‘Art as Propaganda’ Poster Project 

The Brief 

In this project students were asked to create a photomontage and then paint it onto A3 paper. These photomontages all had the key theme of body positivity.

Student Reflections

To achieve the photo realism, I thought about the base colour and then I slowly added the highlights and shadows on top. I looked at all the colours that were in the image and knew where and what colour the light sources were. Overall I had fun. Elizabeth Carlton 9S  

For my body positivity painting, I found an interesting montage of mouths in a magazine, and it really stood out to me. I added the words ‘We are positive ‘ on top of the montage by cutting up letters and sticking them on top to reinforce the ‘ body positivity ‘ message. I really like what I did because of the simplicity, and it got the message through well because of that. Poppy Williams-Leung 9S

Examples from Ms Jaques’ class

Alannah Sheehan 9Y

Elizabeth Carlton 9S

Martina Lomuti 9Y

Poppy Williams-Leung 9S

Examples from Ms Aherne’s class