Dec 18th / Alice & Alannah in Y9  tell us about the advent service recently led by Sr Anita …

This  was an insightful and interesting presentation about the true meaning of Advent.  Sr Anita spoke about how to prepare for the birth of Jesus Christ. She told us a story about a man who had heard that Jesus was going to visit the town. The man thought that as Jesus was said be ‘the Son of God’, he would offer gifts to Jesus. Different people came throughout the day. These people were less fortunate than others, so he gave them some of the gifts he was going to give to Jesus. By the end of the day, Jesus had still not arrived. However, that night the man had a dream about Jesus and that he was present in each of the individuals he had met during the day.

This story helps us prepare for the arrival of Jesus, as Jesus’ presence can be found in everyone.

We thank Sr Anita for this meaningful and reflective Advent Service, as it has reminded us of the true meaning of Christmas.