Nov 23rd / Our first Year 9 Art project this year was to create a modern, personal version of a “Vanitas” image.  This is a Dutch style of still life painting where each object has a meaning. We started by looking at the work of artists who originally did Vanitas paintings, and then copied one image using oil pastels.  We focussed especially on where the light was shining and where the shadows were. Once we were confident about working with pastels, we began to think about our own Vanitas pictures, and were asked to bring in objects which meant something to us and represented common Vanitas themes like wealth, life, travel and knowledge.

We photographed our objects lit with a torch to represent a beam of light from Heaven, and everyone’s photo featured a skull to represent the idea that we should not place too much importance on material things as they cannot be taken with you to the afterlife. We then started to copy the picture; however we had enlarged it because we were using an A3 sheet of paper. After a few lessons using oil pastels and improving our colour blending skills, our Vanitas pictures were completed.

Here is a section of the excellent images produced:

Cydney Allende, 9F

Isabelle Johnson, 9F

Kemi, 9F

Lindsay Grisley, 9Y

Niamh Maslen, 9F

Soma, 9Y

Weronica Moran, 9Y