enjoyed and benefitted from this experience. It was full of comedy and funny skits. There was audience participation also.  We liked the French play because it expanded our French vocabulary and we got to hear French being spoken over an extended period of time. The play was relatable to people of our age, and the actors gave an excellent performance. It showed that it is easier to understand French when you keep practising it, since we could understand most of the words used in the play!



School of Rock

12 Feb 2020

14th Feb 2020 – A huge congratulations to all of the cast and crew of School of Rock – the shows were phenomenal, with such strong performances from lead performers and chorus alike.

Click on any image to enlarge it and/or view a slideshow.


Matrix Challenge

07 Feb 2020

7th Feb 2020 – During today’s excellent PSHE presentation from Herts Police on Cyber Security, our Year 11 students were told about The Matrix Challenge.  This is open to all 11-17 year olds within the UK.  It begins with an online game which takes around 30 minutes to complete and covers 5 key topics: CMA 1990, staying safe online, steganography, fault finding in lines of code, and cracking a cipher.  Pupils have until  14th February to take part in this. The top scorers around the country will then progress to step 2.

More details can be found here: Matrix Information schools


Y9 British Museum trip

06 Feb 2020

6th Feb 2020 – Last week Year 9 embarked on a wonderfully educational trip to the British Museum.  Lottie McCallum (9T) tells us all about it …

The purpose of travelling into central London was to see a world-renowned exhibition, ‘Troy’. Furthermore, Year 9 also had the incredible opportunity to view the Parthenon Frieze: large slabs of marble that the Greeks carved as a form of appreciation and worship for Athene. Throughout the whole day, there was an atmosphere that buzzed with excitement and awe, fuelled by the fascinating facts, artefacts, replicas and interpretations. It truly gave all students a deeper understanding and appreciation of what life was like over 2500 years ago in Ancient Greece. The Troy exhibition allowed us to ponder the city and its legitimacy as a real place rather than just a place in mythology.


A booklet was given to each student containing questions on both the Parthenon Frieze and Troy, which were reviewed back at school. However, the day was not limited to Classics alone: Science and History were evident in many of the museum’s exhibitions. Geography was also included as students were given free time to explore many of the museum’s free and open exhibitions. For example, there was a very large display that explored different continents and their indigenous cultures.

In conclusion, the entire day was an incredible, educational and thrilling experience that all students will remember long after their school career. On behalf of all of Year 9, we would like to say thank you to Mrs Wicks for organising such a delightful trip!


Year 7, 8 & 9 Disco

05 Feb 2020

5th Feb 2020 – The Parents Association is inviting pupils in Years 7-9 to attend a disco this Friday evening.  This flyer contains more details – click on it to enlarge the image:


School of Rock

24 Jan 2020

24th Jan 2020 – Around 100 of our pupils will soon be taking part in this year’s school production, School of Rock!  Tickets are now on sale:

Tues 11th, Weds 12th, Thurs 13th Feb
7.30 pm to 10.00 pm,
in the school hall.
Adults £7, concessions £5, under 5s free!

Rehearsals have been going really well: for those involved, the times of all remaining rehearsals can be found here – School of Rock 2020.


Mary Ward’s Birthday

24 Jan 2020

24th Jan 2020 – Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of the Venerable Mary Ward. Thank you to Fr Julian for celebrating Mass with us at the Church of St Alban and St Stephen. You may also view a beautiful Mass for Mary Ward’s birthday that was broadcast live from Loreto Abbey School in Toronto on The DailyTV Mass Channel. Click here to view Mary Ward’s Birthday Mass for 23rd January 2020.

Last year we were delighted to hear that Pope Francis has decreed 10th December the Feast of Our Lady of Loreto. Pope Francis also announced the Lauretan Jubilee Year from December 2019 to 10th December 2020.  During the Lauretan Jubilee pilgrims may visit the Holy House of Loreto (Santuario della Santa Casa) in Loreto in Italy, and a Jubilee Indulgence may be granted for this pilgrimage. Click here for more details.


School of Rock Trip

14 Jan 2020

14th Jan 2020 – It’s not long now until our production of School of Rock takes place on February 11th, 12th and 13th – we are all getting very excited!  To help them in their preprations for this, many of our main cast members went to see the play performed in London last night.  This was an excellent opportunity for them to experience our musical being performed live, and to pick up some acting techniques they can being into our performance.  And, of course, everyone had a fantastic time!



Christmas Revue

07 Jan 2020

7th Jan 2020 – At the end of last term our Year 13 students organised a very successful Christmas Revue for the whole school to enjoy.  Students from throughout the school shared their talents by singing, dancing and playing musical instruments.  Staff also contributed by appearing in a variety of short films!  Great fun was had by all, and the Year 13 students were very proud of their achievement!  Thank you and well done to everyone who helped to make this event such a success.



Windows & doors upgrade

20 Dec 2019

20th Dec 2019 – As a school, we are committed to providing our students and staff safe, comfortable environments to teach, learn, play and grow. Over the last three years we have undertaken extensive work in phases to enhance our buildings condition.

Last year we embarked on a windows and doors refurbishment project for some of our main school buildings.

Our senior management team worked along with consultants Barker Associates to submit a Condition Improvement Fund bid to the Education and Skills Funding Agency. The Condition Improvement Fund is funding set aside for schools to help with finance needed for condition refurbishment works. Our application was successful with a grant of £320,000 sanctioned for the refurbishment works.

Our old windows on the Music Art Science building have been replaced with modern double glazed windows and doors to increase natural light and improve thermal insulation. These external works have had huge internal advantages with dry, brighter and warmer spaces for our students.

Plans for further works are in the pipeline, and we hope to develop these in due course.


Y7 Earthquake Projects

19 Dec 2019

19th Dec 2019 – Our Y7 pupils have been studying the key features of earthquake-proof buildings. They were tasked to become architects themselves: they had to design and present their own earthquake-proof towers. These are some of them – well done year 7!

Matilda Munnelly of 7S tells us that “key features would be to have your furniture bolted to the walls, shatterproof windows, computer-controlled weights on the roof to balance the building, and bendable metal frames so that if the building shakes, it will keep the building in place”.

Year 9 Textiles News

18 Dec 2019

18th Dec 2019 – Ava (9Y) tells us what her class has been doing this term …

First we did a photo montage on body image and how we view ourselves. We then focused on a certain area of our montage that we felt portrayed our message most strongly.  Next we turned into lino prints, and printed onto two pieces of fabric. Finally, we quilted our print using free-machine embroidery and formed it into a cosmetic bag.



GCSE Food: Hotel Trip

18 Dec 2019

18th Dec 2019 – Recently our Y11 Food students took part in a trip to learn more about how food is prepared and served in a large hotel.  Sophie from 11J tells us all about it:

Our Food GCSE class were lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit the Grove Hotel in Watford. We were given a tour of the main restaurants, where we could see and take pictures of the table layouts to inspire us for the presentation of our forthcoming practical assessment; to plan and produce a 3- course Valentine’s Day menu for a local hotel.

We were then given a talk by one of the main pastry chefs in the hotel, who explained to us the sorts of dishes and ingredients that would be suitable for our brief, for example chocolates, caramels and berries. Finally, we had the chance to try a variety of cakes, pastries and mousses, which we took notes on to inspire us for our own desserts!

This was a very useful experience to prepare us for our forthcoming assessment and gave us a real insight into a career in the hospitality and catering industry.


2019 General Election

12 Dec 2019

12th Dec 2019 – This lunchtime, Loreto students have been experiencing what it is like to take part in a general election.  This lunchtime 257 of them chose to vote in a secret ballot mimicking the conditions of the actual election.  They were able to choose from any of the election candidates standing in St Albans.  The result was as follows:

Labour (Rebecca Lury) 49%
Lib Dem (Daisy Cooper) 23%
Conservative (Anne Main) 17%
Green (Simon Grover) 10%
Independent (Jules Sherrington) 1%


Peace Hospice Carols

11 Dec 2019

11th Dec 2019 – Last night our Chamber Choir members were honoured to be part of the “Lights of Love” ceremony for Watford Peace Hospice. They sang Christmas carols as part of the ceremony, and were excited to meet one of patrons of the hospice: Martin Kemp from Spandau Ballet and EastEnders!


Music Exam Success

10 Dec 2019

10th Dec 2019 – Many congratulations to the following students who passed their Trinity Grade exams last week:

Evelyn Cahill 9T – Grade 4 Flute
Isobel Adair 9F – Grade 2 Flute with distinction
Miranda Mugazda 9Y – Grade 1 Violin
Clara Aird 9Y – Grade 2 Violin
Leila Nyamande 10S – Grade 7 Violin with distinction
Elizabeth Burridge 11T – Grade 1 Cello with distinction
Aine Harbach 12J – Grade 6 Violin

Also congratulations to the following student who passed their ABRSM Grade exam in the recent session:

Daisy Cooper 11Y – Grade 8 Violin


Westminster Advent Service

05 Dec 2019

5th Dec 2019 – Several of our pupils had a lovely time at Westminster Cathedral yesterday.  They were attending the annual Catholic Children’s Society Mass.  This is a special Mass attended by many of the schools in the diocese.  Our girls were delighted to be selected to sing as part of the choir for this Christmas Advent Service  They all really enjoyed the experience!


Art & Technology Showcase

25 Oct 2019

25th Oct 2019 – As the first half term of the year comes to a close, we’d like to celebrate some of the work produced by our Art & Technology students.

‘In Year 10 Fine Art, we have been looking at the theme of ‘Wild and Tame’ and have been producing drawings of taxidermy from Tring Natural History Museum, and from photographic imagery. We have learnt a variety of techniques, such as stippling and graffito painting techniques. I have enjoyed working with acrylic paints, ink and sticks and variety of wet and dry mediums.’ Rebecca, Y10.

‘In Year 9 this term, the students have been working on some exciting new Technology projects, including a ‘Street Food’ themed project in Food, where students have been learning to make a variety of different types of bread and pastry to form an edible casing for their products.

Today, Year 9 did a fantastic job on making their own puff pastry for their mini pizza tartlets, with the examples here demonstrating Bake-Off worthy lamination!

Year 9 Textiles students are well underway with a project to design a ‘Makeup Bag with a Message’, producing a photomontage on the theme of ‘Body Image’ which they have now started translating into a lino print onto fabric. Everyone in the department has been really impressed and excited by the work produced- well done girls!’ Miss Cooke


Y8 & 11 English Plays

15 Oct 2019

15th Oct 2019 – Yesterday the Globe Players came to perform to students in Years 8 and 11.

Year 11 students watched a performance of one of their core texts, ‘An Inspector Calls’, and were given an appreciation of the themes, characters and context of the play. We hope this will support them in their preparations for the mock exams.

In Year 8, the girls watched a performance of ‘Desperate Glory’, where they heard the words and poetry of World War One soldiers, which gave them a visual appreciation for the traumas suffered during the First World War.

Rebecca Thomson in 8F said ‘The play was excellent. I really liked how there were several poems and only four actors. I also liked how they sang songs and got us involved in the different poems.’

Bonnie Browne in 8F said ‘I thought the performance was good because the actors had great enthusiasm in the way that they played their roles. They showed their emotions really clearly.’



11 Oct 2019

11th Oct 2019 – Yesterday Loreto welcomed the fantastic band “Hawke” into school.  This duo from Ireland not only entertained our Year 7 and 8 pupils but also delivered some important messages about cyber-bullying and managing our mental health.  During their discussion with the band, the pupils themselves also showed excellent knowledge about how to stay safe online.  The huge line of girls queuing at the end to take selfies with the band, was surely testament to their success!



UN International Day of the Girl

11 Oct 2019

Oct 11th 2019 – Today is the United Nations’ “International Day of the Girl”.  Our “Loreto Women of the World” group has shared this insight into what this is all about …

The theme for 2019 is “Girl Force: Unscripted and Unstoppable”.  The aim of this day is to highlight and address the needs girls have and the challenges they face, whilst also promoting girls’ empowerment and the fulfilment of their human rights.

There are 1.1 billion girls in the world, and every one of them deserves equal opportunities for a better future. They are a source of energy, power and creativity. They can drive change and help build a better future for all. Yet, many girls face disadvantage and discrimination on a daily basis:

– 650 million girls and women around the world today were married as children.

– 200 million girls and women have undergone FGM.

– 21 million girls aged 15 to 19 years will become pregnant in developing regions.

The WoW Reps have chosen four girls who are making a positive impact on the world.  Click on each image to enlarge the details:



Y8 Rain Forest Projects

10 Oct 2019

10th Oct 2019 – When 8F brought in their Geography homework today for Mrs White, she was so impressed by what they had done that she wanted to share it!  Their task was to present information about rain forests in a creative way, in order to help a Year 6 child learn all about them.  Here is a selection of the resources they produced …


Y8 MFL Fun Day

08 Oct 2019

7th Oct 2019 – Our Y8 students spent the day off timetable taking part in a series of activities aimed at reinforcing their enjoyment of languages.  Darcey Mc Loughlin (8S) tells us all about it …

At the start of the day I was put into Group 4, and we went with Mrs Erandani Ball to learn about Italy. It was really fun. First on the agenda were some famous landmarks in Italy, including the Colosseum. We also learnt about Venice and Rome. Next, we had a quiz on all the facts we could remember about Italy. It was a challenging but fun activity to do with my friends. My favourite part of this session was learning some Italian words.


The second session consisted of my group doing a Country Fact quiz with some sixth formers. We had to learn facts about one country. Saffron, Emilia, Eva, Miranda, Vidhi and I got France. We had one minute to answer each question and we were against our classmates. It was fun and it felt like we were on the game show Countdown.

After some croissants and orange juice at break, my next country was Japan. I was excited as I have always wanted to go to Japan. We learnt about Japanese culture and manners. A highlight was learning to count to ten in Japanese, with actions to help us remember the numbers.

For lunch, we had an astounding array of foods from different countries, including spaghetti bolognese, peri peri wraps, and fish and chips!  After lunch, we completed an interactive music quiz with Miss Baptisto. We went into groups and when the music played we had to guess the country it originated from. This was quite tricky, although we listened out for different accents and languages to help identify the answers.

Finally, we had an art session with Miss Boyt. I love art, so I was really looking forward to this activity. We used colours to express feelings and I used yellow for happiness. We also had a pop quiz about the countries we had learnt about during the day.

We ended our MFL day with an assembly. Winners throughout the day got awards and yummy treats. It was a great end to a great day. We really enjoyed MFL fun day, and I couldn’t wait to get home to teach my family some Japanese!


Y7 Writing Competition

04 Oct 2019

4th Oct 2019 – As part of their welcome to our school library, all of our Y7 students were invited to enter a writing competition.  This year’s challenge was to write an account which began with the words “When I grow up I would like to be …..”.

Mrs Parkin, the school librarian, says it is clear we have some excellent writers in Y7, and she really enjoyed reading through all of their submissions.  After much deliberation, the first prize was awarded to:

Libby 7F

All of the following pupils were also awarded prizes:

Aimee 7F

Isla 7T

Janelle 7F

Alanah 7F

Sara 7J

The prizes included books and book tokens, and Libby also won a giant bar of chocolate!

Thank you to everyone who took part, and congratulations to all this year’s writers.


Young People’s Group

04 Oct 2019

4th Oct 2019 – We have received details of a Young People’s Group which runs every Thursday at the Mind Centre, 11 Hatfield rd, St Albans from 4.30 pm to 6 pm.  The aim is to provide a safe space for young people to socialise and share their mental health experiences.

For more details, click on this poster:


Medicine Careers Advice

02 Oct 2019

2nd Oct 2019 – Students interested in a career in medicine might wish to attend an event showcasing this on Wednesday 23rd October.  The East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, based at the Lister hospital, Stevenage, will have consultants, junior doctors and medical students on hand to give practical insights into what it takes to pursue a career in medicine.

The John Henry Newman School in Stevenage will host the evening.  Pupils and interested parents are welcome to arrive from 5:30 pm onwards for a 6:00 pm start.  The event will end at 7:30 pm.

There will be plenty of parking on site, and parents can either join in with the event or just enjoy the refreshments!

If any Loreto pupils and parents would like to attend, please let Mrs Wicks know so that she can add your name to the guest list.


Big Purple Bus!

27 Sep 2019

27th Sept 2019 – Today we have received a visit from a BIG PURPLE BUS!  Owned by Browns Books, the aim of this visit was to promote ‘Reading for Pleasure’.  All of our Year 7 students were invited on board to browse 12,500 books that have only recently been released.  Mrs Parkin then asked them to share with her the titles of books they would like Loreto to purchase for our own library.  She is keen to promote more reading for pleasure by making sure we stock titles which students have shown plenty of interest in.

Here are some photos from teh day, along with some comments from the students …

“There were so many books on the bus, and it’s quite incredible that there wasn’t every book in the world, as there was such a great selection! If I could go again, I would definitely want to!”

Kinece 7T

“The purple bus was amazing. There was such a great selection. It was a great experience for me and my form to scan the books we wanted on our wish list for our school library. I think all buses should be like that some day!”

Polly 7T

“I really enjoyed the bus experience because it is such a clever idea, and it was so atmospheric inside, with the lights and the seats. I loved that we could make a choice – and we were spoiled for choice!”

Maya (Library monitor)


MFL Fun Day

25 Sep 2019

15th Sept 2019 – This Friday all of our Year 8 pupils will take part in our annual MFL Fun Day. Instead of following their usual timetable, pupils will take part in a variety of activities designed to promote their understanding and enjoyment of language learning.  They will even have lunch at a different time from the rest of the school, with the canteen offering them a selection of European foods.  We are all looking forward to taking part in this enjoyable day, and to sharing our experiences afterwards.


2019 GCSE Results

22 Aug 2019

22nd Aug 2019 – This morning the wait was finally over for our GCSE students, who have once again achieved some excellent results.  30% of them gained the top grades of 7, 8 and 9 (equivalent to the old A and A* grades) in five or more subjects.  Amongst many high achievers Emma Sartori gained grades 7-9 in twelve subjects, and Niamh Cahill earned a grade 9 in ten subjects!  Well done to all of our students, and a big thank you to all who have supported them in preparing for their exams.


A-level Results

15 Aug 2019

15th August 2019 – Once again Loreto College students have been celebrating some excellent results this morning, with over 10% achieving three A*/A grades at A-level!  Many students are off to university to study subjects including Art, Engineering, Law, Marketing, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.  Others are starting apprenticeships or taking a gap year.  Congratulations to all of them.




Drama Festival 2019

17 Jul 2019

17th July 2019 – Each form in Key Stage Three wrote and rehearsed a short play for our annual Drama Festival, which took place today. Year 7 created plays based on key scenes from Shakespeare plays; Year 8 created performances inspired by different Gothic texts; and Year 9 wrote their own plays based on the theme of ‘Mystery’. We were so impressed by the quality of the performances, and the dedication the students demonstrated in their preparation time! Mrs Bamford, acting as this year’s judge commened on many positive aspects of the different plays, and gave some useful feedback for future years.  The final standings were as follows:

[table id=28 /]

Here you can see the cast of every play, together with a few images from their performances.  Click on any image to enlarge it and/or view a slideshow:


Sports Day 2019

17 Jul 2019

15th July 2019 – Our annual Sports Day was a great success this week.  This was the culmination of several weeks of activity, with events such as javelin, tug of war and toss the welly having taken place during lunchtime sessions.

Our day at Westminster Lodge began with a warm-up led by the Y10 GCSE PE students, and then the competition for well and truly under way.  Pupils from Years 7-10 took part in a variety of traditional track and field events, with Y12 students doing a super job of helping staff to make sure everything went smoothly.

Back at school, a Presentation Assembly took place at which the achievements of many pupils were recognised with certificates and a round of applause.  Miss Baxter thanked everyone for getting stuck into the events, and reminded us that “Nobody ever regretted trying their best”.  Then, amid much excitement, she announced the winning houses in each year group, followed by the overall winner.

A huge thank you to Mrs Baxter, the PE team, the Y12 students and all of the other staff for making this day such a success.  And of course, a big thank you to our competitors for making it all worthwhile!

Sadly we can’t include photos of everyone who took part, but beneath this table of results is a selection of images which give a good feel for what the day was like.  Click on any image to enlarge it and/or view a slideshow.

[table id=27 /]


Y8 Classics Days 2019

16 Jul 2019

16th July 2019 – Over two days at the beginning of July every student in Year 8 had the opportunity to participate in a Classics event. With the support of an external company providing us with a Roman commander for the days, Y8 had the chance to experience what life would have been like in a Roman military camp during the time of the invasion of Britain.   Queen Boudica was attacking towns such as Londinium, Camulodunum and Verulamium itself, and trhoughout the day the students received regular bulletins about the progress of the war.  They were also given a clear idea of how their own efforts would contribute to the ‘Roman war effort.’

The students also took part in a series of workshops engaging with activities such as making wax tablets, mosaics, wall paintings, Roman medicines, and military tags, and even producing their own olive oil to fuel a Roman lamp. In the afternoon they enjoyed a Roman banquet whilst watching their peers perform army drills, dances to traditional music, and plays based on the fables of Aesop.

The Classics department would like to thank the whole of Y8 for their full engagement with the activities and for making some excellent pieces of Roman art work!

Here are some images from the two days.  Click on any one of these to enlarge it and/or view a slideshow.



Bastille Day Creativity

16 Jul 2019

16th July 2019 – With Bastille Day taking place last Sunday, our Y9 French students have been researching what this is all about, and finding all sorts of creative ways to share what they have learned.  Mrs Fitzsimons has been bowled over by how incredible their work has been:


Sustainability Success Story

12 Jul 2019

12th July 2019 – Today four of our pupils gave a presentation in the St Albans Council Chambers about various initiatives undertaken this year in Loreto College to help create a more sustainable environment.

These initiatives included a large number of our students.  Some of these were JPIC committee members who delivered lessons and assemblies to lower year groups.  Some of them were school councillors, who have been working with our canteen manager to try and reduce plastic waste.  Some were Year 8 Geography students who created posters and gave assemblies to raise greater awareness of what each of us can do to help secure the environment.  Some were Year 9 students who helped to raise just under £2,500 for WaterAid.  Some were Year 7 students who took part in a clothes swap aimed at increasing the lifespan of their clothes.

