2nd October 2017 – Last week our Y8 students were taken off timetable for the day in order to take part in a series of MFL activities.  This event tied in with the European Day of Languages.  Jessica Burke and Grace Phillips tell us more about it …

We really enjoyed our Languages Day with the MFL Department. We got to spend time with teachers who would not usually teach us. We also got to have loads of fun too! We did quite a few things that we were not expecting. For example, some students tried on Kimonos and we also learned how to count to ten in Japanese. We had fun listening to the European music and trying to guess which country it was from.

Competition Winners
8F Amy Novelle, Grace Phillips, Giorgia Gillon
8J Nicole Materac, Nicole Misiewicz, Paulina Matkevicute
8S Leila Nyamnde, Grace Bondm, Aoife Butler
8Y Ivy Gayon, Anna Deacy, Henrietta Algaard
8Y Sarah Hill, Kayla Grace, Adwoa Gyamfi