27th Sept 2019 – Today we have received a visit from a BIG PURPLE BUS!  Owned by Browns Books, the aim of this visit was to promote ‘Reading for Pleasure’.  All of our Year 7 students were invited on board to browse 12,500 books that have only recently been released.  Mrs Parkin then asked them to share with her the titles of books they would like Loreto to purchase for our own library.  She is keen to promote more reading for pleasure by making sure we stock titles which students have shown plenty of interest in.

Here are some photos from teh day, along with some comments from the students …

“There were so many books on the bus, and it’s quite incredible that there wasn’t every book in the world, as there was such a great selection! If I could go again, I would definitely want to!”

Kinece 7T

“The purple bus was amazing. There was such a great selection. It was a great experience for me and my form to scan the books we wanted on our wish list for our school library. I think all buses should be like that some day!”

Polly 7T

“I really enjoyed the bus experience because it is such a clever idea, and it was so atmospheric inside, with the lights and the seats. I loved that we could make a choice – and we were spoiled for choice!”

Maya (Library monitor)