These pupils were helped in particular by Miss O’Callaghan, Miss Robinson, Mrs White, Mrs Johnson and Miss Aherne.  Thanks to the hard work of all these people, and thanks to the excellent presentation skills of Paige, Amelia, Henrietta and Sarah, Loreto College was judged to be the school that has made the most progress with sustainability in the local area!  Well done to everyone who helped to make this happen – keep up the excellent work!

If you’d like to know more about this, you can see the powerpoint they used, and a transcript of what they said:

St Albans SusFest 2019 presentation

SusFest Dragon’s Den Loreto

First ones to arrive!

Being interviewed for an item on Radio Verulum

Watching a UN film on the importance of improving sustainability

Giving the presentation

The winning team!


Good Samaritan Mass

12 Jul 2019

12th July 2019 – This week 10 students from Years 9 and 10 attended the Catholic Children’s Society Good Samaritan’s Mass at Westminster Cathedral.  Karis Rable and Madison Carey tell us all about it …


Upon entering the Cathedral, the first thing that caught our attention was the magnificent cross that hung over the altar, it was a poignant reminder of how much Jesus had given up for us and the spiritual nature of the place was evident. Light shone through every window drawing our attention to the decorative embellishments of the Cathedral.

Karis was lucky enough to be chosen to deliver the first reading in this Mass. She was honoured to be offered this memorable experience and also got a chance to get to know other students from different schools. In our opinion, the choir created a heavenly atmosphere and we were lucky to listen to the voices of John Henry Newman School Choir. Bishop Paul McAleenan conducted the Mass with joy and kindness, spreading the Word of God. With thoughtful sensitivity, Father Keith Stoakes and Shell Roca ensured the Mass was understood by everyone, using sign language to translate the Mass. The Gospel, Matthew 7:7-11, talked about the importance of asking God for help, and this was a strong message to us as teenagers who can feel apprehensive about asking for help and support. The Mass was also engaging due to the anecdotes used and also the songs we were familiar with, such as ‘Shine Jesus Shine’ and ‘Christ Be Our Light’. There was also medical support provided by Scoutmed, which meant that everybody could attend regardless of any medical conditions they had – another example of the loving community within the Catholic Church.

The most important thing about the Mass was the awareness that it raised for the Catholic Children’s Society. This Charity helps Crisis Fund, which provides emergency support for families in crisis. It gives immediate financial support to families facing crises in their lives: both Headteachers and Parish Priests can apply to this fund on behalf of a family, and will always get a response within 24 hours. This support makes a huge difference to families in desperate situations when they have nowhere else to turn.  We also learned more about ConnectEd, a mental health service for schools, and also Rainbows, which guides children and young people through life’s storms through a bereavement programme for young people.

On behalf of everybody who attended the Mas, we’d like to say a big thank you to Miss O’Callaghan and Mrs Hart for taking us on an unforgettable trip.  We we made incredible memories and we were able to let out spiritual beliefs shine.

If you would like to find out more about the Catholic Children’s Society, or donate to this wonderful cause, please click here.


Trinity Examinations successes!

12 Jul 2019

12th July 2019 – Recently we held our latest session of Trinity Grade examinations. Mrs Brown is pleased to report that this was one of our best sessions yet, with a bumper crop of merits and distinctions! Many congratulations to the following students:

Molly O’Connor 7Y – Grade 5 Violin with merit
Grace McNamara 7Y – Grade 5 Violin with merit
Mia Suzuki 7Y – Grade 3 Singing with merit
Michelle Silver 7J  – Grade 3 Violin with merit
Gabriella Pinto 7J – Grade 2 Guitar with merit
Orla Harvey-Keenan 7S – Grade 4 Singing with distinction
Glenda Asare-Bekoe 8F – Grade 2 Guitar with distinction
Orla O’Sullivan 8J – Grade 2 Guitar with distinction
Ciara Lynn 8J – Grade 2 Guitar with distinction
Adjoa Owusu-Afriyie 8J – Grade 2 Guitar with distinction
Molly Wegenek 9J – Grade 3 Guitar with distinction
Hannah Ascough-Smith 8T – Grade 5 Singing with merit
Caoimhe McGinley 8Y – Grade 1 Flute with merit
Anna Berners-Lee 9Y – Grade 5 Singing with distinction
Gabrielle Lukosevicius 10Y – Grade 6 Flute with distinction
Annabel Sinnott 12T – Grade 6 Clarinet


Cantores Tour

11 Jul 2019

11th July 2019 – The Cantores Choir returned on Tuesday from their 5 day tour to the Rhineland area of Germany. They performed 3 different concerts and also did some sight-seeing as well as enjoying a great day at the local German Theme park – Phantasialand.

The concerts were excellent and the girls sang really well – they were even given some special slate hearts as gifts from our concert hosts. We finished the tour with some funny balloon games and a moment of reflection, thinking about all of the good times we had had. A huge thank you to the girls for being such a great group.


Classics Internationality Week

11 Jul 2019

11th July 2019 – During our Internationality Week earlier this year, the Classics Department decided to set pupils in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 a ‘Classics Challenge’!  Their mission: to spread Classics on a GLOBAL SCALE!

Each year group was given a ‘mystery’ ancient artefact, which they had to investigate and then create an electronic resource about.  Their objective was to help pupils in schools around the world today learn more about the world in classical times.   Four of our international sister schools signed up to use the materials from St Albans with their pupils: Gibraltar (Spain), Pretoria (South Africa), Kolkata (India) and Melbourne (Australia).

The Classics Department was hugely impressed by the standard of work that was produced, and we would like to thank all those pupils who participated.  Everyone has been awarded with a merit.  Sadly though, we could only send off a handful of projects.  The winners’ names, and the destinations for their work, are listed below.  We also awarded several students commendations for very good work.

Mia Suzuki 7Y – video presentation (Pretoria, South Africa)

Maya Elliot and Lily Gazza 7S – newsroom presentation (Gibraltar, Spain)

Amarisa Rrukaj 8T and Emily Perra 8J – PowerPoint worksheets, crime quiz etc. (Pretoria, South Africa)

Emma Staff 8S, Francesca Satik 8S, Ellie-May Brennan 8S- PowerPoint and strigil demonstration. (Pretoria, South Africa)

Glenda Asare-Bekoe 8F – PowerPoint and quiz (Kolkata, India)

Tara Clarke 9T, Henrietta Algaard 9T, Amelia Layne 9T – tour of Verulamium (Toorak, Australia)

Congratulations girls!  In the summer term you will receive formal recognition and a prize (including immortality!) for your outstanding contributions.  Below you can see the feedback received from pupils in our sister schools.

Feedback from Loreto, Toorak, Australia on Tara, Amelia and Henrietta’s (9T) Tour of Verulamium and the carbonised cot found in Herculaneum:

We loved the Quiz at the end! Great creativity as it was not just a normal powerpoint. Overall we thought it was awesome. – Nellie, Scarlett and Matilda

As a group some of the girls in my class together thought that the video task was funny and engaging. We loved how they made and structured their video, the information they gave us about the Romans and Pompeii and the multiple choice quiz which we took part in. – Clare

We liked the quiz, because it was engaging and interactive. The video was very clear and professional, but it could be a bit louder so that we could hear them over the wind. There were a few typos, but overall the presentation was very well edited. – Niamh

They had a strong voice and convinced us that they were confident about what they were talking about. They did lots of research about what they had studied, and we loved how they had a quiz because it really challenged our listening skills. – Katya, Amelie and Allegra.

We thought the video the information was presented in a very engaging and creative way, and it looked like they worked hard on it (and we like their accents!). Their information was very accurate and well thought through. It inspired us to do our own one day! – from Georgia, Grace and Charlotte

In the powerpoint we think that the spacing was very good and that it taught us a lot information while making it interesting. We think that it could improve by making it black and white to make it more realistic and making the transitions more relevant to the topic. – From Zara, Catie and Maddie.

We think that the idea is really creative and the quiz element is more engaging that an average presentation. The information presented in the video seemed well researched and prepared. They could maybe have put some additional information on the slideshow rather than just the video. – Ella and Lucinda

We think that the PowerPoint was very well done and supplied good information. The video that they made was also very interesting and was an entertaining way share information. – Molly, Lucy and Martha

Feedback from Loreto in Gibraltar Maya and Lily’s presentation in 7S.
We all thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, which was well-researched and nicely presented. The girls have written their own script and delivered it well. Their animated countdowns and interactive quiz worked well to engage our pupils.

At some points, they spoke very quickly and the children had trouble following what was being said. They could also have shown some examples of oil lamps somewhere in their presentation, either pictures or actual oil lamps.

Overall though, a fantastic piece of work – well done to Lily and Maya! We look forward to our next Classics Presentation.

Feedback from Loreto South Africa:
Dear Emma, Francesca and Ellie-May, thank you for your lovely presentation. We had a little trouble with the video, but it was still great. Your slide show really helped me with my geography. I never knew a place called Pompeii even existed! Thanks guys! – Rebaone

Your presentation taught me things and helped me understand. Thank you. – Tlotlego

I loved the quiz very much. – Rorisang

I really liked your introduction. Keep it going. – Amrane

You taught me about a flask and I did not even know about it. – Robyn

Thank you for teaching me. – Lesedi

The information attracted my attention. The presentation was entertaining and fun. We had some trouble and couldn’t watch the video but the information was great and it really helped me with history. – Letago

I thought your presentation was awesome. It was a shame that your video didn’t play, but overall it was great. Good luck with whatever you’re doing. Stay well. I hope you are all doing well in school and keeping well. May God be with you always. – Lumumba

I loved your presentation and thought it was interesting and liked the quiz. Hope you all read this. May God be with you and all of you girls have an amazing day. – Tom-Tom

Your PowerPoint of the strigil and oil flask was absolutely stunning and I’d like to see and learn more from each of you. Thank you. – Tshego

I really found the quiz very nice. Thank you for making your presentation with words. – Michaella

Your PowerPoint was very colourful and l liked the quiz and also your pictures. I really liked it. – Ronewa

Hey friends, I really loved your group work. I didn’t know that a flask could also be made of glass. – Bokamoso

It was lovely. Latin and Classics is definitely on my list. Thank you. – Bethel

I liked your presentation because it had a lot of detail and it was very understandable. – Samy

The quiz was easy but pretty cool. – Giovanni

I did enjoy and learn a lot from your presentation. I am cleverer than I was a while ago. – Oreditse

You guys care about your past which is a good thing because you’ll be able to understand your future. Have a wonderful life. – Oneile

Wow, I learned soooooo much! I never knew that Latin could be so interesting. You are so amazing! All of you. Lots of happiness and love. – Keketso

Your group’s PowerPoint was amazing I really enjoyed it. I really didn’t know how the Romans kept themselves clean. You guys really represented your school very well by doing this presentation. Power girls. My love to you. – Alizwa

Feedback on the work of Glenda Asare-Bekoe in 8F. Sadly Loreto Kolkata were not able to provide feedback as planned, so this is what Glenda’s own classmates thought of her presentation:

Wow so much detail! You made it really fun for us and made activities to get us involved. Amazing, well done!

You engage with the audience and use a lot of eye-catching images. Well done! Also great presentation and facts.

It was really detailed and deserved to be one of the winners!

I liked the information. It was also very clear and easy to read/understand.

I liked the quiz at the end as it got everyone involved. There were lots of pictures so we could see what it looked like.

I like the way that you told us about the bath houses and the different rooms.

It was really informative, but also really fun because of the quiz at the end.

I liked how are used loads of pictures with short sentences that told us lots of information. I also loved your quiz at the end because it was a nice, fun way to end your PowerPoint.

I liked that there was a quiz at the end so you could understand what you learnt more. Also we could tell whoever didn’t listen to the presentation because they didn’t put hands up.

I liked Glenda’s presentation because it was really detailed and told us a lot about the Roman baths. The quiz was really interactive and fun. Overall the presentation was very pretty.

Your presentation was incredible. It was so well-made and thought out and it was really cool. You are amazing at Latin and your presentation was phenomenal!

She explained really well what the strigil and oil flask were. What she said/wrote was really interesting and almost mysterious. She went into deep detail for each room. She worded it in a way we could all understand and were kept listening. It was also fun!

Your presentation was amazing! You filled us all with information. And it was really interesting. Good job!

A very good presentation and very detailed. I learnt a few more things which I didn’t know before and the quiz was really fun. Thank you. Great!

You had a clear summary of what everything was and it was very informative. Thank you for making it so much easier to understand.

You included a lot of detail for the different rooms. You explained how to use a strigil and flask really well.

I liked the quiz at the end and how you explained all the rooms of the Bath house. I thought the PowerPoint was very fun and creative.

Very informative, described exactly what it was like in each room and what you did there. The transitions were really smooth and added a really nice touch to the PowerPoint.

Gabriela Gomez Pavon and Ellie Escuder 7S – info pack

Adrienne Koppes 7S – cartoon video

Alafair Reinsford and Aoife Brooks 7S – PowerPoint and quiz sheet

Mackenzie Holt 7T- poster

Matilda Cremins 7T – PowerPoint

Lily Freeman 7Y – PowerPoint

Klara King 8S, Jessica Kelly 8S and Emanuela Kucera 8S – board game

Josie Bogle 8T – PowerPoint, quiz, 20 questions

Lottie McCallum 8T – singing

Ivy Gayon 9T – PowerPoint with timers

Anna Berners Lee 9Y and Sarah Hill 9Y – Scratch animation


Forensics Day 2019

10 Jul 2019

10th July 2019 – Last week’s Forensics Day was a great success.  Interspersed amongst the following photos is a fantastic account of the event from Karis in 10S.

Click on any image to enlarge it and/or view a slideshow.

~ ~ ~

Recently Year 10 students were lucky enough to have the chance to gain skills, knowledge and a passion for Forensic Science over a period of three days where we learned more about this exciting topic and even tried to solve a murder!

Firstly, we were visited by Mr Pole [above], a police specialist in forensics, focusing in particular on fingerprints. We were taught about a number of different techniques that we could use to solve a crime, and were shown how every contact leaves a trace. Everybody enjoyed watching a video that the police force themselves are shown during training and we gained a far greater knowledge of what an important impact every individual clue has. We were shown the varying roles such as a photographer and a fingerprint analysis, and it was clear that every individual role was exceedingly important in helping to solve serious crimes.


 The next day, students and teachers alike were horrified to find that Mrs Goswami, a former science teacher at Loreto had been murdered! How fortunate that Y10 students had only just been shown how to solve such a crime, and were able to carry out our own investigation to find out who the murderer was! 

The day began with groups all practising skills that they had learned: fingerprints were tested, hair was analysed, writing was compared, and shoe casts were made. We even went into a separate laboratory to compare different ways that blood could be splattered, and to carry out tests to establish what a mysterious white powder found at the crime scene was.  We were all able to enter the crime scene at some point during the morning, where we collected as much evidence as possible to take back for testing. We analysed traces of the body, blood splatters, and a threatening note found at the scene! Each group then set to work looking at the evidence they had gathered and interviewing suspects – a poster was then produced by each group to support a presentation about who we thought the murderer was.


The final day saw “the big reveal”! Students gathered in the workshop, eager to find out who the murderer was, and whether they had got it right. One by one, teachers and other suspects came up onto stage, declaring their innocence and explaining their knowledge of the horrific event. Finally, Mr Cuffini was the only teacher who remained. Mr Downes flew at him in a rage, angrily blaming him for the murder and even throwing Mr Cuffini’s glasses to the ground! It seemed clear he was guilty until Miss Highland broke into the argument to confess that she had lied: she had murdered Mrs Goswami and had tried to frame it on Mr Cuffini by wearing his shoes when committing the crime!  She had then pretended that he had forced her to write the threatening note left at the scene.  Everybody was shocked by this news, and Miss Highland was dealt with severely!

Y10 students as a whole would like to say a big thank you to Mr Downes and all teachers who were involved in Forensics Day. It was an amazing experience that made us consider career options that we did not even previously know existed.

RIP Mrs Goswami.  She will be greatly missed!


Drama Showcase

02 Jul 2019

2nd July 2019 – Here are a few images from the various drama performances which took place during last week’s Summer Showcase.  These featured the following pupils:

An Error of Judgement – Janet Gherie, Madison Carey, Bethal Odama-Kentoe

Educating [Not!] St Albans – Mel Lumaj, Millie O’Flynn, Madeline Manning

The Clock Strikes Midnight – Lottie Mulcahy, Rosmary Palmer, Eve Keane

The Last Petal – Erin Green, Olivia Longstaff-Browne, Alba Quinonez-Trinanes

Change of Mind – Karis Rable, Olivia Bagge, Eleanor Finnie

Hotel California – Eve Cremins and Lindsey Grisley


Y7 History Trails

01 Jul 2019

1st July 2019 – Our Y7 students have recently taken part in a History Trail activity at St Albans Cathedral.  Here two pupils in 7F share their experiences …


When we went to St Albans Cathedral we dressed up as different characters in the Peasants Revolt. We also walked around the cathedral and saw all the paintings on the walls, and the very old stained glass windows, all of which were amazingly detailed. After that we went outside to act out events which happened in the Revolt. After that we sat near a statue of St Alban to talk about what we had learned.


I was role-playing a monk while my group were going around the St Albans cathedral. When we were role-playing, we chased the person who was playing the part of the Abbot. We also went to abbey gate, which I was surprised was still intact. The guide was very interesting when she was telling us about the history of this place.


Send My Friend to School

01 Jul 2019

1st July 2019 – Our Year 8 & 9 students have been supporting the international campaign, “Send My Friend to School”.  During their PSHE lessons, they learned how millions of children around the world are missing out on an education. Messages have been sent to St Albans MP Anne Main, to ask for her to speak up in parliament for the many children who are currently “locked out” of education. Examples of their work are on the website.

Education is a universal human right. It is the key to a positive future for individual children, whole communities and the wider world. However – due to inequality – millions of children are being locked out of education simply because of who they are and where they live.

Access to education and learning is not a level playing field. Children are experiencing unfair treatment for many reasons – including having a disability, being female in a place where gender discrimination is rife, living in a rural area, experiencing poverty or being caught up in an emergency. Many children experience several of these factors at the same time, in overlapping and reinforcing ways – increasing their exclusion.

2019 is crucial in the journey to unlocking education for all children, because this year the international community, including the UK for the very first time, will be reviewing its progress against its promise of ensuring education for all.


Music Showcase

28 Jun 2019

28th June 2019 – Wednesday’s Summer Showcase provided a supportive and relaxed atmosphere for our musical students to perform in, sometimes solo, sometimes in small ensembles, and sometimes in a a large orchestra or choir.  Here are images from some of these performances.  Lick on any image to enlarge it and/or view a slideshow …


Year 8 STEM Day

28 Jun 2019

28th June 2019 – On Tuesday all of our Year 8 students took part in a STEM Day organised by the Science department.  Lottie McCallum (8T) tells us all about it …

Everyone really enjoyed this day and worked really hard on the challenge that we were presented with.  The day began with students separating from their usual Form groups, as we were mixed randomly into groups of five or six people. About 5 teams were in each classroom and once everyone was settled and eager to find out what the rest of the day would look like, our teacher presented a slide show. In this, we were told that we would be constructing bridges out of raw spaghetti using glue guns. We were told of the different types of bridge we could make; for example, the Baltimore Bridge. We were also told of how we would split up our team: not only would there be engineers and builders, but a marketing team too. Each group chose two people to take on the challenge of making a beautiful poster with a long list of requirements, and an informative PowerPoint presentation about their bridge.

After that, we began planning and had until the end of lesson 2 to decide what the bridge, poster and PowerPoint would look like. During lessons 3 and 4 worked on the bridges, a task that was easier in theory than in practice!

At the end of lesson 4, everything was in place.  People were tired but proud of their achievements – yet anxious to know who would win! A hook was attached to each bridge with a bag that would be filled up slowly with sand until the point of breaking. However, Mr Downes had asked if this could be done so carefully and precisely that we would not actually break the bridgesm as they were so appealing that they should be part of the science display in the maths corridor.  Tensions were high [engineering pun] and all were eager to see who had won in the assembly after lunch!

Lesson 5 began with a big clean up as making spaghetti bridges is a rather messy task! Before long though, it was time for the awards ceremony. All students gathered in the studio. Lines of boxes filled with cakes and biscuits were in front of us and the awards were presented. There were prizes for each classroom in three different categories: the best poster, the prettiest bridge and the bridge with the best load to mass ratio. Some left the room victorious, without any boxes of cake but content because they knew how hard they worked. Besides, the teachers kept saying to us how that was the best year for bridges they had seen in a long while.

Everybody really enjoyed the day and took a lot back from it. STEM is a fantastic way to kickstart any career, and a degree in a STEM subject makes you more likely to be successful. The day was incredible overall and we can’t wait for another STEM opportunity.


Design Competition Success

27 Jun 2019

27th June 2019 – Congratulations to Natalie and Henrietta in Year 9.  This evening they won two out of the three prizes on offer in a kitchen design competition run by Poggenpohl.  They not only designed a “kitchen of the future”, but also used 3D Computer Animation to present their ideas.  At the prize-giving party this evening, they were awarded trophies along with £100 & £200 in shopping vouchers.  The judges were very impressed with the creativity of the entries from Loreto, and Mrs Bailey is certainly a very proud teacher!


Art Showcase

27 Jun 2019

27th June 2019 – Yesterday’s Summer Showcase was a lovely event.  Over the next few days, we will share some images of the talent which was on display, starting with this selection of artwork from our GCSE and A-level students.

Click on any image to enlarge it and/or view a slideshow …



Concerned about mobile phones?

20 May 2019

20th May 2019 – Any parents who would appreciate information and support regarding confident parenting in the world of screens may be interested in a presentation taking place this week.  “Left to their own Devices?” presents a great opportunity for parents to help keep children safe online. Please see the attached brochure for more details.

Timing: 7.30 pm, Thurs 23rd May.

Venue: The Vineyard Church, St Albans, 7 Ashley Road Brick Knoll Park, Ashley Road Industrial Estate, St Albans AL1 5UG.

Tickets cost £7 each and can be purchased here or by calling 02920 810800.


Please note that this event has not been organised by Loreto College.  We are simply bringing it to the attention of parents because this is an issue which many have expressed concern about.


Good Luck Year 13!

18 May 2019

17th May 2019 – Today our Year 13 students celebrated all that they have achieved in their time at Loreto.  They are now on study leave, and we wish them every success in their exams this summer.  Click on any image to enlarge it.



