5th December 2017 – Mrs Parkin likes to reward the enthusiasm and helpfulness of her librarians by taking them on a trip to the British Library.  Yesterday’s visit went really well, with all of the students talking about it in glowing terms.  You can read their comments below.  Our thanks to Mrs Parkin, Mrs Thomas and Mrs McLaughlin for offering them such a great opportunity to widen still further their appreciation of books.

Isabel 8Y:
Today we visited the great British Library with other library monitors. It was a great experience. We were taken to the teaching room and discovered the importance of research. Then we put our research skills to the test! We went to the Tower of Books and had to find out as much information as we could by looking at it and searching. It was surprising how much information we could extract.

Next we went to the Treasure Gallery where we had a worksheet to complete. It was interesting to see how our language has changed through the years. Afterwards we visited the Christmas Tree at St Pancras before heading back to school. It was a fantastic trip and I really enjoyed the experience.

Jessica 8F:
‘I loved the British Library! I especially enjoyed the millions of books that I could see there and the Treasures Gallery. It was amazing! It was such a lovely day and I spent it with all my friends and other library monitors. One of the librarians called Helen helped us understand what research is really all about, using an interesting demonstration called ‘an infinite loop’. The whole day was amazing!

Leila 8S:
I enjoyed the Treasure Gallery a lot. It was the highlight of the day. Our guide gave us worksheets which encouraged us to find a specially chosen resource: a book/map/letter/bible/etc and then write about it. Our group focused on a letter from Elizabeth I to James VI. It was so interesting as we are also learning about Elizabeth and Stuarts this year in history as well.

Jada 8Y:
Going to the British Library was an amazing experience. When we arrived we were greeted by our librarian guide named Helen, who soon helped us understand the importance of research. We had a discussion about the reliability of sources regarding the internet and books. We also worked in pairs discovering information about the books in the Treasures Gallery, where I discovered a private diary written by a major during the Battle of the Somme from WW1!
Afterwards we went to the gift shop and then admired the mesmerizing tree in St Pancras, this year it was covered with beautiful flowers, roses and vines in an ombre effect.

This exciting trip finished at Hamley’s toy shop. I will definitely return to the British Library. It was a thrilling experience which really enhanced our knowledge of books and research.

I am very grateful for the getting the opportunity to go! Thank you Mrs Parkin, Mrs Thomas and Mrs McLaughlin.

Milly 8Y:
Today was great! After we arrived at the British Library we were taken to a room for a workshop where we talked about research and how it could be conducted. This led us to the collection of books called the ‘Kings Library’, which was HUGE!! There were thousands of books in this collection alone, and they all looked very old. Next we went to the ‘Treasures Gallery’ which holds some of the library’s highlights. Included amogst these was the Magna Carta, a Beatles Section with original hand written lyrics, and the smallest prayer book I have ever seen in my life! This was my favourite part of the day as there was so many fascinating items to explore and learn.

I had a great day and would definitely recommend a visit to the British Library because it was a great experience and one I will never forget.