5th March 2018 – International Women’s Day takes place every year on March 8th to celebrate and commemorate the countless achievements of women around the world.

The original aim of International Women’s Day was to achieve gender equality for women, which has yet to be realised. According to a 2017 report by the World Economic Forum, it could still take another 100 years before the global equality gap between men and women disappears entirely.

Although we know that gender equality won’t happen overnight, the good news is that across the world women are making positive gains day by day. Over the past twelve months a very strong and growing global movement of advocacy, activism and support has gained momentum.

We are marking International Women’s Day as part of Careers’ Week to inspire our students to think about a wide range of career choices by focusing on women who have chosen careers that were once considered the preserve of men. Our WoW Reps have put up inspirational posters around the school and they will be delivering assemblies to every year group this week. In addition, the WoW Reps are attending the Southbank’s WoW Schools’ day on International Women’s Day, joining other students from London and the South East for a day of activities around the theme of ‘How to Change the World’.