Y11 Celebration

10 May 2019

10th May 2019 – Today our Y11 students celebrated Mass and then gathered to look back over their last five years together.  They are now on Study Leave, with their first GCSE exams starting next Monday!  They’re fantastic young people, and we wish them every success …

Click on any picture to enlarge it:







Classics Author Visit

08 May 2019

8th May 2019 – Yesterday afternoon our Year 9, 10 and 12 Classics students were given the opportunity to hear from the truly inspirational BBC Radio 4 broadcaster and author, Natalie Haynes. She was a remarkable speaker and had us hanging on her every word as she explored the feminine truths behind the apparently masculine ancient Greek myths. Her delivery was clever, funny and ever so insightful. Her latest novel, A Thousand Ships, has been released this month and is looking to be another page turner.  Several pupils took the opportunity to acquire signed copies of her work.  Many thanks to Natalie for making this afternoon so memorable for everyone who attended.


Y7 French Play

04 Apr 2019

4th April 2019 – Last week our Y7 students watched a play performed in French by Onatti Productions. Khadija and Jessica (7J) tell us more about this …

The play was called ‘Ticket pour L’Espace’.  The French spoken during the play was not too hard to understand, and as a result everyone was entertained and enjoyed the play.

The storyline was based around a boy called Jack, who won a competition to go on an amazing adventure into space.  Halfway through the journey, the spaceship broke down.  The actors got help from the audience and Rachael was welcomed aboard!  She acted really well and was very funny.  The actors got everyone involved by helping the English speaker, Jack, to communicate in French.

Overall, the whole of Year 7 enjoyed the play and would love to have the company come again to school.


Lenten Fundraising

19 Mar 2019

19th March 2019 – At this time of year the members of our community focus more than ever on how we can help others.  Last year, over £14,000 was raised in our Lenten Fundraising drive!  Read more about this here.  Below are details of the charities we are supporting this year, along with details of some of the activities taking place in school at the moment …

Year 7


Every year we ask the Loreto Sisters to name a charity they would like our Year 7 pupils to raise money for.  This year they nominated a children’s playroom in the shanty settlement of Jicamarca on the outskirts of Lima, Peru. In an area known for its poverty and its lack of basic amenities, Sister Irene Reynolds ensures that some of the poorest and most vulnerable children have a safe place to play every afternoon. Funds raised by Year 7 will go towards developing a playroom for children. This will include furniture, mats, games and other resources. Funds will also provide the children with a drink and snack before going home.

All Year 7 pupils have been encouraged to take part in the Loreto Mile Run/Walk. Pupils are sponsored for every mile they walk or run during lunchtimes. They are also holding an Easter raffle as well as a ‘bring and buy’ sale.

Loreto families and friends can help by taking their daughter’s sponsorship form to work. We wish them every success!

Year 8


Lent is seen by many as a time for giving up small luxuries in life, but imagine if you had to give up more important things, like school or your job, all because you don’t have clean water close to home! This is the reality for 1 in 9 people around the world. For children especially, clean water can be the difference between a full education and dropping out of school, and the difference between enjoying a happy childhood with friends, or risking their lives on long walks for water.

For 1 in 9 people around the world getting a drink of water isn’t as simple as turning on a tap. They have no choice but to make long, tiring, and often dangerous journeys to remote water sources – and then haul heavy cans or buckets all the way back home. It’s a journey that for some is an eight kilometre round trip, and a burden that more often than not falls to women and young girls, who sacrifice their education and careers to make sure their families have water.

All of Year 8 are going to March for Water this Lent. We will each pledge how many kilometres we will walk, and keep track of this every day. We will collect sponsorship for doing this.

Year 9


Year 9 students are raising for Mercy Ships. This is a faith-based international development organisation that deploys ships to some of the poorest countries in the world, giving vital free healthcare to people in need. Mercy Ships has undertaken projects in more than 70 countries, providing services valued at more than £1 billion!  As a year group we are trying to raise enough money to sponsor one of their operating theatres on their ships for 2 days so that it can provide life-saving surgery.

The pupils have started to organise lots of events. 9F have designed a photo booth, and will be running this over 2 lunchtimes including non-uniform day. 9T are washing cars, doing sponsored runs, bake sales and a Just Dance lunchtime.  9Y are hosting a movie night and a bake sale at the Spring Concert.  9s are organising a hair salon to support 9F’s photo booth, and 9J are organising a quiz.
As a year group we are organising the Year 9 talent show which will take place on the 2nd April at Lunchtime.

We are also having a Mercy Ship Water Race where the girls are building ships out of cardboard boxes and recyclable materials, and navigating an obstacle course with water in their ships. The team that gets the most water across the obstacle course wins. Each girl is donating £1 to compete .  This event is also part of their Internationality Week.

Years 12 & 13


Sixth Form are raising money for WaterAid and are aiming to raise over £2000. On Friday 22nd March we will be carrying out a ‘March for Water’ in which the whole of the Sixth Form walk the Loreto mile to raise the profile of women and children all over the world who have to walk to their nearest water source, sometimes for up to 2 km a day. We will be wearing blue and will be encouraging other year groups to take part. 12T have already raised £250 towards our target by organising the refreshments for the Gym and Dance Display, making cakes and serving teas and coffees.


Romeo & Juliet

18 Mar 2019

18th March 2019 – Last week the Young Shakespeare Company came in to perform the story of Romeo and Juliet for Year 9.  Here are some reviews from the pupils …

I really enjoyed it as, before they performed, they did a small workshop and talked through how they as a company turn a script into a performance. I found it really interesting as the audience was more engaged. – Philippa Green

I liked how the actors gave us a different perspective of each character’s personality. It was interesting to see them portray Mercutio as having an equal part in his own death. – Sarah Hill

They made the characters very believable, meaning that many of us were almost in tears by the end. Also, the actors were very friendly and eager to talk to us about what they do. I especially liked the intensity when Romeo, Juliet and the Friar were conspiring together. – Julia Reeve


International Women’s Day

11 Mar 2019

11th March 2019 – At Loreto, International Women’s Day saw the culmination of a whole week of activities designed to inspire our students to think beyond gender norms.  Highlights included the Wow Reps running year group assemblies on gender stereotypes and the gender pay gap.

The whole school focused on the issue of Period Poverty which blights the lives of girls and women across the world, including here in the UK. Every day last week, the WoW Form Reps collected increasing quantities of sanitary products brought in by students who had learned that in the UK one in ten girls struggles to afford sanitary products. This also provided an incentive to talk openly about periods and dispel any shame or embarrassment that girls may feel about these.

Thank you for very much to everyone who supported this cause by donating sanitary products. It was a huge success, with hundreds of donations which will help local families. We collected nine black bin bags that were full to the brim.

On Friday, International Women’s Day, the WoW leaders set up a fantastic information stand displaying leaflets and posters about Period Poverty. Well done to the WoW Reps and the WoW student leaders, Mia Cranny and Rosie Morley, led by Ms Daniells Conroy and Ms McLauchlan, for a fantastic week of thought-provoking activities.


World Book Day

08 Mar 2019

8th March 2019 – These pictures show just some of the superb costumes our younger students (and braver members of staff) wore into school yesterday as part of World Book Day.  We were really  impressed with how much effort everyone had gone to.

Report to follow …


Big Booky Breakfast

08 Mar 2019

8th March 2019 – On Wednesday, the library hosted its first “Big Booky Breakfast”.

Beforehand, pupils had been encouraged to bring in unwanted books so that we could hold a giant book sale.  Any student who bought a book received a free cookie or doughnut.

Proceeds from the sale will all go to Book Aid, who spend £2 each time they give one child a new book to read.  Mrs Parkin was hoping to raise about £50 to help this cause, and was delighted when the final figure actually came to £140!

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who donated or bought a book, and to Mrs Parkin for organising this event.


Premier Foods visit

25 Feb 2019

25th Feb 2019 – Recently, a group of our Y10 students competed in their own form of ‘Ready Steady Cook’ as part of a workshop held at Premier Foods’ head office.  Premier Foods manufacturers some of Britain’s best loved brands, including Mr Kipling, Batchelors, Angel Delight and Cadbury Cake. The company head office has been based in St Albans since 2002, and houses a large professional kitchen where the workshop was held and the students cooked their lunch.   

After an initial presentation given by Premier Foods’ Executive Chef Mark Rigby about the varying career options within the industry, the budding chefs were tasked to create a tasty lunch menu comprising seven savoury and sweet dishes from a list of ingredients in an hour and a half.  As part of this, the students used a number of Premier Foods’ products including Sharwood’s cooking sauces and Ambrosia Custard.  

 The students were split into two teams and were judged on teamworking, cleanliness, presentation and overall taste of the dishes they prepared.  After the session, the students were able to enjoy everything they cooked for lunch. As well as guiding the students while they were in the kitchen, Mark took the chance to speak to them about the importance of aiming higher in their careers, learning a trade well, finding a mentor, and achieving a good work/life balance.  

Premier Foods’ Executive Chef Mark Rigby said: “The food industry has changed immensely and offers bigger, better and more interesting career opportunities. It’s not just the culinary basis of food that’s interesting, it’s also the science of food. It was great to be able to welcome in some of our local students to talk about this, get them involved in some cooking and make them aware of the varying career options available to them, many of which are possible through working at Premier Foods.   We really enjoyed holding our first head office visit with Loreto College which I hope inspired some of the students to consider a career within the industry.”   

Miss Ross and Mr Fuller report that our students were really excited to see the work of the chefs at Premier Foods, and responded very positively to this opportunity to learn about careers in catering, hospitality and food manufacturing.  Loreto College is very grateful to Permier Foods for giving them this chance to learn about how they can apply in real life the skills they gain in their food technology lessons.

Click on any image to enlarge it. 

Gym & Dance Display

13 Feb 2019

13th Feb 2019 – Yesterday evening was the first night of this year’s Gym & Dance display. We were very impressed with the way so many students threw themselves into this! The standard of all performances was very high, and there was a really positive response from the audience. Well done to everyone involved, and good luck to everyone performing in tonight’s show!

Here are some images from yesterdays rehearsals and from the show.  Click on any picture to enlarge it and/or view a slide show:


Y7 & Y8 Shakespeare plays

12 Feb 2019

12th Feb 2019 – Recently the Globe Players returned to Loreto to perform for Years 7 and 8.  The actors gave the Year 7 students an introduction to the various styles of play written by Shakespeare, and there was a focus on the comedy plays for Year 8.

Clara Spitzer and Emily Waidley from 7F wrote this review of the performance:

We really enjoyed the play because the acting was really good and it felt like you were there watching a Shakespearean play in the theatre. They used the few props they had very well. We also think they adapted to the characters they were playing and they made it very funny at times. Our favourite bit was when they acted out some of the Macbeth scenes, as it was very dramatic.

As part of their study of Shakespeare, pupils in Year 7F and 7T have produced models of the Globe Theatre which look fantastic. Well done to all of them!

Other English Department Events

The Young Shakespeare Company will be performing for Year 9 on Monday 11th March. Y9 parents are reminded to contribute via ParentPay to the cost of running this, if they have not already done so.

Year 11 Revision Sessions for GCSE English Language and Literature run every week on Thursday after school from 3.40-4.10, and they are repeated on a Friday lunchtime from 1.45-2.15. They are held in E4 with Mr Fahy. We hope to see you there.


Year 9 German play

06 Feb 2019

6th Feb 2019 – This week the Y9 and A-Level German students had the pleasure of watching, as well as participating in, “So eine Nervensäge” (“A real pain in the neck”).  Aoife Butler (9S) and Henrietta Algaard (9T) tell us more about their experience ….

This was an outstanding German play performed by Onatti Productions.  Their humorous play was very entertaining for all of the pupils who had the opportunity to watch it.  All of the students, especially the Y9 pupils, were surprised to find that we knew and understood the majority of the vocabulary throughout the whole play.  We were also able to interact with the actors by responding to questions in German, using our own knowledge and skills as well as German vocabulary that we had learnt in our lessons.   The play was highly interactive and allowed us to be involved with the enthusiastic actors on the stage.  We thoroughly enjoyed this play and are grateful to have had this opportunity.




Concert Pianist Workshop

22 Jan 2019

22nd Jan 2019 – We had the pleasure of welcoming concert pianist Richard Meyrick from the Pianoman Scholarships Scheme to Loreto on Friday 18th January for a piano Masterclass. It was open to all students studying piano at Loreto, as well as our GCSE and A level music students, five of whom played for Richard.  They all learned more about how to express mood and emotion when they play. Many thanks to Stella Withington-Busse 12T, Lucy Green 10S, Meja Paleckyte 10T, Ellie Marron 10S and Sofia Sabolova 9S for performing at the event.

Here’s what Lucy had to say about her experience:

“Today Richard Meyrick came to our school to teach us about expression and the importance of listening to the music we learn and play. I played ‘The Inn’ by Schumann and found his advice very helpful. It was a fantastic experience and taught me how to more appreciate the music I play.”


Wicked Music Trip

10 Jan 2019

10th Jan 2019 – Yesterday 40  of our prospective and current GCSE Music students went to London to see Wicked the Musical and to learn more about their set work ‘Defying Gravity’.  The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience of seeing a show in the West End, and they were a credit to the school.  Thank you to Mrs Carter for organising this trip.


Grand Draw Results

18 Dec 2018

18th Dec 2018 – The Carol Service yesterday was lovely – many thanks to all the girls who took part, and to Mr McCarthy, Mrs Brown and Mrs Carter for organising everything.  Afterwards, everyone retired to the workshop for mince pies and mulled wine.  These were kindly provided by the Parents Association, who also announced the winners of this year’s Grand Draw.

The following report was provided by Vince McHugh, who has been organising the draw and many other PA activities for several years now.  Last night he stepped down from this role, and Loreto College would like to offer him a huge thank you for all that he has done for the pupils of this school.

Several Girls did really well at selling tickets: Izzy Phillips of 7T sold the most individually, and she won a lovely Ted Baker purse for doing so; several forms clearly had the Domino’s Pizza lunch in their sights, but it was 7T who will be feasting during Wednesday lunchtime. Their form teacher Miss Baptisto also benefits from their success, as she has received a lovely bottle of Champagne kindly donated by Jonathan and Marion Moulton.

The winners of the draw itself were as follows:

1st Prize – iPad 128GB & Luxury Spa Day for 2 – James Reggel
2nd Prize – £350 Intu Gift Card – Lydia Swan 8F
3rd Prize – £250 Top Shop Gift Card – Genny Costa
4th Prize – £75 Amazon & £75 ASOS Voucher – Carmo Poeira
5th Prize – £100 Buy A Gift Voucher – Lora Kyoseva
6th Prize – Meal for two at Sofalino in Whetstone (kindly donated by Adriano Bernabei) & Bottle of Champagne – Mark Lee
7th Prize – Exceedingly Nice Hamper, Coconut Hamper & Prosecco (kindly donated by Daniella Busseni) – Stacey Novelle
8th Prize – Meal for two at Ayso in St Albans (kindly donated by Daniella Busseni) – Lydia Swan 8F

This year we have raised £11,000, before expenses, which is an absolutely fabulous amount! Thank you to all of you who supported us in buying and selling tickets, the many who worked in the background to make it happen and to those who donated prizes.

May we take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year.

Loreto Parents’ Association


Engineering Prize-Winner!

13 Dec 2018

13th Dec 2018 – Congratulations to Orla in Year 7, who has won the ‘Imagineers’ competition.  This is a nationwide competition run by AECOM to design an engineering solution to a global problem. She was shortlisted out of hundreds of entrants for an innovative design which would transport water from countries with lots of water to more those without enough. Engineers have now worked on her design and have produced an example of what her design would look like in real life! We were honoured that the Chief Executive of AECOM came last week to present Orla with her prize. Well done Orla!


Y8 Library visit

13 Dec 2018

13th Dec 2018 – Yesterday some of our Y8 pupils took part in a trip to the British Library to have a general look around and to take part in a workshop entitled ‘Research Matters’.  They’ve given us some super feedback on what they thought of their experience:

‘My favourite part of the trip was the Treasure Gallery.  There were so many interesting historical documents: the Magna Carta, Jane Austen’s notes, and a suffragettes scrapbook! I learned so much.’ – Lottie

‘My favourite part of today was seeing the King’s Library because it was so tall and it taught me a lot of facts’ – Alice

‘Discovering the library’s fascinating facts and the research room was really fun. I liked the gift shop at the library too!’ – Lana- Rees

‘I loved going into the Treasure Gallery – so much to learn and to look at!’ – Maya

‘I enjoyed everything. It was a really fun trip that surely everyone enjoyed. I really liked the first thing we did when we took an envelope and found out so many facts about it, then turned the envelope into a completely different thing in two minutes. It was a super fun trip!’ – Odette



Westminster Cathedral choir visit

11 Dec 2018

11th Dec 2018 – Last week out Rock Choir attended the Westminster Cathedral advent service in aid of the Catholic Children Society.  We sang carols, watched a nativity – complete with real animals – and met the bishop.  The girls had an amazing time and can’t wait for our Carol service on Monday the 17th at 7pm in the chapel!

Well done to everyone who took part in this special event.


Trinity Exam Success

11 Dec 2018

11th Dec 2018 – Our termly Trinity music grade exams took place yesterday, with great success – the highest number of distinctions in one session we’ve ever had!  Congratulations to the following students, who all passed their exams:

Glenda Asare-Bekoe 8F – passed Grade 1 Guitar with Distinction

Adjoa Awusu-Afriyie 8J – passed Grade 1 Guitar with Distinction

Orla O’Sullivan 8J – passed Grade 1 Guitar with Distinction

Ciara Lynn 8J – passed Grade 1 Guitar

Emma Waidley 7F – passed Grade 2 Guitar with Distinction

Molly Wegenek 8J – passed Grade 2Guitar with Distinction

Alannah Finn 8J – passed Grade 3 Violin with Merit

Lottie McCallum 8T – passed Grade 4 Singing with Distinction

Evelyn Cahill 8T – passed Grade 3 Flute with Merit

Anna Berners-Lee 9Y – passed Grade 5 Flute

Jenny McCallum 12S – passed Grade 6 Singing with Merit

Eve Cremins 12F – passed Grade 6 Singing with Merit


Charity Hair Cut

11 Dec 2018

11th Dec 2018 – Yes, on second look that is definitely Charlotte in Y9, but her hair looks very different.  What’s going on?  Charlotte explains …

Since January I have wanted to do everything I could to help people with cancer.  After thinking about this I decided to cut my hair off for the Little Princess Trust.  They provide wigs to young children who have cancer.  Normally it costs about £550 for a real wig, and £150 to have the hair fitted, so I decided to raise money as well.  I have hosted an 80s night and done other things too.  So far I’ve raised £1,852.60, and I hope to raise more!!

Well done Charlotte!


Careers Fair 2018

05 Dec 2018

5th Dec 2018 – Our annual Careers Fair took place last week in the Mary Ward building and was a great success. We were lucky enough to be supported by representatives from 25 different organisations and educational providers. During lesson 4 the fair was open exclusively to Year 9 pupils as part of their PSHE programme, and then to all year groups during the lunch break. Our guests were kept busy the whole time, answering questions and chatting about possible career pathways. The atmosphere was great and it is clear that everyone gained a lot from the experience.  Please see the images below.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the following companies and individuals who gave up their time to attend the fair.

Atlas Translations
Berkshire Hathaway
ST Albans BID
Burton’s Biscuits
Hair Stylist – Rosie Clewlow
Crown Prosecution Service
Distinct Physiotherapy
Radio Verulam
NHS Physiotherapy
Herts County Council
Hightown Housing Association
Herts Fire and Rescue Community Volunteers
Metro Bank
Oaklands College
Orchard Nursing Home
SA Law
St Dominic RC Primary School – Harpenden
Youth Connexions Hertfordshire

Thank you also to Mrs Wicks and Mrs Eridani-Ball for organising this event for the students.


GCSE Art, Craft & Design

03 Dec 2018

3rd Dec 2018 – We thought it would be nice to share some examples of GCSE Art, Craft and Design work.  Here Nancy O’Grady in Year 10 tells us what she and her classmates have been working on …

As an introduction to the new course, we have been trying out a range of different RM, Art and Textile techniques. Our theme is ‘Winged Wildlife’, so we have taken inspiration for our samples from the beautiful colours and textures seen on birds, butterflies and bugs.

It has been really enjoyable to learn a variety of new skills such as lino printing, where we carved our design into a tile, and also precious metal clay, where we used blow torches and the polishing machine to create a pendant. We now have the chance to select our favourite techniques and use them to design and make a product that could be sold at the National History Museum gift shop.


Macbeth Production

30 Nov 2018

30th Nov 2018 – Something wicked this way came … Many thanks to all who came out to Macbeth this week. The cast and crew put on a delightfully ‘wicked’ rendition of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, with living cauldrons, murderous witches, and tyranny literally gone mad!  The students, both on stage and off, produced a wonderful show, proving once again how vast the dramatic talents Loreto are; and their incredibly fluent tackling of the difficult Shakespeare text ensured success on their journey to ‘walk and fret his hour upon the stage’.

We are extremely grateful to Mrs Bamford, without whom this production simply would not have happened.

Here are a few stills from the video footage of the production …


French Play

30 Nov 2018

30th Nov 2018 – Escape room … in French!  Last week Onatti Productions performed a play in French for our Year 9 pupils. Here Freya Clancy and Jessica Buzzle tell us all about La salle des Énigmes …

The story was about two friends called Marie and Jeremy who were stuck in an escape room. They had to figure out codes and solve puzzles to open the door and get out. We helped them by answering questions, and some people even got to go on the stage to help with solving the puzzles. Even though we couldn’t understand every word that they were saying, the actors made it easier to understand by speaking slowly, repeating themselves a few times and using hand gestures.

We all understood a lot more than we thought we could, and have learnt some new vocabulary. Overall, the French play was amazing. Both actors were very funny and we really enjoyed the audience participation. The set was very detailed and looked very good. We all really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you Marie and Jeremy!


A busy week for the Music Department!

24 Nov 2018

26th Nov 2018 – Last Monday, Cantores and the Chamber Choir performed at the annual SASSMA (Secondary Schools Music Association) concert, which brings all the secondary schools in St Albans come together at the Alban Arena. Thank you to all those parents who came to support our school at this concert – the girls performed really well and were a credit to Loreto.

