School is currently only open to the children of critical workers, Y10 pupils and Y12, all by prior arrangement. No other visitors are allowed on site. The school calendar is suspended. 


Y7 Induction 2020

Hello everyone,

My name is Mrs Caulfield, and I will be your Head of Year when you join us in September.  I am really looking forward to meeting you in person and welcoming you to the school.  You will have a “tutor room” in a building called St Joes, where you will start every day with your “form tutor”.  I will share the name of your tutor with you in due course.  Your tutor will call your register, share important notes with you, and answer any questions you may have about school.  They will make sure you know what lessons you have each day, and give you a school planner so that you can keep track of everything.   You will also have your own personal locker in this building, where you can leave books you don’t need for the day.  All of your lessons will take place in different parts of the school, but you will be amazed at how quickly you learn your way around.  We have a lovely school site, and you will soon feel at home here.

There is more I could tell you, but I think everything else can wait for now.  I may well give you further updates from time to time.  The only other thing you really need to know at this stage is what uniform to buy!  This is listed in the first link shown below.  The second link explains how you can make online appointments with Stevensons, the shop which supplies our uniform.

Loreto College Uniform Details

Loreto College – Appointments at Stevensons

Best Wishes,

Mrs Caulfield, June 2020