14th Sept 2018 – Taking full advantage of the opportunities presented by the opening of the new St Albans Museum, our Y10 GCSE art students recently went to look at the ‘Hand Drawn Action Packed’ exhibition.  Jennifer Johnson of 10J tells us more about it:

This exhibition featured work by a number of international artists. They all worked in different styles, some of which I never knew were considered as “drawing”, so it was very interesting to see the variety of work on offer.

The work that stood out to me the most was by a South African artist called William Kentridge, because of how he was able to capture a woman doing a seemingly everyday task but make it seem more with his seemingly random yet obviously purposeful monochrome marks over a coloured outline sketch. The little splash marks and smudges that were outside the perimeter of the image added character. Back at school, we went on to produce drawings of a skull for our ‘Inside/ Outside’ project, inspired by these artists, using coloured pencils and charcoal.