Then, on Thursday over 150 students took part in our annual Autumn Term concert. They all performed magnificently to a packed hall, with items varying from Sibelius to Grease to Panic at the Disco! A huge thank you to all those students who took part, especially those who played solos. Particular thanks also to the peripatetic music teachers who gave up their own time to lead flute choir, guitar ensemble and our newly created brass ensemble.  Finally, thanks to Mrs Brown and Mrs Carter for organising and overseeing the whole event.

Please see below for details of the performances at the concert:

Finlandia – Sibelius

VOCAL SOLO performed by Coreena Skipworth
Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol


VOCAL SOLO performed by Georgia Stratton
Now, O Now I Need Must Part – Dowland

Summer Nights from Grease Jacobs/Casey

VOCAL DUET performed by Alex Lundrigan and Katarina Lundrigan

Walking in the Air – Blake

VIOLIN SOLO performed by Lucy Baker

VOCAL SOLO performed by Carla Dowling
Anyone Can Whistle – Sondheim

UKULELE GROUP directed by Rane Ann Lucido

High Hopes – Panic at the Disco

Stay – Rhianna

VOCAL SOLO performed by Eve Cremins
Journey to the – Past Newman/Flaherty

Down to the River to Pray – traditional
Take Me Home – Pentatonix

VOCAL SOLO performed by Lottie Mulcahy
She Used to be Mine – Barellies

VOCAL SOLO performed by Jennifer McCallum
Someone to Watch Over Me – Gershwin

Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

Skyfall – Adkins/Epworth arr. Redford



Author Visits

25 Oct 2018

25th Oct 2018 We’ve had an exciting week at Loreto with visits from not just one, not just two, but THREE fantastic authors!  Mrs Parkin, who masterminded all of this, tells us more about it …

Each year we hold a week focussing on reading for Years 7, 8 and 9, and invite award-winning authors into school for our students to hear from.  The calibre of the authors who have visited us this year has been exceptional, and we were delighted to welcome each of them .

To start off our week, Year 8 students welcomed back to Loreto the author and adventurer Matt Dickinson. Matt has been several times to Mount Everest and made many documentaries and films for National Geographic, the Discovery Channel and the BBC. He has now turned his experiences into adventure thrillers set in the dangerous mountains where someone always seems to be in dreadful peril, fighting for their lives in extreme weather conditions amid damaged friendships. Given Matt’s scientific facts and his humorous delivery, the girls listened with great excitement to his tales!

Next we hosted Penny Joelson, who spoke with our Year 9 students. Penny is a former teacher who has now written two crime/mystery novels. Her first novel won several awards and was written from the perspective of a young girl who knows a secret about a murder. The problem is  that our protagonist cannot speak or move: how can she inform the police? Penny’s second book also follows a difficult situation with a teenager who has witnessed a crime but has no proof. Another mystery, another murder! Her fast-paced writing is excellent and the girls listened with great attention to her talk.

Our final author was the multi-award wining Holly Smale. Holly shared the fact that her mother started reading her Shakespeare (amongst other authors) at the age of just 3! Holly grew up in a wonderfully literary environment but experienced setbacks in her own life. Having overcome these, she has now seen her books translated into many languages, and altogether over 3.5 million copies of them have been published world wide! The children loved her presentation and we are very grateful that she could find time in her busy schedule for a visit to our younger readers.

Thank you to all the authors, teachers, and pupils for helping to make this such a happy, educational and fun week!

And a huge thank you to Mrs Parkin herself!


Bletchley Park visit

22 Oct 2018

22nd Oct 2018 – Last Thursday a group of Y10 and Y9 students visited Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes as part of the Computer Science curriculum. The students were able to explore the original huts where Alan Turing and his team of code breakers decrypted messages from the German army.  They also participated in a workshop that developed their knowledge and understanding of cipher codes and encryption.  Here they describe their experiences …

The visit to Bletchley Park was a very educational and historic experience as I was able to learn about the Park’s involvement in the Second World War. I especially enjoyed learning about the Enigma machine used by the German army to encrypt messages, and was amazed that it can produce nearly 159 quintillion possible encryptions for one letter. What’s even more amazing is that a group of British code breakers at Bletchley Park were able to crack the code!  Somersby Holmes 10F

I enjoyed the visit to Bletchley Park and found some of the facts I learnt very surprising. The most surprising fact was that although Alan Turing is probably the most famous code breaker and the name most people know, there was in fact another code beaker whose work had a big impact on the war. This was a female code breaker called Mavis Batey who deciphered a message which led to the British Navy learning that the Italian Naval Fleet – at the time German allies – knew of their location and were planning an attack. The British Navy were able to surprise the Italian Navy by attacking first which led to their surrender. Many believe that this shortened the war effort by two years and saved many lives across Europe.  Kaci Morrissey 10J

I learnt that code breakers at Bletchley Park built the world’s first computer known as the Bombe machine. This machine was designed to reveal the Enigma machine settings used by German soldiers to encode messages they wanted to send. This was important as knowing the settings would allow the code breakers at Bletchley Park to quickly decrypt messages that could be used by British Intelligence. What is also interesting is no one was allowed to know the existence of Bletchley Park and everyone who worked there had to sign the secrets act. It wasn’t until the information was no longer subject to the Official Secrets Act in the mid-1970s that some of the former employees shared their stories with their friends and families.  Mia Mason 9S


International Day of the Girl

11 Oct 2018

11th Oct 2018 – Today is the United Nations International Day of the Girl.  The Loreto College Women of the World group would like to share the following information about this …

First set up six years ago, this day aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges which girls face, while promoting girls’ empowerment and the fulfilment of their human rights.  There are 1.1 billion girls in the world, and every one of them deserves equal opportunities for a better future. They are a source of energy, power and creativity. They can drive change and help build a better future for all. Yet, many girls face disadvantage and discrimination on a daily basis.

This year, a Global Girls’ Summit was held yesterday in Brussels, the global hub for 2018’s #GirlsTakeover action. It was the second in a series of annual summits supporting girls’ leadership.  The event brought together the world’s leading minds in business, government, entrepreneurship, science, sport, arts and media to celebrate the power of girls and call for increased action to support girls’ activism and leadership.

WoW Loreto is marking the day with a presentation by the WoW Representatives to each Form to raise the profile of this day and the reasons behind it. We will also be focusing on some inspirational girls who are making a positive impact on the world.  These include …

Jade Hameister is a 16 year old student from Australia.  At age 12, Jade completed the trek to Everest Base Camp and in April 2016, she became the youngest person in history to ski to the North Pole from anywhere outside the Last Degree.  In June 2017, Jade made history again by completing the 550km traverse of the Greenland icecap unsupported and unassisted – the youngest woman ever to do so.




Lamija Gutic is 16 years old from Bosnia and Herzegovina and wants to encourage more girls to learn how to code. Gutić entered the world of coding in 2016, through IT Girls, a UN Women-supported joint UN initiative.  She says “I want every child in my country and the world to have access and equal opportunities to education.  In my country we rarely challenge stereotypes when it comes to women and computer technology.”






Amika George from the UK started #FreePeriods when she was as an 18 year old student studying for her A levels after she read an article that totally horrified her – some girls in the UK were missing school because they couldn’t afford sanitary products.  She felt so strongly about it she started up a campaign to ensure girls on free school meals are given free sanitary products.  She has recently been awarded a Global Goals Award for all her campaigning work.


National Day of Poetry

10 Oct 2018

10th Oct 2018 – We were delighted to receive a visit last week from the performance poet Ingrid Dover-Vidal, the author of “Make it Shine!”, as part of our celebration of the National Day of Poetry.  She shared some of her work with our Y7 pupils.  They really enjoyed Ingrid’s visit and we were delighted to see them participate in delivering the poetry that she taught them that day.  It was also great for them to learn her story of how her parents gave her a love for language.


Parent Support

10 Oct 2018

10th Oct 2018 – Families currently facing extra challenges should be aware of three different opportunities for families to receive support and guidance relating to various issues.

Wellbeing Village

There have been many stories in the media in recent months highlighting the importance of identifying and supporting youngsters facing mental health challenges.  A joint initiative by STAGS, St Albans Plus and DSPL7 aims to offer advice and guidance to parents whose children are affected by this.   As part of this, there will be a gathering of professionals dedicated to providing wellbeing and mental health support.  Visitors will be able to meet and talk to accredited specialists from organisations working to support young people’s mental health and wellbeing.  The time and venue for this event will be as follows:

Thursday 18th October 2018 from 2.30pm to 7pm

St Albans Girls’ School, Sandridgebury Lane, St Albans, AL3 6DB

Click here for more details: Wellbeing Village – Flyer

Protective Behaviours

Are you looking for some strategies and new ideas to help improve family life?  A series of workshops are being run in St Albans to help with all of the following:

 Build self-esteem and confidence
 Recognise Early Warning Signs
 Understand the link between Feelings, Thoughts and Behaviour
 Manage a range of feelings e.g. stress, anger, anxiety and worries and make safe choices
 Understand what may be influencing your child’s behaviour
 Improve communication with your child and others
 Improve emotional well-being
 Develop strategies for feeling safe and problem-solving skills to use in a range of situations

Tuesday evenings, 7 – 9 pm, 16th October to 11th December

Fleetville Junior School, 228 Hatfield Rd, St Albans, AL1 4LW

Click here for more details: Families Feeling Safe – Autumn 2018

Understanding Adolesence

Adolescents often feel misunderstood and frustrated, whilst parents feel that everything they ever knew about being a parent is snatched away almost overnight.  This Keystone Talk will discuss the challenges of living with young people, and introduce successful strategies for managing behaviour.

Monday 5th Nov 2018, 7.30-9.15 pm

The Maltings Theatre, St Albans

Click here for more details: Keystone Talk – Understanding Adolescence – Positive Strategies For Parents – 5th Nov 2018


Open Day Science

03 Oct 2018

3rd Oct 2018 – For those of you who couldn’t make it to the Science department during last week’s Open Evening, here are a few photos of what took place.  The Science programme of activities and displays was designed to give parents and potential students a taste of what Science is like at Loreto College. We sought to offer an insight into what it means to be a student of Science at our school, providing an opportunity to experience something of the scope and breadth of the educational experience that we provide for our young people.

Many of the experiments on display are regularly used in lessons as starting-points for investigations or for enhancement activities. From the “exploding can” and the “banging hydrogen bubble” demonstrations to the dissection and physiological explanation of a working mammalian heart, students were able to show how learning can be carried out in an engaging and enthralling manner.

At Loreto College we credit much of this years’ amazing GCSE Science achievements to the fact that we seek to allow students to experience Science through a “hands on” approach to learning.


Y8 MFL Fun Day

01 Oct 2018

1st October 2018 – Last Friday the MFL department put on its annual Fun Day for Y8 pupils.  Here Lottie (8T) and Jewel (8F) tell us more about what took place …

This was a brilliant day full of learning, culture and languages and all of us enjoyed ourselves.

At the beginning of the day we had an assembly in the studio.  To welcome us was Elsa singing ‘Let It Go’ in a variety of different languages! The main purpose of the assembly was to introduce us all to any teachers that we didn’t know. Our teachers were Mrs Fitzsimmons, Miss Boyt, Mrs Godfrey, Miss Baptisto and Mrs McLoughlin. All the groups were given a different timetable, but we all had a longer break and earlier lunch to allow us to get the best possible experience out of the day.

We had food prepared for us at break, lunch and at the end of the day. During break, we indulged in a pain au chocolat. At lunch, the canteen prepared an Italian feast with a choice of pizza of pasta plus salad and garlic bread, and then a dessert of either pancakes of apple strudel. We were also given a pretzel at the end of the day: Year 8 students were not hungry when we left school!

One of the lessons that we enjoyed was all about flags. It was full of mini games and was very educational. In this time we learnt about some countries’ flags, how to say hello in a variety of different languages, and we made a flag to represent ourselves. To conclude we had a ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ quiz on countries and their flags. It was a very informative and fun lesson, particularly as we were working in groups.

In another lesson we created two posters, one on the computers and another one by hand. On the computer, we researched one country then typed facts and phrases from that country’s language. On the handwritten poster, Year 8 came up with answers to the question ‘Why should you learn a foreign language?’  For example, it is useful when you travel because you can understand the people you meet.

We also had a Japanese lesson. During this lesson, we learnt a lot about Japanese culture, including; traditional clothing, its location, and how to count to 10 in the language – we used actions to aid our memory. This lesson was very interesting and fun!

A further session was a song lesson. During this lesson a series of songs from a variety of countries were played. We had to guess which language was being sung. This was challenging but exciting as there were familiar singers such as Shakira but there were songs from other countries such as Denmark.

Finally, there was a session with a quiz, in which we were put into groups with the people who were in our form. We were each assigned a country that we had to learn a lot of facts about within a short time period. Then, we did a quiz made up of 25 questions. At the end of the day, the winning team were rewarded in front of the year group.

At the end of the day we had an assembly to celebrate those who stood out to the teachers in terms of effort, and also to those who won the quiz. It was very tense because there was a tie-breaker question! We also filled out an evaluation form for the day.

In conclusion, all of us thoroughly enjoyed MFL Fun Day because it was entertaining and interesting: we were learning alot without it feeling like normal lessons.  It was an incredible school day with delicious food, new friends and new facts!

On behalf of Year 8, we would like to thank the MFL Department for making it such an amazing day, and especially Mrs Fitzsimons for organising it for Year 8.


OBE for Loreto Sister

28 Sep 2018

28th Sept 2018 – We are immensely proud of the fact that Sr Imelda Poole has been made a Member of the British Empire for her work to tackle modern slavery in Europe.

Sr Imelda is the President of Mary Ward Loreto (Albanian Mission Against Human Trafficking) and also President of Religious in Europe Networking Against Trafficking and Exploitation (RENATE).  She has spent nearly 10 years fighting slavery across 27 countries in Europe. Through her outstanding leadership, the organisation has made a significant difference in improving religious sisters’ support to victims of human trafficking, and strengthened the religious orders’ cooperation with law enforcement to bring perpetrators to justice. She has brought great credit to the Loreto order and to the UK as a whole, hence this recent recognition.

On learning of her award Sister Imelda Poole said “This is an honour which I accept on behalf of the female religious and co-workers who are contributing, through the mission of many international networks such as RENATE, to the combating of modern day slavery, and on behalf of the dedicated staff of Mary Ward Loreto in Albania who are passionate in this same cause. May this award expose even further the terrible crime of human trafficking which, as Pope Francis has declared, is a crime against humanity itself.”

On the announcement of the award, the British Ambassador to the Holy See, Sally Axworthy, said “I am delighted to learn that Sr. Imelda Poole has been awarded this honour by Her Majesty The Queen.  This MBE is well-deserved recognition of Sr. Imelda’s outstanding service in combating human trafficking and modern slavery.”

We hope that our students and their families will be inspired by the compassion and courage of Sr Imelda.  For more information about the work of the Mary Ward Foundation in Albania, click here.


MFL Fun Day Preview

24 Sep 2018

24th Sept 2018 – This Friday our Y8 students will be off timetable to take part in a day of MFL fun.  Last week they took part in a competition to design the posters advertising the event.  Well done to the following winners:

8F – Tara King, Laila Rivers, Lydia Swan
8J – Molly Wegenek, Emily Vellacott,
8S – Olivia Staffiero, Teia Magill, Luisa Rozek
8T – Grace F, Helana F, Caroline M
8Y – Clara Aird, Amber Ratnasekera, Ruby Sheehan

We’re now all looking forward to the day itself!


Art department: Museum Visit

24 Sep 2018

14th Sept 2018 – Taking full advantage of the opportunities presented by the opening of the new St Albans Museum, our Y10 GCSE art students recently went to look at the ‘Hand Drawn Action Packed’ exhibition.  Jennifer Johnson of 10J tells us more about it:

This exhibition featured work by a number of international artists. They all worked in different styles, some of which I never knew were considered as “drawing”, so it was very interesting to see the variety of work on offer.

The work that stood out to me the most was by a South African artist called William Kentridge, because of how he was able to capture a woman doing a seemingly everyday task but make it seem more with his seemingly random yet obviously purposeful monochrome marks over a coloured outline sketch. The little splash marks and smudges that were outside the perimeter of the image added character. Back at school, we went on to produce drawings of a skull for our ‘Inside/ Outside’ project, inspired by these artists, using coloured pencils and charcoal.


A-level French: Theatre Visit

24 Sep 2018
24th Sept 2018 – The Y12 French class and their teachers recently went to see a dramatisation of a one of their A-level texts in London.  Here Kemi, Kiara and Laura tell us about their experience …

On a busy Saturday evening we travelled into London’s Notting Hill Gate to watch a play called “l’étranger”, which translates to “the outsider”. The play took place in a small but quaint and highly decorated theatre which was deceiving from the outside: endless flights of stairs and twisting corridors lit with red lights added much to the mystery of the theatre! The set was simple yet effective. Although the play was lengthy at three hours, it was worth every second as every minute detail had clearly been refined to perfection. There were shocking moments as well as heart stopping scenes, where you really felt as though the characters really had been brought to life! All in all it was a wonderful evening and we would highly recommend the play.  We have no doubt that the novel will be equally exciting to study in the near future!


Recognition for Loreto’s community stars

17 Sep 2018

17th Sept 2018 – Once again Loreto pupils have been recognised for their charitable deeds!  This year two of our students were nominated for the Herts Advertise Community Awards.

Karis Rable was one of the four finalists for the Role Model of the Year award.  Earlier this year Karis stunned everyone with how much money she raised during Lent.  More details of her amazing achievement can be read here.  As you will see, she certainly deserved her nomination for this award.

Lucy Green was up for the Community Hero award.  Last Christmas Lucy decided to try to bring a little more cheer into the lives of those in hospital during the festive period.  You can read more about this here.  It is easy to see why she impressed the judges.

Both Lucy and Karis have described the whole award ceremony as a fantastic experience.  Neither of them set out to help others in the expectation that they would receive special recognition for what they were doing, but it is great to know that big-hearted acts like theirs do not go unnoticed!

The Herts Advertiser describes the event on pages 20-21 of last Thursday’s edition.  If you have signed up for the digital version of the newspaper, you can see the relevant edition here.  A full list of the finalists and winners can be seen here.  Pictures from the event can be seen here.


Year 7 Mob Race

14 Sep 2018

14th Sept 2018 – This Tuesday saw the first district athletics event of the 2018-2019 year – The Year 7 Mob Race!

22 of our Year 7 students took part in the cross country event which involved having to navigate themselves through a course full of hills, different terrains and lots of other students from the schools across the district.

The girls did exceptionally well, and Loreto finishing 3rd overall!!!  Our top runner, coming in with a 4th place finish was Saoirse T-Hicks, but this is very much a team event so congratulations and merits also go to the following Year 7 pupils: Giuseppina Carnevale, Gabriela G-Pavon, Katie Ennion, Eva Glynn, Mackenzie Holt, Rosalina Argenio, Cristina Afonso, Elena Caamano, Seven C-Matthews, Ruby Raine, Caitlin Adair, Kate Kyle, Isobel Ball, Jasmine Hough, Lilia Ventrice, Matilda Cremins, Grace Loftus, Serena Oduka, Ava Marlow, Roberta Adewunmi, Tallulah O’Brien.

Don’t forget cross country training is on Tuesday lunchtimes, and the cross country league is Thursdays after school!


Meet the Loreto Scarecrow …

10 Sep 2018

10th Sept 2018 – This year Miss Aherne’s Craft Club decided to create a Loreto College entry for a local scarecrow competition.  The competition forms part of the Autumn Dahlias Festival at Aylett Nurseries in St. Albans, and the students worked hard to produce what they hope will be the winning entry.  The competition is open from the 8th-16th September, so if you’re in the area please consider popping down to vote for them!

Well done to all of the students who have contributed to this – and good luck!

Clara 8Y

Jessica 8Y

Kimberley 8Y

Emily 8Y

Ella 8J

Keira 10F

Olivia 10S



Geneva Trip

18 Jul 2018

18th July 2018 – Recently twenty pupils from Years 9 & 10 were lucky enough to go on a trip to Geneva and to visit CERN.  Here Rose Dolan of 10S tells us all about the experience …

Geneva is a beautiful, clean city which was very easy to get around due to its free transport service. The Jet D’eau fountain was extremely impressive and I would highly recommend Geneva for a mountainous city break.

Located an easy tram journey away from Geneva is CERN, the home of The Large Hadron Collider and an international hub of scientific research, with 16,000 scientists visiting each year from all over the world.

We began our visit by attending a newly-refurbished exhibition called ‘Microcosm’. This exhibition was very comprehensive, and set a strong foundation for the further ideas we would later talk about. One of the most impressive parts of ‘Microcosm’ was a section where alpha particles and electrons were being passed through a liquid and leaving tracks in the form of bubbles; buttons could also be pressed so that only certain parts the particle’s traces were displayed.

After this, we received a talk from an Italian scientist who showed us a video and asked for our feedback on it as we were one of the first groups to see it. Once the video had finished we had about 45 minutes to ask as many questions as we wanted to and so simultaneously obey one of CERN’s two key rules, ‘ask as many questions as you like’ – the other being ‘take as many photos as you can’. The scientist had the interesting job of bridging CERN’s work and the medical field. He also informed us that he knew nothing about particle physics before joining CERN and that most of CERN’s workers are engineers, not physicists (they mostly visit from around the world). This talk was an inspiration to most of us.

We then arrived at the control room where we could see an experiment that was being conducted aboard The International Space Station! The live stream from The Space Station, the window that turned into a TV and the huge screen above a group of workers showing complex graphs, proved for no less than a futuristic, sci-fi like experience. The experiment being conducted was an investigation into cosmic rays (the rays that heat our atmosphere), as currently little is known about their origin and composition. We learnt that this experiment involves scientists from five continents, once again reflecting CERN’s international importance.

Finally, we were guided through a private exhibition. Here, we could see models of what was 100m beneath us, the Large Hadron Collider and viewed models of its sections. We learnt that the collider begins by stripping Hydrogen atoms off their electrons and since the final object was positively charged they could be moved by being pushed by a positive charge and pulled by a negative charge. Electromagnets then keep the proton beams on track. To create maximum performance and allow superconductivity within the electromagnets, liquid helium is used, keeping the collider at a cool 1.9 Kelvin (-271.250C). We were also taught that at each access point on the 25km loop, the right and left tube switched their proton beams where billions of particles form a cloud but only about 20 collide each time. The rest are analysed by sensitive detectors in the hope of finding a new particle.
CERN’s aim is to recreate the conditions trillionths of seconds after The Big Bang to give rise to further discoveries. Although they have not yet done this, their discoveries of particle W and Z and of The Higgs Boson, often referred to as ‘The God Particle’ (both Nobel Prize winning) show great promise for the future and fulfilment of their slogan, ‘accelerating science’.


