Transport Links

Loreto College enjoys some excellent transport links and should not be difficult to travel to and from.  Options include:


We encourage our students to walk to and from school if it is at all possible to do so. This is good for their health and well-being and good for the environment, and in the congested streets of St Albans can sometimes even be quicker than travelling by car or bus! However, if walking is not a viable option, there are various alternatives you might wish to consider.


The streets around our school are very busy during the school run, but a few hardy pupils and staff do cycle to school. They lock their bikes up near the entrance to the main building.


St Albans is on the Brighton-Bedford line, with trains stopping at various London stations.  This is served by St Albans City station, which is a 5 minute walk from Loreto College (see map).  St Albans Abbey station offers services to and from Watford and is a 15 minute walk from the school.  Pupils travelling home by train are advised to bookmark this webpage for live updates on services from St Albans.


Information on local bus services can be found here and here.


In some areas which cannot take advantage of scheduled rail and bus services, parents of our pupils have grouped together to organise their own coach service. The coaches listed below are currently in operation and serve the school. These are not run by the school, and any parents interested in using one of these coaches should telephone the relevant organiser for further details or information.

Enfield Area: Oakfield Tours – 020 8363 0688

Hendon Area: Welham Travel – 01707 334040

Bushey/Watford Area: Desi Coaches – 020 8357 0116


If travelling to Loreto by car, please bear in mind that we are a city centre school and therefore have limited parking facilities. For the safety of the students, we ask parents to be mindful of the following points:

  • Please do not drive into the school site unless a member of your party has a disability.
  • Please do not stop on the zigzag lines at the entrance.  This is illegal because it blocks pedestrians from the view of vehicles turning into the gateway.
  • During the school day, please do not park in the coach bays at the top of Upper Lattimore road.  These are here to ensure that pupils do not have to disembark into the road from their coaches.  Cars which do park here often pick up a ticket.  These bays are marked out with these signs:

Coach parking sign Oct 14

Sadly we cannot offer parking at school events such as Parents Evenings, and we remind parents that unless a member of their party is disabled, they are expected to park elsewhere: the most straightforward solution to this is to park at the Maltings (located where the P symbol is shown on the map above).

Car Sharing

School is willing to facilitate contact between parents who may wish to make car-sharing arrangements. Please note, however, that any such arrangements are private agreements between parents and, as such, are not covered by the school’s safeguarding policies and procedures.

All ABI motor insurers have agreed that, if your passengers contribute towards your running costs, your insurance cover will not be affected, as long as lifts are given in a vehicle seating eight passengers or less. This agreement does not apply if you make a profit from payments received or if carrying passengers is your business. However, drivers with any concerns should check with their insurance company as terms and conditions may vary between insurance providers over time.

Benefits of car sharing:

  • Saves valuable time
  • Reduces inconvenience of parked cars around the school gates
  • Helps reduce congestion on local roads
  • Helps families juggle commitments and busy timetables
  • Reduces the costs related to two return car trips each day to school
  • Enables children to attend after school activities that may otherwise not be possible
  • More sociable for children and young people
  • Less congestion and pollution around the school
  • Opportunity for parents to get to know other families from the school
  • Provides an opportunity to do your bit to address climate change and reduce pollution from car emissions

If you are interested, please provide the following information to help find a suitable match:

  • Surname
  • contact number
  • email address
  • general area from which your child is travelling
  • whether or not you can reciprocate the arrangement or prefer to make a contribution towards running costs

Please email this information to: and we can then circulate interested families’ contact details to the families that responded. This will enable you to make your own arrangements.

You will need to satisfy yourselves that the match is suitable and agree times and dates and exchange emergency contact details. A trial period is often a good idea before committing to a long term agreement.

Page updated July 2019