25th Oct 2018 We’ve had an exciting week at Loreto with visits from not just one, not just two, but THREE fantastic authors!  Mrs Parkin, who masterminded all of this, tells us more about it …

Each year we hold a week focussing on reading for Years 7, 8 and 9, and invite award-winning authors into school for our students to hear from.  The calibre of the authors who have visited us this year has been exceptional, and we were delighted to welcome each of them .

To start off our week, Year 8 students welcomed back to Loreto the author and adventurer Matt Dickinson. Matt has been several times to Mount Everest and made many documentaries and films for National Geographic, the Discovery Channel and the BBC. He has now turned his experiences into adventure thrillers set in the dangerous mountains where someone always seems to be in dreadful peril, fighting for their lives in extreme weather conditions amid damaged friendships. Given Matt’s scientific facts and his humorous delivery, the girls listened with great excitement to his tales!

Next we hosted Penny Joelson, who spoke with our Year 9 students. Penny is a former teacher who has now written two crime/mystery novels. Her first novel won several awards and was written from the perspective of a young girl who knows a secret about a murder. The problem is  that our protagonist cannot speak or move: how can she inform the police? Penny’s second book also follows a difficult situation with a teenager who has witnessed a crime but has no proof. Another mystery, another murder! Her fast-paced writing is excellent and the girls listened with great attention to her talk.

Our final author was the multi-award wining Holly Smale. Holly shared the fact that her mother started reading her Shakespeare (amongst other authors) at the age of just 3! Holly grew up in a wonderfully literary environment but experienced setbacks in her own life. Having overcome these, she has now seen her books translated into many languages, and altogether over 3.5 million copies of them have been published world wide! The children loved her presentation and we are very grateful that she could find time in her busy schedule for a visit to our younger readers.

Thank you to all the authors, teachers, and pupils for helping to make this such a happy, educational and fun week!

And a huge thank you to Mrs Parkin herself!