Drama Festival

17 Jul 2018

17th July 2018 – The standard of the performance in this year’s Drama Festival was exceptionally high and every tutor group in KS3 created highly imaginative and gripping pieces.  We were delighted to have Mrs Tinsley, a previous Head of English at Loreto, acting as adjudicator and offering her feedback on each group’s performance.  The theme for each year group, and the eventual winners were as follows:

Year 7 – Shakespeare

7F  – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Year 8 – Gothic

8J (The Picture of Dorian Gray)

8Y (Grimms’ Tales Cinderella)

Year 9 –Mystery

9J (Roadkill)

As well as the photos of the performances which appear within this article, you will also find photos of every single tutor group at the end.  Click on any of these to enlarge them and/or view a slideshow.

In the Year 7 performances we were transported from magical forests in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, to the exciting party at Lord Capulet’s house in Romeo and Juliet, to the desolate heath where the witches lurked in Macbeth and to Olivia’s court in Twelfth Night. 7F produced a particularly witty and highly engaging rendition of the dispute between Titania and Oberon from A Midsummer Night’s Dream and were highly commended by Mrs Tinsley for their interpretation.

In the Year 8 performances we were horrified by the eerie ghostliness of Jeanette Humphrey in The Woman in Black; disturbed by the strangeness of The Picture of Dorian Gray; left chilled by the horrors of Grimms’ Tales Cinderella, unsettled by the heinous acts of Charlotte Says and haunted by the ominous threat in Coraline. 8J and 8Y both produced terrifyingly gothic performances that sent a shiver down the spine of every audience member.

In the Year 9 performances we were intrigued by the mystery in Rule of Three, left in shock by the menacing twist at the end of Façade; dismayed by the grisly murders in Roadkill; threatened by the sinister presence of the anonymous killer in A Killer Night, and anxious to see the criminal brought to justice at the end of Broken Home. 9J produced a thrilling and gripping performance of Roadkill that saw twists and turns in the plot from the start. The group was highly commended for its originality and the convincing characters which were developed.

Overall, it was a highly successful day that saw the girls showcasing their incredible talents. The directors; scriptwriters and lighting-music coordinators all worked tirelessly behind the scenes and should be praised for their efforts and input too. A special thank you to Mrs Winchester who masterminded the whole event, and to Mrs Bamford for the wonderful photography, filming, provision of costumes and the support with the technical aspects of the production too.


Sports Day Results

16 Jul 2018

16th July 2018 – We were so impressed by how well our students did during Sports Day earlier.  They all got stuck into their events despite the heat, and there were some excellent performances.  All of the winners were announced back at school this afternoon, and were awarded certificates recognising their achievements.  The overall results appear below, along with some photos from the day.  Click on any image to enlarge it and/or view a slideshow.


1st – Truth – 641 points

2nd – Joy – 620 points

3rd – Justice – 608 points

4th – Freedom – 575 points

5th – Sincerity – 522 points

Year 7

1st – Justice – 164 points

1st – Truth – 164 points

3rd – Joy – 142 points

4th – Sincerity – 116 points

5th – Freedom – 100 points

Year 8

1st – Joy – 170 points

2nd – Freedom – 140 points

3rd – Truth – 138 points

4th – Sincerity – 123 points

5th – Justice – 122 points

Year 9

1st – Freedom – 191 points

2nd – Joy – 169 points

3rd – Truth – 160 points

4th – Justice- 140 points

4th – Truth – 140 points

Year 10

1st – Truth – 189 points

2nd – Justice – 182 points

3rd – Sincerity – 143 points

4th – Freedom – 134 points

5th – Joy – 129 points


Technology Showcase

27 Jun 2018

27th June 2018 – Here is a sample of the Technology work on display during yesterday’s Summer Showcase.

Click on any image to enlarge it and/or view a slideshow:


Art Showcase

27 Jun 2018

27th June 2018 – Here is a sample of the super artwork which was on display yesterday as part of our Summer Showcase.  The work here was produced by pupils in every year group at the school, but mainly GCSE & A-level.  Click on any photo to enlarge it and/or view a slideshow.


Carnegie Award

21 Jun 2018

21st June 2018 – Earlier this week, 16 students from Y8 took part in the 2018 ‘Carnegie Challenge’. This requires them to read six of the short-listed books and write reviews on them, which are then posted on the Carnegie Website.  They also attend a weekly reading group in the library, during which they exchange and discuss the books with the other ‘Carnegie Girls.’  This requires a big commitment on the part of the students, so as a reward  pupils from Loreto, Beaumont and St Albans Girls School gathered in the STAGS library to watch the award ceremony and enjoy a beautiful lunch, kindly provided by our hosts.

The girls enjoyed playing a board game, creatively crafted by the Beaumont librarian, and then we all watched the winner being announced.  This was Geraldine McCaughrean, who won with her book ‘ Where the World ends’.  A lively discussion followed the announcement, as some children thought other books should have won!

This was a very successful day, and Loreto would like to thank STAGS for welcoming us so warmly to their school.  A huge thank you to all our girls too who read many books and wrote some very good reviews!  We would also like to thank our librarian Mrs Parkin for inspiring the girls to take part in this event.  It was wonderful to see how the Carnegie Challenge takes girls to books they would not normally choose to read, and gives them a wider experience of reading for pleasure.

Well done to all the following pupils for taking part:

Jessica Buzzle

Francesca Duke-Giles

Isabella Byrne

Milly Hayes

Philippa Green

Kerry Mawn

Lucy Duggleby

Jada Obano

Leila Nyamande

Rebecca Wise

Katherine Woods

Terri-Jo Ssebaggala

Nneka Hammond

Mia Mason

Phoebe Hammond

Isabel Spitzer


Design Prize

15 Jun 2018

15th June 2018 – Some of our Year 9 Design and Technology students have just taken part in a competition to design a new luxury kitchen cabinet or gadget for the kitchen company ‘Poggenpohl’.  Competing against pupils from other local schools, Eve Keane in 9Y impressed the judges with her creative idea and gained 2nd place!  Her prize was a lovely trophy (which you can see in the display cabinet near the main office) and £50 of high street vouchers.  Madeleine Manning also gained a runner up place for the originality of her idea.  Congratulations to both of them, and well done to all the students who took part!  Thank you to Mrs Bailey for all the support she gave them in entering this competition.


A meeting with the mayor

08 Jun 2018

8th June 2018 – Congratulations to Karis in Year 9.  She was invited to the official opening of the new museum in St Albans today as a result of her amazing fundraising efforts during Lent.  You can read more about her achievements here.  Karis met the mayor of St Albans and was privileged to be one of the first people to look round the new museum – a well-deserved reward for her all her excellent work!


St Albans Museum Visit

08 Jun 2018

8th June 2018 – Yesterday a group of Y9 students were privileged to attend a preview of the newly refurbished St Albans Museum and Gallery.  Here they tell us about their experience …

This building is on the original site of the Town Hall and was established just before World War One began. We were given a tour of both the art galleries and the court room.

To begin with, we were given the chance to explore Susie MacMurray’s ‘Masquerade’ exhibition. This portrayed the oppression of women in royalty throughout history. It focused on soft exteriors and hard or sharp interiors to represent the harsh reality of women in high Georgian society. One of our particular favourites was a wall display featuring over 700 hand sewn velvet objects impaled with barbed wire. This theme of red velvet and barbed wire reoccurred throughout the exhibit.

Towards the end of the tour, we were let loose in the refurbished Court Room. Underneath the court room was a staircase leading down to the prison cells below the building. Some of us had a mock ‘court hearing’, and later on Ms Robinson was convicted for theft of the Crown Jewels. Everyone had a good time, with many of us having the opportunity to be the judge or the defendant. Naturally Mr Downes was also found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.

All of us enjoyed the trip and learned a lot about the history of the area and the people who lived there. We would definitely recommend a visit to this museum for an interesting and informative experience.


Processions – UK Women in the 21st century

21 May 2018

21st May 2018 – In 1918, the Representation of the People Act gave the British women the right to vote and stand for public office for the first time.   On Sunday 10th June, women and girls from across the UK will come together to create a huge, participatory artwork to celebrate one hundred years of votes for women.

One hundred women artists are being commissioned to work with communities across the UK to create 100 centenary banners. Wearing either, green, white or violet, the colours of the suffragette movement, the PROCESSIONS will appear as a flowing river of colour through the city streets.

‘Processions’ has been conceived by Artichoke – a leading arts charity that works with artists to invade public spaces and put on extraordinary and memorable events.  There’s still time to to sign up to become part of this exciting event!  If you are interested, you can learn more about it here:


Good luck Year 11!

11 May 2018

11th May 2018 – Today marks the end of formal lessons for our Y11 students, as they will begin their GCSE exams on Monday.  In recognition of this, and in celebration of the last five years, the students all took part in a Mass in the Chapel then gathered in the Studio for slideshows and prize-giving.  It was wonderful to see them enjoying memories of their time together and congratulating one another on their achievements.

We wish them every success in the weeks ahead!

Click on any image to enlarge it and/or view a slideshow:



Lenten Fundraising Star

10 May 2018

9th May 2018 – This year’s Lenten fundraising was a huge success!  Loreto families have raised so much money that we are still counting it, but it is already clear that the final total will be in the region of £14,000,  which is simply stunning!

We are really impressed by the massive effort so many of our students made to help raise funds for this year’s causes, but outstripping everyone else by far was Karis in 9S.  She personally managed to raise just under £2,500, which is absolutely phenomenal!  Karis has a track record for raising huge amounts of money, but even she has never come close to raising this much in the past.  When asked what inspired her, Karis said that she was particularly moved to help this year’s Y9 charity – Together For Short Lives – which offers support to children suffering from serious illness.   She hopes to help put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces.

Karis put on bake sales, ran a Fun Day in a nursery, sold some of her possessions at a Car Boot Sale, organised a collection at Sacred Heart in Bushey, and looked after dogs for people.  All of the ideas were her own, and she did most of the hard work too, but she is keen to thank everyone who generously supported her.  She felt particularly pleased with how well the Nursery Fun Day went, because she could see how much the children were enjoying it.

With this kind of success under her belt, it’s possible that one day Karis will one day pursue a career in fund-raising, but for now she will just be delighted if her success inspires others to try and emulate her achievements.

What an absolute star!

For more information about this year’s chosen charities, please click here.


Water Challenge 2018

08 May 2018

8th May 2018 – Earlier this year, the Water Challenge Team asked everyone to complete a survey regarding their water use.  They are now making the same request again, to see how a fresh set of results compare to the last ones.  They would be very grateful if you would take a couple of minutes to do this.  It will help them a lot with the writing of the Project’s final report.

Please click here to complete the survey.


Sustainable St Albans Week

03 May 2018

3rd May 2018 – Last week was Sustainable St Albans Week.  At Loreto the students have been exploring various issues to do with sustainability and are trying to get the message across that we can act locally to help the global environment.

The school has been looking at the issue of plastic pollution. The students conducted a survey to see how much plastic they throw away and shocked by the results, have all pledged to try to reduce their plastic waste. Two of our sixth form students, Sophie and Anna, were so passionate about the issue that they have helped to design a reuseable water bottle which is on sale in our school shop. They hope to phase out single use bottles at school by the next academic year!

Some of our Y7 girls are promoting the environmental issue of water scarcity this week and are running activities at lunchtime to inform other students of how to save water.

Y9 pupils have been studying the globalisation of fashion in their geography lessons and have been looking at how to buy clothes from more ethical sources.  The fast fashion industry is a massive polluter and uses a huge amount of electricity and water. Buying clothes from more ethical fashion companies such as “People Tree” and the H&M conscious range, is a simple way for a consumer to be more sustainable.

To find out more about SuStainable St Albans Week, click here:


Moving Y9 poem

26 Apr 2018

26th April 2018 – One of our Y9 pupils recently showed with her English teacher a poem she had written to read at her uncle’s funeral. We were so impressed with it, we asked if we could share it and she was happy for us to do so. So, here is Euphoric Soul by Marilyn in 9J …

Do not shed for me those tears which cause you pain.
My spirit is not present in the pouring rain.
My spirit is in the wind that forever blows.
My body may not be here but my soul never goes.

Remember all those years and all the times we had fun.
Cherish all of my laughter for it will always belong in the sun.
Smile with me but do not try to weep.
You know that my happiness will never be asleep.

Do not stand here with a heavy heart.
I have been here with you from the very start.
My spirit is still dancing with you every single day.
And I am still there with you every step of the way.

I know that you wanted me to stay for another day.
But there is one last message that I need to say.
Do not search for me on the heavy ground.
I am omnipresent but I would not be found.
God has sent me to heaven in the sky.
So I am there with all the other birds that fly.
I am there whilst they’re singing their song.
I still continue to watch you, as time moves along.
I have an amazing view. I can see you all the way from here.
So please do not cry for me for I will always be near.
I am the shooting star, gliding to the moon.
Don’t cry for me. We will all be together soon.


Y7 TV role

25 Apr 2018

25th April 2018 – Last week Emily from 7J was in a London TV studio filming the second part of a National Geographic series on international cultures.  Each filming session lasts anywhere from half an hour to two hours, with Emily talking to camera in front of a green screen.  Her role in the programme is to play the part of “Emilia” as she discusses Italian culture.  The programme aims to provide children with as an introduction to the country.

Emily had to audition for the role and was chosen because of her ability to put on an excellent Italian accent.  She says it was a great help to her that her parents are both from Sardinia and she therefore visits the island every summer.  “The script is really interesting”, she said, “and I’ve learned even more about Italian culture myself”.  She really enjoys her role and is looking forward to filming the rest of the series.



Quiz Night

23 Apr 2018

23rd April 2018 – Unfortunately the Parents’ Association has to postpone the Quiz Night planned for this Friday.  They have asked the bursar to refund all payments received, and hope to reschedule as soon as possible.  In the meantime, they has asked us to thank everyone for their support.


Critical Thinking Course

20 Apr 2018

20th April 2018 – Parents may be interested in a forthcoming workshop to help them understand why the ability to think critically is so important for young people in our world of ‘soundbites’, ‘fake news’, ‘alt facts’, ‘post-truth’ and ‘fact checking’. Peter Worley – author, educator and CEO of the Philosophy Foundation UK – will provide parents with a few basic principles and practical strategies that they can use to help encourage critical thinking in their children.  For more details about this workshop, including the date, venue and cost, click here: Critical Thinking – Keystone


Community Hero Award

09 Apr 2018

9th April 2018 – Congratulations to Lucy in 9S, who has recently been awarded the Maltings St Albans Community Hero Award.  Before Christmas, with the help of her classmates Neeva, Molly, Chiara and Karis she raised money to buy presents for children who would be spending Christmas in hospital.  This award recognises her initiative and generosity of spirit – and also comes with a £100 thank you from the local community!

To learn more, you can read our original description of her fundraising here, and the Herts Advertiser’s recent account of the Award here.


Mayor’s Pride Award

30 Mar 2018

30th March 2018 – Huge congratulations to Sharone in Y12.  Earlier this year she was nominated as a Young Person of Distinction for the St Albans Mayor’s Pride Awards.  This award provides an opportunity to commend an exceptional child or young person for their talent, positivity, energy or strength of character.  As part of the Loreto College Sixth Form Enrichment Programme, Sharone has been volunteering at the Armoral Hill’s club for the elderly, setting out tables and chairs and making tea for members, and it was the club which made this nomination.

At last week’s awards ceremony Sharone was delighted to be announced as this year’s winner! 

In her acceptance speech, Sharone said “Volunteering is really important.  It’s great to be recognised for this.  Thank you.”



Y9 German play

19 Mar 2018

19th March 2018 – Last week our Year 9 German pupils had the opportunity to watch a play performed entirely in German.  Here, two of them tell us more about this, one in English, and one in German …

 Emma Miles 9J

I found this year’s German play both very interesting and very entertaining and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was surprised at how much German I managed to understand, and because I understood the majority, I was able to follow what was happening. I felt that the actors made the play very relatable to our age group, and therefore we were able to enjoy it even more, especially as some of our class were invited up on to the stage to take part in the action. I also think that it was good that we had a copy of some of the scenes before we watched the play so that we had a rough idea of what it was going to be about and what to expect. Finally, I found that watching the German play has meant that I have learnt lots of new vocabulary that I can now use in my work in class.

Lilly McKenzie 9T

Ich fand das Theaterstück „Hausarrest“ sehr lustig und unterhaltsam. Mir hat es sehr gut gefallen, weil die Darsteller Szenarien benutzt haben, die wir verstehen konnten. Ich glaube, dass die Darsteller manchmal sehr schnell gesprochen haben, aber im Großen und Ganzen hat mir das Theaterstück sehr gut gefallen.

Here are some photos of the play.  Click on any image to enlarge it and/or view a slide show:


Y10 Macbeth Performance

14 Mar 2018

14th March 2018 – Year 10 students were treated to a Workshop and a performance of Macbeth yesterday courtesy of the Young Shakespeare Company.  Here are some of their reviews …

Ella Gazzi, Lydia Hai, and Charlotte Opoku-Gyamfi

The play started with Macbeth and Banquo meeting the three witches who told Macbeth that he would become the Thane of Cawdor and then king, and told Banquo that his descendants will be the heirs to the throne. Then Macbeth found out that he had become the Thane of Cawdor and wrote a letter to tell Lady Macbeth the witches’ prophecies. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are then reunited and they come up with a plan to kill King Duncan. A party is then held at Macbeth’s house and that evening Macbeth kills the king. Lady Macbeth leaves the daggers in the hands of the two guards outside of the king’s chamber, making it look like they killed him. Macduff then goes to wake up Duncan but finds him dead. Macbeth kills the two guards to try and show his loyalty. Donalbain and Malcom are suspicious and separate, with Donalbain going to Ireland and Malcom going to England. Macbeth becomes king and later sends murderers to kill Banquo and his son, however the son escapes. At another party, Banquo comes back to Macbeth. Macbeth also orders for Macduff’s wife and child to be killed. After hearing the news of his wife and son’s death, Macduff kills Macbeth. Lady Macbeth also dies.

We understood the language more easily as it was acted out well, but we still struggled to understand it all. It was also a bit confusing sometimes when one actor had many roles and switched between them.  The interactive session at the start gave us an overview of the characters and the story and also engaged us. It was interesting to learn about some of the character’s motivations before the play actually started.
The actors also gave us tips to help learn quotes, which was very helpful!

Katie Keary and Brogan Cummins

This Macbeth production was a touching tale of a mythical Scotland where we saw Macbeth put to the test. The acting was sensational, especially from the dark and macabre Lady Macbeth, as she swayed the opinions of the warrior, Macbeth, who was at first innocent but finished as a murderer, taking not only his King’s life but also his friends. She did this through an amazing technique of emotional blackmail, which I thought was divine.

As there were only five actors and actresses, this meant that they had to take part in multiple roles. We thought this added character and diversity to the play, which showed the actors’ and actresses’ talents through their abilities to embody themselves in many characters and still look professional. The use of props really pulled the audience in and helped us to understand the dark, effective manner of the play and the barbaric mythology of ancient Scotland. We thought that the costumes were designed perfectly to fit the roles and personalities. The choice of music really mesmerized the audience as we felt drawn in and it had us watching in awe, wondering what was going to happen next. The choice to use historical Scottish tunes also gave a sinister vibe to the play because ancient nursery rhymes had been put into a deathly context.

The company gave a workshop before the play had started, which really attracted the audience so that an emotional connection was built. It meant we got to understand the Shakespearian language better and to really feel what the actors and actresses were saying. The stage fighting section of the workshop really expressed the physical and mental emotions the characters were feeling in those stages of the play. They were so exasperated, they declared it through the form of violent fighting. This really did help us to understand the play because owe learn well through physical actions.

From this experience, we have learnt the different techniques of persuasion, the one really appealed to us from the workshop was emotional blackmail, as we really reflected on this.  The play was enticing and consuming.

Allegra Verdigi and Jenny Wilson

This performance was very creative and enjoyable to watch. The five actors used the whole performing area really well. They spoke very clearly and with enough volume, although some of the language in the play was hard to understand. To help us out, they also used some modern language to enable us to understand the plot better. The actors kept a serious manner and stayed in their character’s shoes for the whole play. As each of the actors played multiply character throughout the play it shows how quickly they could change character in a matter of minute, which must be difficult to achieve well but they did this very successfully. The costumes they used were very realistic and close to the time period that Macbeth is set in. Although they had a limited amount of props, they were used appropriately in scenes. They didn’t have any scenery but because of their costumes, props and their acting, we could easily visualise the setting of each scene.


Aiofe D’Arcy and Layla Newman

We particularly enjoyed the Macbeth Workshop that took place for the first half an hour.  This is because it enabled us to have a deeper understanding of the play and learn something about the characters beforehand.  We found the workshop to be very entertaining and educational.  Our favourite part of the workshop was when two of the actors played the clap game, during the scene of Lady Macbeth convincing her husband to kill the king. It was amusing to see how different situations can be interpreted.  Furthermore, it was interesting to see and learn how actors fight on stage, without anybody being hurt.

The play, although hard to understand, was quite enjoyable due to the professional acting that was demonstrated. Since there were only five actors, there were multiple role swaps, which became confusing at times, but the actors were very convincing, and switched quickly, making the play run smoothly. In addition to this, the costumes helped distinguish the characters from each other, and the fact that the actors encouraged a few members of the audience to participate helped to maintain our interest.  Also, the use of music and singing helped to create the appropriate atmosphere and maintain the interest of the audience.  However, to improve the performance the actors could aim to make the production more modern, to allow us to understand the plot of the play.

