21st Oct 2016 – Lots of great work has been done In Art this term.  Here is a small sample …

Year 8

Y8 students have been looking at Angie Lewin’s artwork.  Evie Turner of 8S tells us more …



Angie Lewin is an artist who creates abstract paintings of flowers and plants [as in the example of her work shown above].  This term we have been trying to recreate some of her paintings by using water colours and black fine liners to get the perfect image.  I really enjoyed doing this topic as it was very fun to try and recreate an abstract picture, and I enjoyed mixing the water colours to give a variety of hues and shade to my painting.

Here are some example of the work produced:


Danielle 8S


Marilyn 8J


Yasmin 8F


Zara 8T

Year 10

Cydney Alleyne (10F) tell us about the first GCSE coursework project which Year 10 students have undertaken …

We have been producing observational images of stuffed animals from Tring Natural History Museum in a range of media. The animals are challenging to observe as there is a lot of detail in each and every animal. However, some media allow details to be added much more easily than others. For example, when we tested using chalk and charcoal, it was a lot different to using the pencil, as it was much thicker and gave a more smudgy effect, making detail harder to get. Acrylic paint was more difficult to work with than some of the media as is it tends to dry quite quickly so we had to be slightly faster than we had previously been. This project has definitely been both challenging and enjoyable at the same time. The various media created very different effects, and the outcomes were all different which made it interesting to see.  We have been able to try media we haven’t used before, and this has given us an idea of what media we would like to use in the future when creating a piece of art.

Here is a selection of the work in the Y10 sketchbooks …