Sophie Stockwell & Sophia Kress

The actors playing the characters in Macbeth were very skilled and they played multiple roles with quick costume changes. Their costumes were  simple but effective as they clearly represented the characters they were playing. They didn’t use loads of props but their experience and skill was enough to help us as the audience to be able to follow the play. At the beginning of the session the actors gave a half an hour workshop explaining acting techniques and how they choose what to do during their rehearsals. This was enjoyed by many as we got involved and humour was added making it more engaging and fun. However, we would have liked this bit of the session to have been longer. From this experience, we now have a rough but fairly clear understanding of the play, and has probably helped those taking GCSE drama due to the half an hour workshop, also, the tips for learning quotations were very helpful, as we will have a lot to learn for next year’s exams. It also helped us to understand their interpretations of the character motives, and has built our confidence overall.

Lara Morrison & Scarlett Brown

We really enjoyed the performance of Macbeth. It was very engaging and entertaining to watch and participate in. The performance began with a short workshop on the way the actors decided to portray the play and how they included the fight scenes through stage fighting. It was very believable. They then moved on to a clapping exercise which involved different tactics of persuasion and how they could be portrayed to the audience. This aided us in understanding each of the characters and how they interacted with each other.

The play was very traditional and was set in the same time period, although the language was still kept similar, it was adapted to make it easier for our age group to understand. They adapted the play so that each actor could play multiple characters and this was conveyed through the costume that was worn. They showed the Scottish setting through the use of folk songs to enhance our experience.

The experience was very educational due to the question and answer at the end when the actors gave us a few tips and tricks on how to learn lines from Macbeth and apply this to exams and GCSE. This was helpful and we will definitely take this forward for the future.

To improve they could possibly include the witches more as they are a key part of the play and have fairly long scenes such as the cauldron scene which they did not include. The audience also found these characters very comical to watch and this helped to convey the story of Macbeth. Overall this was still a very good performance and we hope to see another performance from the Young Shakespeare Company soon.



Women of the World Schools’ Day

12 Mar 2018

12th March 2018 – Press for Progress was the campaign theme for an inspiring day of talks, discussion and activities all focused around exploring what it means to be a young woman in society today.  Along with pupils from other schools across London and the Southeast, Loreto WoW representatives from Years 7, 8, 9 and 12 attended this event at the Southbank Centre as part of International Women’s Day (IWD).

The morning began with a warm up dance routine lead by ‘Myself UK Dance’.  This was followed by an introduction from Jude Kelly, Artistic Director at the Southbank. In referencing key movements for change this year such as the #MeToo and Time’s Up campaigns, her clear message was that anyone with a strong sense of justice can make a difference; we can all stand up, speak out and press for progress to gain equality.

The Fawcett Society ran a workshop about how the Suffragists and Suffragettes brought about significant change in helping women successfully lobby to get the right to vote.  The girls were asked to consider what still needed to change to bring about equality.


Later the girls helped to create a song containing empowering lyrics with ‘Girls Rock London’.  This was followed by an inspirational talk to end the day by Sadiq Kahn, Mayor of London.  He echoed the main message of the day that every one of us can be a ‘Changemaker’, and he said he was very proud of the #BehindEveryGreatCity gender equality campaign that he launched earlier this year.

We were very proud of the way our WoW representatives conducted themselves – they were an outstanding group.

Ms Daniells Conroy and Ms McLauchlan

essay writing help


Careers Week Review

12 Mar 2018

12th March 2018 – We were delighted to receive several guests at Loreto last week in support of National Careers Week.  The students participated in a variety of careers-related activities during assemblies and form time.

Sixth Form students heard from Louise Marron and Sam Stanbridge from AECOM who talked about their roles as engineers and about the challenges and opportunities they have encountered in their careers as female engineers.

Year 10 and 11 pupils heard from Kim Everitt who is a member of the Women’s Engineering Society.  She talked about the different ways in which students might start preparing for a career in automotive engineering.

Year 9 pupils were fortunate enough to hear from Dr Kristen Coppin who is an astrophysicist at the University of Hertfordshire.  She inspired students to explore careers in which they can learn about space technology.  She also talked about her own career path and the challenges she has faced along the way.

Sixth Form students attended the Apprenticeship Show at the University of Hertfordshire, where they learnt about the many apprenticeship opportunities on offer in the local area.

Year 7 pupils did a lovely activity with the Sixth Form Prefects and discussed their career aspirations. We were impressed by the many and varied ideas which Year 7 have about what they wish to do in the future!


Our Lenten Charities

09 Mar 2018

9th March 2018 – Last year Loreto families and friends raised over £10,000 for worthy causes during Lent!  We very much hope to match that this year in support of the following charities.

Year 7

Every Year we ask the Loreto sisters to name a charity they would like our Year 7 students to raise money for, and this year they nominated Loreto Rumbek, a Primary and Secondary School in South Sudan which educates girls from 5 to 20 years old.  All our Y7 pupils have been encouraged to take part in the sponsored Loreto Mile Run/Walk to help provide much needed resources and equipment for the school, and hopefully to help more girls to attend school.  Pupils are sponsored for every mile they walk or run during lunch time.  They are also holding a sleepover, during which they will clock up a few more miles!  Loreto families and friends can help by taking their daughter’s sponsorship form to work and family events and signing up as many sponsors as possible.  Pupils can collect in sponsorship money right up to the Easter break.

Years 8 & 9

Year 8 students have chosen to raised money for Cancer Research UK.  This was a popular choice because many of them generally considered it to be a very worthy cause.  Some have also had personal experience of the effects of cancer, and now want to do what they can to help others in a similar situation.  One of our Year 9 students has directly benefited from the support of a charity called Together for Short Lives.  After hearing of their work, the rest of the year group chose to raise money for this cause.

Some of the events these students will be undertaking:

  • Sponsored readathon
  • Lip-sync battle
  • Smarties tube challenge
  • Sale of friendship bands
  • Splat the Teacher
  • Teachers recreate movie scenes
  • Games lunch
  • Talent show
  • Sponsored swim
  • Sponsored run
  • Beauty Salon

Friends and family can support these activities by supervising in some cases, and by helping to sign up sponsors for some of the activities.

Years 10 & 11

Year 10 students have chosen to raise money for the Bradley Lowery foundation, and Year 11 students are supporting the NSPCC.  As well as raising money through their own individual efforts, they will also be running these activities:

  • Student photo shop
  • Easter Hamper raffle
  • Tombola
  • Guessing sweets in a jar



9F Lenten Fundraising

09 Mar 2018

9th March 2018 – Every year during Lent, our students give even more thought than normal to those in need, and they work hard to raise money for various charities.  Today, all of the students have donated £2 each to CAFOD and the Catholic Children’s Society, and in return they have been given a day off from wearing their school uniform.

There are all sorts of other fund-raising activities taking place.  Here, Hayley and Michaela from 9F explain how much the students in their form are doing to help raise money for Together for Short Lives, the chosen charity for Year 9 …

We are now over half way through the Lenten period and have made a good start with 9F’s fundraising projects. 9F will be hosting a ‘ Mini Olympics’ next week. This will involve a group of students competing against a selection of teachers in a series of sporting events including obstacle courses and basketball hoop shooting. It will cost 50p to enter and £1 to watch, with light refreshments available.

9F will also be putting on a ‘Talent Show’. There has been a lot of interest in this particular project from Year 7 students, and auditions will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday next week in the Mary Ward Studio. Those who are successful in the audition will go forward to perform to an audience in two weeks time, and we hope to have a variety of theatrical talents on display! It will cost £1 to buy a ticket for the show, and due to the limited seating space we urge girls to buy them as soon as they can! A representative from 9F will visit forms during various registrations next week to sell tickets. We are excited to announce that we have Mrs Brown from the Music department and Mr Fuller from the English department as our judges!

Although these are large group projects, we think it’s important that we also fund-raise on a smaller scale as individuals within the form. In progress at the moment there are sponsored swims, sponsored runs, sponsored reads, loose change collections and also cake selling at our local parishes.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting 9F in our current Lenten fundraising!  


International Women’s Day

05 Mar 2018

5th March 2018 – International Women’s Day takes place every year on March 8th to celebrate and commemorate the countless achievements of women around the world.

The original aim of International Women’s Day was to achieve gender equality for women, which has yet to be realised. According to a 2017 report by the World Economic Forum, it could still take another 100 years before the global equality gap between men and women disappears entirely.

Although we know that gender equality won’t happen overnight, the good news is that across the world women are making positive gains day by day. Over the past twelve months a very strong and growing global movement of advocacy, activism and support has gained momentum.

We are marking International Women’s Day as part of Careers’ Week to inspire our students to think about a wide range of career choices by focusing on women who have chosen careers that were once considered the preserve of men. Our WoW Reps have put up inspirational posters around the school and they will be delivering assemblies to every year group this week. In addition, the WoW Reps are attending the Southbank’s WoW Schools’ day on International Women’s Day, joining other students from London and the South East for a day of activities around the theme of ‘How to Change the World’.


Y12 Life Saving Course

05 Mar 2018

5th March 2018 – We all know that some knowledge of first aid can be useful.  Last week students in one of our Y12 Biology classes took this a stage further, by learning how to save someone’s life: they were taught how to carry out CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).  Maria Hunt (12Y) tells us more …

We were taught by our fellow students, Katarina Lundrigan and Laura English. They passed on to us some vital life-saving skills that would be very beneficial if an emergency situation arose. As a result of Katarina’s police cadet training, she was able to teach us the “DRSABC” method:

D – Danger Ensure that the area is safe before beginning to help the person.
R – Response Is the person alert? Can they respond to voice or pain?
S – Shout for help Make others aware of the situation and get assistance.
A – Airways Is the person’s airway obstructed?
B – Breathing Is the person breathing?
C – Circulation Begin giving compressions and breaths if the person is not breathing.

We practised most of the above methods on each other and all of the methods on dummies that had been donated to school. We were able to carry out the crucial step ‘C’ on the dummies as we could give breaths to and carry out compressions on them. We were taught how to give compressions effectively and that different age groups (i.e. adults and children) need different styles of compression as they would need different amounts of pressure. We are extremely thankful for the skills Katarina and Laura have passed on to us, and believe that these are skills everyone should learn. This lesson has made us much more confident in dealing with an emergency situation and has enabled us to potentially save a life in the future.


Super Y7 History Work

02 Mar 2018

2nd March 2018 – Mrs White was so impressed with the work produced by some of her 7J History pupils during the half term break that she thought it would be nice to share some examples.  The pupils had been looking at medieval perceptions of Heaven and Hell, and were asked to produce their own versions of these.  Here are the some examples of the excellent range of interpretations they produced …


Parent Support

26 Feb 2018

26th February 2018 – Sometimes parents and carers can find themselves feeling overwhelmed by their responsibilities.  The Families Feeling Safe programme offers mums, dads and carers ideas and strategies to help their family and children to:

• Build confidence and self-esteem;
• Manage stress, anger, anxiety and worries;
• Deal with peer pressure and bullying;
• Cope with change and transitions;
• Know how and who to talk with to get help;
• Stay feeling in control and make safe choices;
• Improve communication;
• Know ways to keep themselves feeling safe.

These issues are covered in sessions which take place on Tuesday evenings from 7.00pm—9.00pm, running from 24th April to 26th June 2018.  For more details, click here: Families Feeling Safe


Impressive Sixth Form Presentations

22 Feb 2018

22nd Feb 2018 – Some of our Y13 students have chosen to enhance their learning by undertaking the Extended Project Qualifcation.  Yesterday their supervisors, staff and fellow students gathered to hear them present the outcome of their research into a variety of fascinating topics.

The standard of the presentations was exceptional and it was clear that all students had put a substantial amount of effort into researching their chosen topics, collating and organising the material, and finally presenting it all to their audience.

The students involved in this yesterday were Gabriella Deen, Charlotte Gratte, Tabitha Hawker, Rachel Mcavan and Olivia Shanahan.  They were free to choose the topics they wished to specialise in, and the range was very interesting:

  • Has Westernisation affected women’s rights in China?
  • To what extent has the representation of women developed over time in the superhero genre?
  • How have mental institutions and their treatments for mental health issues developed since the 19th century in comparison to 21st century methods?
  • How successful was Mandela’s work towards ending Apartheid and how has his legacy shaped South Africa today? (1990-2018)
  • Evaluate the impact of Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office.

The students have worked on a variety of skills in order to support their projects.  These included time management, referencing, ethical practices, communication and delivering effective presentations.

The students have all commented on the benefits of completing the project in the final year before heading off to university, and expect the skills learnt here to serve them well when working independently.  They will now submit their final dissertation and their production logs.

Mrs Winchester has been really impressed with the dedication and commitment which all of the students have shown, and wishes them the very best of luck for the final stages of their project.  We are very grateful to Mrs Winchester and the other staff who acted as student mentors for all the help they have provided.

We are now looking forward to some excellent results in August!


Hairspray A Huge Hit!

09 Feb 2018

9th February 2018 – After all the excitement of the build up, three performances of Hairspray took place this week, and they were a huge success!  A big, big thank you to Miss Last, Mrs Bamford, Mrs Brown & Miss Nelson, who have been working hard with cast and crew members ever since September.  They themselves would like to pass on the following message:

Many thanks to all of the staff and students who contributed to the smooth running of the performances and to those who worked so hard to paint the set and produce the props.  A particular mention must go to Mrs Robinson from the art department who made our fantastic giant hairspray can, and to Mrs Gentry who made our fantastic costumes.  The cast were absolutely amazing in every performance and we are really proud of the standard they produced.  Thanks to all of you who came and supported us … Here’s to the next one!


Y8 English Play

06 Feb 2018

6th February 2018 – Last week our Year 8 students were treated to a fabulous insight into how the works of Shakespeare are performed by the Globe Players.  Here a selection of pupils discuss their highlights:

‘My favourite part was when they acted out ‘The Tempest’. They managed to show the emotions of love, anger and forgiveness all in one! They also engaged the audience with their storyline.’
Jessica Percudani (8Y)

‘My favourite part was when one man said to his true love that he would do anything to prove to her that he loved her, and then the actors froze and the narrator came up with some suggestions like buying her flowers or going on a romantic date. However, when they unfroze, the girl’s suggestion was for him to murder his best friend instead! Then, the Eastenders’ theme song played and it was very funny!’
Milly Hayes (8Y)

‘If I were to give this performance a star rating out of five, I would give it four because I wanted the show to be longer! Thank you for coming Globe Players!’
Halena Pawluk (8Y)

‘I was chosen to come up on stage and sit on a block, I was tied up with another girl and we were meant to be in trouble. The man and his sidekick wanted to kill and cook us! Just as they were about to, the other members told them to stop (thankfully!)’
Emily Stacey (8Y)

‘This performance was great! I found it lively, relatable and interesting as the actors explained some of the reasons why Shakespeare wrote the plays he did.’
Adwoa Gyamfi (8Y)

‘I thought the performance was great! It showed us that Shakespeare’s plays aren’t just pieces of writing on a page!’
Alanna Omar (8Y)

‘One reason I liked the performance was due to the fact that the actors always explained the context of the scene they were about to perform so that the audience could clearly understand.’
Philippa Green (8Y)

‘All of the scenes were amazing and the actors also included the audience a lot too. They didn’t break out of character and it was very realistic. The actors had very good stage presence and were quick when getting ready for the next scene. They also included some funny aspects. My favourite scene was the Macbeth scene because I really like sick, twisted, murderous stories because it makes the tension more exciting. They were good at getting into the lady Macbeth character because of how dark and manipulating she was.’
Zuleikha Robinson (8Y)



Y7 French Play

06 Feb 2018

6th February 2018 – Last week we were delighted to receive another visit from Onatti Productions, who regularly put on enjoyable and educational foreign language productions for our students.  On Monday our Year 7 pupils watched them perform a French play called ‘Le Château’.  Isabel Adair and Tara King (7F) tell us more about this …

The play was very interesting and interactive. It was a great way to help people enjoy French!  Everyone had the chance to participate and it was fun to see our peers act on stage.  The play was set in Tudor times, where William Bobbington was in France to find a beautiful woman as a wife for King Henry VII.  There were a variety of different roles, played by only two people.  We all thought the play was very amusing and we hope that we have the opportunity to watch another amazing play again.


Women of the World

05 Feb 2018

5th Feb 2018 – Tomorrow marks one hundred years since a major landmark in the history of our democracy – the first time some women in the UK had the right to vote.

The Loreto College Women of the World group is encouraging all Loreto pupils to recognise and celebrate the significance of this event.

Leading suffragist campaigner Millicent Fawcett is set to become the first woman celebrated with a statue in Parliament Square standing proudly amongst 11 other statues honouring men.

The Suffrage movement saw women organise and campaign for their voice to be heard from the mid-1860s. Attitudes towards women at the time meant that many men thought that women were the ‘weaker sex’ without the same intellectual capacity as men.

The suffrage movement and the wartime role of women resulted in the Representation of the People Act 1918. It gave the right to vote to around 8.5 million women who were previously not allowed to vote. To qualify, they had to be aged over 30 years old and own property. It also gave the vote to 5.6 million more men after their voting age was lowered to 21.

The general election in December 1918 had an electorate three times the size of the one before it.

A year later, in 1919, Nancy Astor become the first woman MP to take her seat in the British Parliament, a position she held from 1919 to 1945.

Although it would be another decade before ALL women aged over 21 would receive the right to vote, 1918 was the year the UK set itself on the path to equality.

Yet 100 years later, the journey is still far from complete. Men and women share the same voting rights but just 32% of MPs and 33% of councillors are women. All six elected Metro Mayors are men, and just 12% of Combined Authority representatives are women. We still have some way to go to having a political system that fully represents its people.

You can find out about national events taking place throughout the year here:



Whole School Read

05 Feb 2018

5th Feb 2018 – We are very excited to launch our latest Whole School Read!  Mrs Parkin, after reading and considering many young adult books, finally settled on 928 Miles From Home by award-winning author Kim Slater.

The book follows the story of our 14 year old protagonist Calum Brooks.  Calum’s home life is difficult, and things are generally not going that well for him.  However, Calum has a dream which helps to give him courage and energy every day.  His dream is to write an amazing script for film.

At school there are problems too.  His friendship group are beginning to bully a new boy from Poland.  Calum feels uncomfortable and has convictions about it, but he desperately wants to fit in with his friends, so he says nothing.

As the story continues we see Calum in situations where he has a chance to stand up and do the right thing.  Will he be brave, or will he do as so many do and just keep quiet so as not to rock the boat?

Just when Calum thought things may get better, a significant and unforeseen event means he must make some difficult choices.

This is a wonderful new book which explores many peaks and troughs in Calum’s life.  It is well written, thought provoking, and has a wonderful beginning, middle and end !

Get your copy from the library today!


Young Green Ambassadors

31 Jan 2018

31st January 2017

Looking to make a difference in your local community in 2018?

Want to volunteer but don’t know where the opportunities are locally?

Want to build your own confidence and do something that you can put on your cv?

Apply to be a “young green ambassador” for Groundwork. The deadline is this Friday – 2nd February.

Jess Leane, one of our Year 13 students, did this last summer and found it very rewarding.


Groundwork Youth – Role Description

Young Green Ambassador:

We are looking for passionate, perceptive, committed young people from across the UK to form our network of Young Green Ambassadors.

The network will consist of 100 young people aged 16 – 24 who will act as ambassadors for Groundwork Youth in their communities, for example at their schools, colleges, and places of work.

Ambassadors will support Groundwork Youth’s summer campaign through online activity and some offline work.

Ambassadors will be offered training opportunities from the Groundwork Youth team and other professionals, and will work closely with our local community partners, Groundwork’s trusts across the UK, and the Groundwork Youth Advisory Board.

Some of the activities Young Green Ambassadors will be engaging in include:

  • Raising Groundwork’s Youth’s profile online through social media
  • Supporting the Youth Advisory Board with a big summer campaign
  • Attending youth summits and conferences to represent Groundwork Youth
  • Assisting with creating user generated content for our online Youth Hub
  • Holding events in schools, colleges, universities to spread the word about Groundwork Youth
  • Supporting or organising a community project or event on behalf of Groundwork Youth

For more information about this role please contact Stephanie:

To apply and gain more information, click on the following link;



New Head Girl Team

30 Jan 2018

20th Jan 2018 – We are delighted to announce that Rebecca Anderson has been appointed as our new Head Girl.  Abigail Keaney and Sharone Kallinga are the Deputy Head Girls.

Naomi Holt is PE Captain, Victoria Igary is Drama Captain and Rane Ann Lucido is Music Captain.

We have also appointed 10 Senior Prefects: Sophie Rushby, Alyssandra Mendoza, Katarina Lundrigan, Dara Hannon, Lucy Shanahan, Anna Monte, Eimear Kavanagh, Abigail Marchetti, Annabel Castello, Margaret Noonan.

The team will be coming into Year Assemblies over the next few weeks to introduce themselves and to share their plans for the year. We are sure that they will do a wonderful job. Well done everyone!


Hospital Christmas Presents

20 Dec 2017

20th Dec 2017 – We would like to say a huge well done to Lucy and her friends Neeva, Molly, Chiara and Karis in 9S. All of them were keen to make sure that others less fortunate than themselves had an enjoyable Christmas.  They therefore spent several weeks raising funds with which to buy presents for children who will not be able to spend Christmas at home with their families.  Yesterday they delivered a variety of presents to Watford hospital, where they were gratefully received.  We are sure that this compassionate act will brighten up Christmas for the children receiving treatment there.  This is the true spirit of Christmas, and we are very proud of all those who were part of it.


Grand Draw prizes announced!

19 Dec 2017

19th Dec 2017 – After yesterday’s wonderful Carol Service the Parents Association held the Christmas Grand Draw.

The winners were as follows:

1st Prize – iPad 128GB – Sylvia Nolan

2nd Prize – £250 Intu Gift Card – Jordan Fox

3rd Prize – £150 Top Shop Gift Card – Daniel Moclamy

4th Prize – £100 Amazon Voucher – Charlotte Opoku-Gyamfi

5th Prize – Meal for two at Sofalino in Whetstone (kindly donated by Adriano Bernabei) – F Lewis

6th Prize – £50 Voucher for L-Artista (kindly donated by Lucia Dell’Aquila) – Mrs A Byrne

7th Prize – Exceedingly Nice Hamper + Champagne (kindly donated by Daniella Busseni) – Miss B Waghorn

This year’s sale of tickets has raised approximately £5,500 which is a fabulous amount. Thank you to everyone who supported the PA by buying and selling tickets, to the many who worked in the background to make this happen, and to those who have donated such generous prizes.

Several girls did really well at selling tickets, and the competition for who sold the most was extremely close. The winner was Molly Wegenek of 7J, who was presented with a lovely Ted Baker purse as a reward for her amazing efforts. Various forms clearly had the Domino’s Pizza lunch in their sights but it was 7J who won it. They will be feasting together on the first Friday of the new term. Their form teacher Mrs Batchelor also benefits from their success in the form of a lovely bottle of Champagne which was kindly donated by Jonathan and Marion Moulton!

The Parents Association would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year. And the school would like to take the opportunity to thank the Parents Association for the wonderful contribution they make to our community.


Christmas Tree Festival

15 Dec 2017

15th Dec 2017 – Miss Aherne’s Craft Club students have recently been turning their hands to Christmas tree decorations, and have used these to deck out this beautiful tree at St. Saviours Church.  Well done to Jessica (7Y), Emily (7Y), Kimberley (7Y), Amelia (8S) and Olivia (9S)!

A big thank you also to the following Year 12 Therapeutic Arts students for all their help in creating very imaginative and creative handmade Christmas wreaths for the tree: Annabel, Phoebe, Eimear, Mary, Trinity, Charlotte and Olivia.

The Christmas Tree Festival at St. Saviours Church, “Community at Christmas”, will be open to the public from Saturday 16th December – Saturday 23rd December.



England Selection

15 Dec 2017

15th Dec 2017 – It’s not every day we learn that one of our pupils has been invited to join the squad for the England football team, so we were delighted to hear that this is exactly what has happened for Daniela in 10Y!  She has done hugely well to achieve this recognition of her skills, and will now attend the England Women’s U16 training camp in January.  She is determined to take full advantage of this opportunity, and hopes to convince the selectors that she deserves a place in the England line-up.

Daniela has been playing football since she was six.  She was selected to play for Arsenal Ladies U11 team and remained with them until June this year when she completed a successful trial for Chelsea Ladies.  She trains with them three times a week and plays matches every Saturday afternoon.  She is absolutely thrilled with this latest opportunity, and her parents are understandably proud of her achievements.  We wish her every success in January!


Downing Street Reward

15 Dec 2017

15th Dec 2017 – Undaunted by the snow last Sunday, Katie in 7F made her way to 10 Downing Street to be congratulated on her charity work.  As a young girl, Katie was diagnosed with Leukaemia.  Throughout her treatment, her family received support from “Children with Cancer” and “Rays of Sunshine”.  This made a huge difference to them at a very difficult time, and Katie was delighted when her wish to visit Lapland one Christmas was granted by them.

Katie has been in remission for the last five years, and along with her family and friends she has done much to try and raise money for others affected by this illness.  “Team Katie” has taken part in several London Marathons, with Katie always there to cheer them on.

Katie and her mother were invited to Downing Street at the weekend in recognition of their inspiring work for others.  During their visit they were shown round selected rooms, which housed various treasured items including a collection of Olympic medals and the Olympic torch.  They also saw paintings of past prime ministers and earls that went all the way up to the top of the staircase!  This was an amazing, unforgettable, and well-deserved experience for them.


Green Leaders

14 Dec 2017

14th Dec 2017 – Our Y12 “Green Leaders” visited Colney Heath Primary School today to promote environmental awareness and also the idea of being global citizens by acting locally.  They delivered a fantastic presentation which was well received by the pupils.  They have also been going in to lower school assemblies here at Loreto College this week.

“Green Leaders” is a local St Albans initiative which encourages sixth formers across the district to promote “global goals for sustainability.”  Well done to Abigail, Rebecca, Lucy, Laura and Maria for the excellent work they have been doing.


Christmas hampers

14 Dec 2017

14th Dec 2017 – Over the last few weeks, Loreto students have been busy putting together Christmas hampers to give to people who are the most vulnerable in our society. Our Christmas hampers contain many things including food items, particularly seasonal favourites, clothes, toys for children, and hygiene products. Each member of the form signs up for an item to bring in for the hamper and together this makes a large gift for a family in need. These hampers are then delivered to the families and help to transform their Christmas into a positive and memorable day!  Yesterday our Y7 pupils displayed some of their hampers in a special assembly, and they will shortly be delivered to those they have been prepared for.  The recipients are always hugely grateful, and in anticipation of this please can we pass on their thanks to all who have contributed to these.


05 Dec 2017

5th December 2017 – Mrs Parkin likes to reward the enthusiasm and helpfulness of her librarians by taking them on a trip to the British Library.  Yesterday’s visit went really well, with all of the students talking about it in glowing terms.  You can read their comments below.  Our thanks to Mrs Parkin, Mrs Thomas and Mrs McLaughlin for offering them such a great opportunity to widen still further their appreciation of books.

Isabel 8Y:
Today we visited the great British Library with other library monitors. It was a great experience. We were taken to the teaching room and discovered the importance of research. Then we put our research skills to the test! We went to the Tower of Books and had to find out as much information as we could by looking at it and searching. It was surprising how much information we could extract.

Next we went to the Treasure Gallery where we had a worksheet to complete. It was interesting to see how our language has changed through the years. Afterwards we visited the Christmas Tree at St Pancras before heading back to school. It was a fantastic trip and I really enjoyed the experience.

Jessica 8F:
‘I loved the British Library! I especially enjoyed the millions of books that I could see there and the Treasures Gallery. It was amazing! It was such a lovely day and I spent it with all my friends and other library monitors. One of the librarians called Helen helped us understand what research is really all about, using an interesting demonstration called ‘an infinite loop’. The whole day was amazing!

Leila 8S:
I enjoyed the Treasure Gallery a lot. It was the highlight of the day. Our guide gave us worksheets which encouraged us to find a specially chosen resource: a book/map/letter/bible/etc and then write about it. Our group focused on a letter from Elizabeth I to James VI. It was so interesting as we are also learning about Elizabeth and Stuarts this year in history as well.

Jada 8Y:
Going to the British Library was an amazing experience. When we arrived we were greeted by our librarian guide named Helen, who soon helped us understand the importance of research. We had a discussion about the reliability of sources regarding the internet and books. We also worked in pairs discovering information about the books in the Treasures Gallery, where I discovered a private diary written by a major during the Battle of the Somme from WW1!
Afterwards we went to the gift shop and then admired the mesmerizing tree in St Pancras, this year it was covered with beautiful flowers, roses and vines in an ombre effect.

This exciting trip finished at Hamley’s toy shop. I will definitely return to the British Library. It was a thrilling experience which really enhanced our knowledge of books and research.

I am very grateful for the getting the opportunity to go! Thank you Mrs Parkin, Mrs Thomas and Mrs McLaughlin.

Milly 8Y:
Today was great! After we arrived at the British Library we were taken to a room for a workshop where we talked about research and how it could be conducted. This led us to the collection of books called the ‘Kings Library’, which was HUGE!! There were thousands of books in this collection alone, and they all looked very old. Next we went to the ‘Treasures Gallery’ which holds some of the library’s highlights. Included amogst these was the Magna Carta, a Beatles Section with original hand written lyrics, and the smallest prayer book I have ever seen in my life! This was my favourite part of the day as there was so many fascinating items to explore and learn.

I had a great day and would definitely recommend a visit to the British Library because it was a great experience and one I will never forget.


Autumn Concert

01 Dec 2017

Dec 1st 2017 – Yesterday evening well over a hundred pupils performed to a full house in our Autumn Concert.  We are grateful to all those who took part, those who supported their preparation, and those who came to support them on the evening.  Below this list of performers you will find some images of them in action.  Click on any image to enlarge it and/or view a slideshow.

ROCK CHOIR – Giants (Barlow)

SOLO – Leah Skipworth

SOLO – Aine Harbach – Roses (Mendes)


SOLO – Emily Vujovic

FLUTE CHOIR – Walking the Dog (Gershwin)  & The Sound of Music (Rodgers & Hammerstein)

SOLO – Alex Lundrigan

GUITAR ENSEMBLE – Walking in the Air (Blake)

SOLO – Shauna Bonnebaigt – Mama Do (Lott)

ROCK CHOIR  – Unstoppable (Sia)

SOLO – Ciara Norris  – Summertime (Gershwin)

SOLO – Gabriella Deen – I Know Where I’ve Been (Wittman & Shaimann)

CANTORES- Audition (Hurwitz, Pasek & Paul)

ROCK CHOIR – Lay me Down (Smith)

ORCHESTRA – Largo : New World Symphony (Dvorak) & Russian Dance (Tchaikovsky)

SOLO – Melody Okosi

SOLO – Katarina Lundrigan – There are worse things that I could do (Jacobs, Casey & Ferrar)

CANTORES – To good at goodbyes

SOLO – Tabitha Hawker – Afterlife Avenged Sevenfold

SOLO – Jennifer McCallum – Someone like you

CHAMBER CHOIR – White Winter Hymnal (Fleet Foxes)

SOLO – Ailis Mcsweeney – Born a Stranger (Gao)

FINALE – ALL GROUPS  – New Day (Barlow)


Science Club

20 Nov 2017

20th November 2017 – Last week saw the first meeting of a new Science Club for pupils in Years 7 to 9.  This is being led by Mr Gore, our senior Science technician, with the help of Navarra and Celine in Y10.  In their first session, the pupils had great fun making slime. The Club meets in SC4 every Friday from 1.30 – 2.10 pm, and new members are always welcome!




17 Nov 2017

17th November 2017 – We have now finished collecting and counting the money raised by the this year’s Readathon.  We’ve seen another super effort from our students, with a grand total of £1861.56 raised  – and a great number of books read!

This money will be used to buy books for children in hospital.  For them, books and stories are particularly important – they comfort, distract, reassure and entertain.  Because the Readathon team are able to buy them brand new books, this ensures that they are safe for those at high risk of infection.

Our top individual fundraiser was Hannah in 7F, whose sponsors contributed £80!  Hannah enjoyed reading children’s versions of A Merchant of Venice, Henry V, Richard III and Much Ado About Nothing.  However, her favourite read was Ballet Shoes – she used to watch the film with her nan when she was younger, so she really enjoyed exploring the book it was based on.

Well done to Hannah and to all our other fundraisers – and a huge thank you to everyone who supported them.


13 Nov 2017

13th November 2017 – This term, Mrs White’s Year 8 Geography classes have produced some stunning work for their creative projects on coral conservation. They were able to present this information through any creative medium and as a result we have had board games, raps, poems, posters, leaflets, theatres, bloggers guides and cakes! Some of the best are presented here.  Well done Year 8!  Very impressive work!


Year 10 Artwork

09 Nov 2017

9th November 2017 – Some great artwork has recently been put on display in school.  After the Year 10 Art students had completed our observational studies of animals from Tring Natural History Museum in a range of media, we moved on to a produce a larger piece in a medium of our chose. We each chose the medium which we were most confident with, and used it to create an A2 piece of artwork of the same animal we had been working with for our media experiments. We had to consider how to create an effective piece, which had the correct proportions and was realistic, whilst being creative and innovative with our chosen technique.

Here is a selection of the outcomes – look out for them on display along the Maths corridor!

Alexandra Balogun

Gaia Oliva

Shannah Shrivasta

Hannah Jenkins

Katie Keary

Adrija Petronyte


Y10 Bletchley Park Trip

09 Nov 2017

9th November 2017 – On Tuesday our Year 10 Computer Science students visited Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes to help develop their knowledge and understanding of cipher codes and encryption.  One of the students was Zoe Adams who describes her experiences below.

It was a very interesting trip and personally, having grown up in a family of engineers and computer technology workers, I gained a lot of information that I was able to talk about when I got home.  We learned a lot about the Second World War and how Bletchley Park played a very important part in Britain winning the war. Computer scientists and mathematicians would use a machine called Enigma to decode German messages being sent between the German troops. Without this vital intelligence, it would have been difficult for the British army to make strategic and tactical decisions.  We were able to handle a real Enigma machine used during the war, and we learned how it worked.  The machine encrypts messages and has 15,000,000,000,000,000,000 different combinations of letters it can use! This makes the fact that people at Bletchley Park were able to decode such messages even more awe-inspiring.

Something that also inspired me is the fact that around 75% of the workers at Bletchley Park were female, as most of the men had to join the army and fight in the war. I felt this was extremely empowering as I did not know that women had played such an important part in helping Britain win the war.  We were also able to see a replica of the Bombe decrypting machine that was developed and built by Alan Turing and his team to emulate the ability of thirty six enigma machines.

I would highly recommend this trip as it was an opportunity to step back into the history of coding and cyphers, and to find out how this helped Britain during a significantly important period of history.


Super response to JPIC launch!

09 Nov 2017

9th November 2017 – A passion for justice, a desire for peace and a concern for creation are all essential to living out the Gospel.  Therefore Miss O’Callaghan and her team of helpers recently invited our students to join her in focusing on issues relating to Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation (JPIC).  This picture was taken at our first JPIC meeting.  We were overwhelmed by the number of Loreto students who are clearly keen to get involved and to actively serve others in need.  This year JPIC will be focused on homelessness in the community, and there will be a number of events and opportunities to raise money for this cause and to raise awareness too.  We are really grateful to all who turned up to volunteer this lunchtime!

Our next meeting will be on November 30th in the Drama workshop.


Y8 Author Visit

07 Nov 2017

7th November 2017 – As part of our recent Reading Week, we were delighted to welcome Matt Dickinson into school.  Matt is an award-winning writer and filmmaker with a passion for climbing and adventure.  During his filmmaking career he has worked as a director/cameraman for National Geographic television, the Discovery Channel, the BBC and Channel 4. His film projects have taken him to Antarctica, Africa and the Himalaya, often in the company of the world’s leading climbers and expeditioners. His most notable film success was Summit Fever in which Matt reached the summit of Everest via the treacherous north face.

Recently Matt has started writing fiction for teenage readers, and his debut thriller series Mortal Chaos was very well received. Matt has now followed this up with The Everest Files, a dramatic and popular trilogy set on the world’s highest mountain.

After an inspiring hour in Matt’s company Isabel and Charlotte in 8Y said this:

“Matt is a lively character!  He told us all about his expeditions and experiences whilst mountain climbing.  The most horrific thing he experienced was NO WIFI FOR 10 WEEKS!!
This almost made us faint!  He also told us about inspiring female climbers, and their dedication to the mountains.  Next he talked about his books – but without any big spoilers.  Overall it was an amazing experience, and we hope he comes back to Loreto!”

Jessica and Prisha in 8F said this:

“Today we were lucky enough to meet Matt Dickinson  He told us about his adventure to the summit of Everest and his inspiration to write ‘The Everest Files’.  Matt was very open and he made us laugh a lot.  He explained all about his books and the characters in his books.  He was a great author to listen to and we felt really happy afterwards. Thank you Matt!”


Fantastic Y7 Geography Work!

07 Nov 2017

7th Nov 2017 – Mrs White is thrilled to report on some fantastic work completed by her Y7 students during half-term …

7Y were offered the opportunity to make a model or cake of a volcano or earthquake fault line. It was a voluntary task which was completed superbly by most members of the class. Here are a number of the volcanoes produced, ranging from cakes oozing lava icing and exploding chocolate cluster volcanic bombs, to 2D collages and 3D models of varying sizes. needless to say, the volcano cakes did not last the lesson, but the photos hopefully do them justice!

Well done 7Y – excellent work!


Y9 French Play

06 Nov 2017

6th Nov 2017 – Last week out Y9 French students were treated to another enjoyable and educational play in French, presented by Onatti Productions.  Marilyn in 9J tells us more …

The play was called “Mes Chers Voisins,” which translates as “My Dear Neighbours.” The play was performed by two native speakers, who actually live in France but are on tour performing plays to schools around the United Kingdom. The play was about neighbours on the same streets and the occurrences that happen on that street, including exam results and dates going wrong.

The play helped us to understand numbers, school subjects, buying cinema tickets, food, preferences, parts of the body, the time, and clothes in only fifty minutes. Mes Chers Voisins was a play that we understood very well because we learned most of the vocabulary at school already. We were all astonished at how much French we could understand by the acting and the speaking of the energetic actors.

The play was very comical and we all had a good time enjoying the scenarios between various characters, including Marion and Sam (a “couple,” who are not getting on very well, due to Marion’s stupidity when choosing outfits for various dates), Candice and Hugo (two teenagers, who find out their exam results together, and, in the end, go out together) and Magali (a Justin Bieber fan, who does not know anything about him).

The play was hilarious, and everyone was talking about it after the performance. We hope that Onatti Productions will perform this play to next year’s Year 9s because it was a great opportunity that we would always remember. Who knew that we could understand so much of this play from just the vocabulary that we have learned at school!


Y7 pupil raises £1500 for charity!

31 Oct 2017

31st Oct 2017 – Walking over the top of the Millenium Dome is something that takes a lot of courage, but this did not put off Lexie in 7Y.  Last weekend she and her dad undertook this challenge in order to raise money for Rays of Sunshine.  Lexie explains to us why they did so …

“Rays of Sunshine is an amazing charity which helps children to smile when they have been very poorly or have nasty illnesses.  In 2015 they granted my sister’s wish to stay at Center Parcs, and since then they have invited us to many fantastic events – I even got to meet Olly Murs!

“I wanted to say thank you to Rays of Sunshine for helping my sister and making memories which will last forever.  I also wanted to help make other children’s wishes come true.  The climb over the Dome was very high and very cold, but also good fun!  So far we have raised £1500 and the money is still coming in.  I’m already thinking about my next fundraiser!”

Well done Lexie for showing such great spirit and helping such a worthy cause!


Y9 Author Visit

19 Oct 2017

19th October 2017 – As part of our Reading Week we were delighted to welcome back to Loreto the fanatastic Sarah Crossan.  The students have always loved her visits and this was no exception. Sarah held our students spellbound for an hour.  They laughed, sang, and asked some great questions.

Sarah’s career continues to go from strength to strength.  Last year, she won the CILIP Carnegie Medal as well as the YA Book Prize, the CBI Book of the Year award and the CLiPPA Poetry Award for her novel, One.

‘I really enjoyed listening to Sarah Crossan speak.  I have read her books ‘ One’ and ‘Apple and Rain’, and I really enjoyed them, so it was exciting to see her in real life.  It was also really interesting to hear an author talk about poetry and language and how important poetry is to people of our age group.  The way she spoke was so inspiring because she told us that if we are prepared to put the work in, we can accomplish anything.  I purchased a copy of her new book ‘Moonrise’ and I can’t wait to read it!’ – Lucy Baker 9F

‘Today we were lucky enough to receive a talk from Sarah Crossan. It was extremely enjoyable and so inspiring to have a talk from such a well known author. I now intend to read her books as they really intrigue me. It was a great experience.’ – Lottie Moulton 9F


Y7 Author Visit

18 Oct 2017

18th October 2017 – Yesterday we were thrilled to welcome Helen Moss back to Loreto as part of our Reading Week.  The author of the Adventure Island series and Secrets of the Tombs series was a great hit with the pupils, who drew a lot of inspiration from her time with them.  As always, we are incredibly grateful for giving up her time to share her love of books with our students.

‘My favourite thing about when Helen Moss was talking to us, was how she wanted to start writing books.  She said at first she studied science, but she really wanted to write.  She said she loves adventures and that she based most of her stories on them. Not only has she written books for my age, 11-13, but she has also written books for younger children too. Helen Moss is a lovely woman.’  – Ellen, 7Y

‘We very much enjoyed Helen Moss’ visit to Loreto. She inspired us to keep reading and writing. She made us laugh and we really just loved the talk.’ – Laila and Maddie, 7F


Therapeutic Arts

16 Oct 2017

16th Oct 2017 – As part of our Sixth Form Enrichment Programme, some students have chosen to take part in our Therapetuic Arts project.  Annabel Costello (12T) tells us more about this:

“I have enjoyed experimenting with different materials, which I find fascinating since I haven’t done Art since year 9. The Therapeutic Arts enrichment programme is a time to relax and explore your creative side, using your imagination and artistic license. Today we created scribble art; the aim was to find recognisable images within the works and to embellish them using watercolour and acrylic paint.”

These creations shown here are by Annabel (man & woman), Eimear Kavanagh (Boy), and Trinity Niven (Whale and bird).



Phantom of the Opera Trip

11 Oct 2017

11th Oct 2017 –  Year 10 and 11 Drama students excitedly attended a recent performance of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ at Her Majesty’s theatre in London. Prior to the show, the girls took part in an acting workshop centred around the themes of the show. Key physical skills were developed, and the girls showcased keen acting skills, impressing the professional actors who lead the workshop. The hour concluded with a dramatic dance scene set to the ‘Phantom’ song ‘Masquerade’.

The Drama department would like to thank the girls for their always impeccable behaviour, and professional conduct. They were a credit to our school.


Y7 Fundraisers

11 Oct 2017

11th Oct 2017 – Well done to Phoebe, Zuzanna and Gabriella in 8J, who were moved to raise money for those affected by the recent hurricanes.  Phoebe learned that UNICEF are providing a lot of support for them, and when she spoke with Zuzanna and Gabriella they all decided to help out.  Together they spent a week visiting other forms and asking for contributions, and they also undertook a sponsored silence.  “It was really hard to say nothing”, said Phoebe, “because we’re normally quite chatty!”.  Through their combined efforts, and entirely on their own initiative, the girls have raised £87.75 for UNICEF.


Our new Picnic Basket

06 Oct 2017

6th October 2017 – This term, thanks to some generous funding from the Parents Association, we have opened a new serving food outlet at school.  Called the Picnic Basket, this is located between St Joe’s and the Mary Ward building.  Just like the food in the main canteen, everything is prepared and served by our caterers Edwards & Blake, and payment is cashless.  This is open at both breaktime and lunchtime, and is proving quite a hit with the pupils.


MFL Fun Day

02 Oct 2017

2nd October 2017 – Last week our Y8 students were taken off timetable for the day in order to take part in a series of MFL activities.  This event tied in with the European Day of Languages.  Jessica Burke and Grace Phillips tell us more about it …

We really enjoyed our Languages Day with the MFL Department. We got to spend time with teachers who would not usually teach us. We also got to have loads of fun too! We did quite a few things that we were not expecting. For example, some students tried on Kimonos and we also learned how to count to ten in Japanese. We had fun listening to the European music and trying to guess which country it was from.

Competition Winners
8F Amy Novelle, Grace Phillips, Giorgia Gillon
8J Nicole Materac, Nicole Misiewicz, Paulina Matkevicute
8S Leila Nyamnde, Grace Bondm, Aoife Butler
8Y Ivy Gayon, Anna Deacy, Henrietta Algaard
8Y Sarah Hill, Kayla Grace, Adwoa Gyamfi


Open Evening

27 Sep 2017

27th Sept 2017 – Yesterday evening we opened our doors to visitors, and they arrived in their hundreds!  There were also hundreds of students on hand to guide our guests around the school, or to discuss what takes place in certain departments. We were really proud of how well they looked after everyone, and our thanks go out to all of them for being such excellent representatives of the school.

Here are a few photos from the evening:


First Aid for Teens

25 Sep 2017

25th September 2017 – Young people who are interested in babysitting, or who care for younger children, may be interested in undertaking an accredited First Aid course run by MGM Training.  This is available to anyone aged 13 years and above, and takes four hours to complete.

For more details click here: First Aid flyer – 3rd March 2018


Goodbye to the old pound coin!

25 Sep 2017

25th September 2017 – Please be aware that from Monday 9th October we will no longer be able to accept the old style £1 coin as these will cease to be legal tender at the end of that week.


District Sports Awards

22 Sep 2017

22nd Sept 2017 – Congratulations to our Sports Leaders!  On Tuesday, the St Albans and District Sports Awards took place at The Sandpit Theatre. The members of our Loreto Leadership Academy were delighted to win an award in the Unsung Hero (U21) category.

This award was given to them in recognition of their commitment and hard work running inter-school competitions such as tri-golf, mini tennis, speed stacking and sports hall athletics.  Last year the team was essential in ensuring that local primary school events ran smoothly and fairly, and these events really would not have been possible without them. For more details of their activities last year, click here.

In addition to this, Jennifer McCallum won an individual Unsung Hero Award for her commitment and services as a volunteer at Parkrun in St Albans.

Well done to all of our Sports Leaders and to Jennifer for wining these a well deserved awards!

Our Sports Leaders last year were:

Alanna Minns
Cecile Guegan
Brogan Cummins
Niamh Cahill
Aoife Murphy
Layla Brunt
Anne-Marie Griffiths
Ellie Constantinou
Hope Hislam
Aliya Darbandi
Megan Keating
Sadie Burt
Daniela Monastero
Hannah Mullins
Holly Bradbury
Isabel Hayes
Georgia Doherty


Christian theatre company production

18 Sep 2017

18th September 2017 – Loreto families may be intereset to know that next month a Christian theatre company will be performing ‘Romero – Heartbeat of El Salvador’ at SS Alban & Stephen Catholic Church in St Albans.

In 1980, during a Mass, Archbishop Oscar Romero was killed by a single bullet from an assassin. This production explores the life and legacy of a modern day martyr who chose to challenge those in power, and to stand up for social justice.

​For more details contact RISE theatre on 07875 484138, or click here.


Year 7 Mob Race

13 Sep 2017

13th Sept 2017 – It’s always great to see our new Year 7 pupils getting stuck into all aspects of school life.  Yesterday evening several of them took place in the a cross country race against students from all the local secondary schools.  There were over 200 runners in total.  All of our competitors will receive a merit for taking part, and the top six will receive two!

After such a good start to the year, we hope to see all of these students and more taking part in cross country training on Wednesday lunchtimes at 1.30 pm with Mrs Stephens.

The results were as follows:

Name Form Position
Ellen Burke Y 12
Rubie Evans T 30
Oksana W-Jardzioch J 34
Lola Heasley T 48
Isabel Adair F 51
Siobhan O’Donnell J 53
Leonie Field Y 54
Annie O’Shea T 56
Christine Bond T 57
Keira Jasinski J 59
Amy Ryall Y 66
Naomi Latter F 91
Natalie Krezel J 95
Edith Marron Y 103
Ciara Lynn J 105
Mia Michau F 109
Carys Russell S 128
Klara King S 136
Lydia Swann F 139
Ellie-May Brennan S 140
Lexie Mawdsley Y 141
Amber Ward S 164

Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor

13 Sep 2017

13th Sept 2017 – Everyone will have been upset to hear of the death of Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor, whose funeral took place today.  Two of our pupils were honoured to be invited to attend.  Here Karis Rable and Kaysheia Ratnasamy in Year 9 tell us about their experience:

“We went to the Westminster Cathedral for Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor’s funeral mass. It was very reverent and a lovely service. It was extremely moving to hear how highly everybody thought of the Cardinal, and it was clear that he was a very special man and played an important part in the Church’s community. His nephew gave a speech, and it was amazing to hear that he always made time for family, even though he had a very busy life.

There were many priests and bishops and the choir was wonderful. There was a clear feeling of hope and community when everybody gathered together in prayer, and I adored it. This celebration of Cardinal Cormac’s life was very beautiful and uplifting. It was an honour to attend and we both thoroughly enjoyed the service. Thank you to Miss Gilleece and Mrs Nyman for giving us the opportunity to attend this service.”

The following prayer was said in school today:

We pray for the repose of the soul of Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor who died on 1 September 2017, and whose funeral takes place today at Westminster Cathedral. 

Grant, we pray, almighty God,
that the soul of your departed servant Cardinal Cormac,
to whom you committed the care of your family,
may, with the manifold fruit of his labours,
enter into the eternal gladness of his Lord.
Who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord.
And let perpetual light shine upon him.
May he rest in peace.
May his soul
and the souls of all the faithful departed,
through the mercy of God, rest in peace.


Parent Support

13 Sep 2017

13th Sept 2017 – In October, the Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Board is running a workshop for parents keen to help their children through difficult issues such as anxiety, internet safety and preparation for exams.

For more details, click here:



GCSE Success

24 Aug 2017

24th August 2017 – There was a real buzz at Loreto College this morning as delighted students and their parents discussed results with one another.  The main topic of conversation was the new exams in Maths, English Language and English Literature.  There is no doubt that the students had found these very challenging, and many were therefore quite anxious about them.

“There has been a lot of uncertainty about how the new exams in Maths and English would be graded”, said Headteacher Mrs Lynch. “We are therefore particularly pleased that 25 of our students have achieved the new top grade of 9 in at least one of them! Overall our results are excellent. This has always been a lovely year group, with a real determination to do well, and they really do deserve their success.”

Here’s a reminder of how the new grades compare to those still being used in other subjects:

Success was not confined solely to Maths and English.  100% of students passed their Biology and Physics exams.  In Chemistry, Geography, History, Latin and RE, more than half of the students achieved an A or an A*.  No wonder there were so many smiling faces this morning.

Ella Onyems (above) and Maria Hunt (below centre) both gained the top A*/9 grade in 11 different subjects.

There were many other students hot on their heels, with 8, 9 or 10 top grades.  Our congratulations to them, and to all of our other students who came away with results they and their parents can be proud of.


A-level results

17 Aug 2017

17th August 2017 – The wait is finally over for our A-level and BTEC students, who have received their results this morning.  The vast majority were delighted to find that their hard work had earned them a place in a university of their choice.

40% of our A-level students achieved at least three A*-B grades.  Achievement was solid across the board, with A*s in subjects including Biology, Geography, Maths and Psychology.  The picture above includes our Head Girl Jasmine and our first ever Head Boy, Alex.  After all they have done for the school, we are delighted to announce that Jasmine will be taking up a place to study Geography at Nottingham, and Alex will be undertaking a Masters in Mathematics at Durham.  We will publish a full list of leavers’ destinations in the new school year.

Congratulations to everyone who has seen their ambitions fulfilled today, and a huge thank you to the many staff members and parents whose support has helped to make this possible.


Y8 French Exchange

18 Jul 2017

18th July 2017 – Some of our Y8 students were lucky enough to go on an exchange to Lyon in the South of France last month.  Here Elizabeth Burridge (8T) tells us all about it …

We all had a great time and are sure that our French has dramatically improved due to the experience. Nearly all of the girls are still in contact with their exchange partners, and we are glad to have made some amazing lifelong friends. Some girls have even arranged to go to Lyon this summer and meet up with their partners again! Many of us were also given the chance to try traditional French foods such as Camembert cheese, frog legs, Quenelles, and a type of cured meat that is a Lyon speciality.

We had an early start on the day the tip began, as we had to meet at St. Albans Station at 6:15 am. Once we arrived in Lyon, our partners came to collect us and we went home to spend the afternoon and evening with the family. We also spent the whole of Sunday with our partners, enjoying various exciting trips and activities around Lyon and its surrounding districts. I was lucky enough to go on a boat cruise down the Rhône and learn lots about Lyon from the commentary (which was thankfully in English, as I had only just arrived, and I had not yet seen much change in my French skills).

On the Monday, we went to Parc De Tête D’Or (Park of the Golden Head) and we spent the morning wandering around the beautiful park, taking part in a photography challenge. After lunch, we headed back to school for a pleasant afternoon relaxing in the shade, followed by an evening with our partners. On the Tuesday, we spent the day at Les Charteux (the school) and two groups were thrown a little into the deep end with the first class being French literature. We all enjoyed both days that we spent at the school, although the canteen food wasn’t particularly enjoyable!

On Wednesday, we took a trip on the funicular railway up to the top of one of the hills in Lyon, and looked around the beautiful basilica of Fourviere, and the surrounding Roman ruins. We also took part in another photography challenge at the Roman ruins. As a group, our task was to depict our favourite moment of our favourite place from the trip so far. On Thursday, we had another day in the school, and on Friday we took a trip to the old city of Saint Jean, and had a guided tour around one area of it.

At the station on the final day, everyone was very sad as it was time to say our last goodbyes and to get ready to go home. Everyone thanked their exchange families, bought any last-minute items from the shops at the station, said some tear-filled goodbyes, and left to get on the train home. And although we were sad to leave, many people were looking forward to the prospect of sleeping in their own beds again!

Many people spent lots of time in swimming pools, and some of us were even lucky enough to be invited to a pool party or two. It was an amazing experience, and something I would definitely do again (and recommend to any Year 7s who are thinking of doing this for next year). I loved Lyon, and hope other people embark on this adventure to France, to improve their language skills, meet new people, and just have a good time!


Y8 STEM Day 2017

18 Jul 2017

18th July 2017 – Encouraging girls not to perceive certain careers as the realm of men is very important to us at Loreto.  Our Science, Technology and Maths departments all encourage students to consider possible futures in these fields.  As part of this, Each Year our Y8 students take part in a STEM day with a focus on engineering in particular.  Their challenge is to make a bridge out of nothing other than spaghetti and glue.  In order to ensure as successful a construction as possible, they carry out research into bridge design, and they employ mathematical principles in their plans.  All of the bridges then have an increasing amount of weight hung from them until it is established which one has the strongest design and build quality.  Here are some pictures from this year’s event:


Sports Day 2017

17 Jul 2017

17th July 2017 – Truth won the house sports cup today, but well done to everyone who took part.  The winners in each year group were:





More details to follow.  In the meantime, here is a selection of photos from the day.  Click on any image to enlarge it and/or view a slideshow …




Community Art Project

17 Jul 2017

17th July 2017 – Taking advantages of art’s wonderful ability to lift people’s spirits, some of our Art students have undertaken projects to brighten up the local community.

Our A-level Art students were approached by one of our feeder schools, St. John Fisher, and asked to design and paint a 6-metre mural featuring images of the children walking to school.  This was clearly a big project, but five of our students volunteered to produce the design, and they had managed to complete the vast majority of their painting by last Friday.  You can see them at work in this picture.  Well done to Rhiannon, Hannah, Megan, Amy and Rubie for all their hard work.

Miss Cooke was also asked by the founder of Incredible Edible, a community garden in Dunstable, to help prepare their entry in the annual Dunstable in Bloom competition.  This year the theme was ‘Flower Power!’  She tasked some of our students with finding a creative way to turn old flower pots into colourful decorative flowers for the garden.  A number of Year 9 & 10 students certainly ‘rose’ to this challenge!  Thank you to Lauren, Maja, Ella, Niamh, Alexandra and Ieva in 9J and Lindsey and Li-Ann in Year 10 for all their help in making this project a success.  Here is an example of their work.


Drama Festival

14 Jul 2017

14th July 2017 – On Wednesday, our annual annual KS3 Drama Festival took place.  The themes for each group were:

Year 7 – Shakespeare;

Year 8 – Gothic:

Year 9 – Mystery.

Each tutor group had to work efficiently as a team to perform a piece of drama based on their allocated theme.  Years 7  & 8 were reworking established classics, whilst Year 9 had the added challenge of creating their own plotline and transforming it into a stage production in just two days! The standard was exceptionally high and all groups created highly imaginative and gripping pieces. We were honoured to have Mrs Tinsley (our previous Head of English) acting as adjudicator for the, day and offering her feedback on each group’s performance.

The Year 7 performances transported us from the palatial setting in Twelfth Night, to a performance of ‘The Mime’ and ‘The Mousetrap’ from Hamlet, to the humorous Mechanical’s performance from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ to the exciting party at Lord Capulet’s house in Romeo and Juliet, and ended up back at Olivia’s court in Twelfth Night. The winners were 7J, who produced a traditional and highly engaging rendition of the two plays-within-a-play scenes from Hamlet and were highly commended by Mrs Tinsley for their interpretation.

In the Year 8 performances we were horrified by the eerie ghostliness of Bertha Mason’s character in Jane Eyre; disturbed by the strangeness of the House of Seven Gables; left chilled by the horrors of The Red Room; unsettled by the heinous acts of Frozen Charlotte; and haunted by the ominous threat in A Series of Unfortunate Events. The winners were 8F, who produced a terrifyingly Gothic performance of Jane Eyre incorporating a wide range of effective Gothic features that sent a shiver down the spine of every audience member.

In the Year 9 performances we were intrigued by the mystery in Fish and Chips, left in shock by the menacing twist at the end of One By One; dismayed by the grisly murders in Case Closed; threatened by the sinister presence of the fairy queen in Time is of the Essence, and anxious to see the criminal brought to justice at the end of Down Under. The winners were 9J, who produced a thrilling and gripping performance that saw twists and turns in the plot from the start. The group were highly commended for their originality and the convincing characters they developed.

Overall, it was a highly successful day that saw the girls showcasing their incredible talents. The directors, scriptwriters and lighting-music coordinators all worked tirelessly behind the scenes and should be praised for their efforts and input too.  A special thank you to Miss Guy for organising the whole event, to Mrs Bamford for her wonderful photography and her support with the technical aspects of the production, to the rest of the English staff for encouraging their students, and to the staff in general, who supervised during rehearsals and the final performance.


Cantores Tuscany Tour

13 Jul 2017

13th July 2017 – Last week our Cantores choir toured the Italian region of Tuscany.  Here Eve Cremins of 10F tells us more about this …

During our tour, we were based in the beautiful town of Montecatini Terme where we took part in a local Choral Festival with another UK school and a local Italian choir.

On our first full day, we headed into Florence and could see why it is named the ‘city of flowers’. Our first stop was the Academia gallery where we saw Michelangelo’s David amongst other breath-taking art works. After this we had lunch in a food market where all the food had been made with local produce, and we also had the chance to buy local delicacies. After a visit to the Boboli Gardens, we returned to Montecatini Terme for our first concert in the main Basilica which was an amazing venue to perform in. After the concert, the festival organisers put on a reception at a local café where we could relax with the other choirs and enjoy some delicious pizza!

The next morning we performed in a local spa called Tettuccio Terme, which is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen! After the concert we headed to Lucca where we had a chance to do some shopping before we visited the birthplace of Puccini. In the evening we went up to Montecatini Alto using the funicular railway and enjoyed watching the sun set over some spectacular views across the valley.

The final day was by far my favourite day as we visited Pisa, where we climbed the Leaning Tower and explored the city, practising our Italian language skills! The highlight of the day was performing in the Pisa Cathedral – a beautiful setting for our final concert. The festival organisers had arranged for us to meet up with the other UK choir in the evening and we had a lovely dinner and disco – even the teachers joined in the dancing!

Sadly the trip came to an end far too soon – many thanks to the teachers who organised this fantastic experience, making it truly memorable.




Y10 Forensics Day

12 Jul 2017

12th July 2017 – Last week a foul murder was committed in Loreto College.  The body of poor Mrs Jennings, a former teacher at the school, was found in the Workshop.  A crime scene was immediately established and our Y10 pupils set out to discover what had happened.  Overall, this event spanned three school days.  Chelsea Conceprio of 10Y tells us all about it …

The first day consisted of having an actual forensic scientist come in and give us a talk about how forensic science can be used in everyday situations. He explained how different situations such as thefts and robberies required different analytical methods to help the police find out exactly who committed said crimes. He also went through different crime scenes, evidence to look for, and even equipment which is used in real life, which our head of science, Mr Downes, modelled for everyone – looking very stylish!

The next day, the devastating news spread around Loreto that our old science teacher, Mrs Jennings, had been maliciously murdered inside our very own workshop. Who could have done such a thing? Of course, the only people qualified enough to take on such a demanding job were us year tens – what an fortunate coincidence that we had just received a talk on how to use evidence to solve crimes! (More …)


Split into a number of groups, some of us ran around Loreto interviewing teachers, whilst others gained an abundance of clues by testing ‘blood’, recreating blood splatters with murder weapons, testing hair samples, examining fingerprints, taking footprint casts, and even trying our hand at graphology. You would be surprised how easily a murder can bring students closer together – even if they’ve never spoken to each other before this day! Each group got to visit the ‘Crime Scene’, the ‘Forensic Laboratory’ and even dress up as legitimate forensic scientists. By the end of the day, each group came up with a suspect list and created a poster explaining their theory about which of our current teachers had savagely murdered the infamous, cat-obsessed teacher. (More …)

On the final day, the most successful groups presented their theories to the whole year group and were rewarded quite generously with chocolates. Mr Downes was very intimidating as he interviewed each suspect, interrogating anyone he deemed to be suspicious. Emotions were high and opinions clashed when it seemed that Mr Pimentao was responsible for the murder. Mr Downes couldn’t handle the stress, and made some harsh remarks before breaking down on the stage.

We all thought the murderer had been found, when all of a sudden, the quiet, sweet Mrs Sheehan stepped forward to break up the argument, claiming that it was in fact her who had killed Mrs Jennings! Even though a lot of the evidence collected at the crime scene pointed to Mrs Sheehan, many people were caught up in the crazy interviews they had taken and so neglected the pertinent, scientific evidence, which clearly exposed Mrs Sheehan’s role in the crime. Her jealousy that Mrs Jennings was opening a business whilst she remained stuck in her boring job as a secondary school science teacher had simply become too great. She then ran out in shame with Mr Van Rooyen in hot pursuit.

We haven’t seen her since, but we think it is safe to say justice has been served! (More …)


Without the participation of all the teachers in Loreto, the week would not have been nearly as exhilarating and intriguing as it was, and I know Y10 are incredibly grateful for all the effort put in to arrange the event. The main day was structured so that there was a wide range of activates available to participate in, which really emphasises the commitment the science department has to providing a fun and enjoyable atmosphere and an amazing few days.  I am positive a lot of pupils have now been inspired to consider more STEM related careers, and have been influenced to continue developing their scientific skills even further.

RIP Mrs Jennings – she will be missed dearly.


Y9 Sports Leaders

10 Jul 2017

10th July 2017 – Our sports leaders have been busy again last week helping with the Mini Triathlon at Westminster Lodge on Tuesday and the School Sports Games Day at Oaklands on Friday.

On Tuesday, our sports leaders took on many roles to ensure the success of the Triathlon Trust primary schools mini triathlon.  The day involved 950 primary school pupils completing a 50m swim, 1200m bike ride and 500m run.  Our leaders took on roles that included registering the schools, marshalling the routes, providing refreshments, and handing out medals to the finishers.

On Friday, it was the School Games Finals Day.  This involved a wide range of schools across  Hertfordshire competing for medals in events such as Golf, Cricket, Hocke, Gymnastics and much more.  The day started with an opening ceremony where some of our leaders had to read out the School Games oath to play fairly, believe in ourselves and respect others.  Once the Games were opened by Andy Halliday – GB Mens Hockey Coach and Andrew Wilding – the world’s leading basketball freestyler, our leaders helped to run the tri-golf tournament.  This included keeping score of each event, explaining and giving demonstrations of each activity and encouraging each group to follow the Games Oath.  This was an excellent way to end the year 9 sports leadership programme: well done, and thank you to all those involved!

Comments from the Triathlon Trust:

Please kindly pass on our thanks from the Triathlon Trust team to the Loreto College Young Leaders for volunteering to help deliver the Sketchers Performance mini triathlon at Westminster Lodge yesterday. Their hard work, energy and enthusiasm helped ensure the event was a huge success and 950 kids went home with huge smiles on their faces having completed their first triathlon!

The Young Leaders were a credit to themselves and to their school and we are very grateful to Loreto College for their support.


Comments from Tanya Angus, the organiser of School Games:

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and your girls for their outstanding leadership not just on Friday but throughout the year. They were fantastic. You must be very proud and they were a real credit to your school!

Thank you so much for helping to make all the events and especially Friday such a success.

These students were all involved in at least one of these events – most supported both of them.

Alanna Minns
Cecile Guegan
Brogan Cummins
Niamh Cahill
Aoife Murphy
Layla Brunt
Anne-Marie Griffiths
Ellie Constantinou
Hope Hislam
Aliya Darbandi
Megan Keating
Sadie Burt
Daniela Monastero
Hannah Mullins
Holly Bradbury
Isabel Hayes
Georgia Doherty


Y10 Careers Day

08 Jul 2017

8th July 2017 – Last Friday Year 10 students were taken off timetable for a day of Careers events.

The day started with a talk by Alison Jarvis from the St Albans Centre for Voluntary service (CVS).  She was encouraging the girls to undertake voluntary work which would give them new skills as well as chance to help the local community.

Students were then placed into groups which rotated through 4 sessions:

1. Careers research.  Connexions staff Alison Curnow and Nicky Honeywell provided suggestions on helpful websites to use.

2. CV writing led by staff from Premier Foods

3. Creating mood boards in the Art department exploring the future they would like.

4. A panel of employers described their own career journey and current role, and took Questions from the students:
Marisa Fitch, head of Corporate Affairs at Premier Foods
Amanda Foley, Head of Corporate Affairs at St Albans Council (soon to be Chief Executive)
Vicky Duxbury, Learning Officer of the Woodland Trust
Julie Grimes, Founder of Jaguar White recruitment