1st July 2019 – Our Y7 students have recently taken part in a History Trail activity at St Albans Cathedral.  Here two pupils in 7F share their experiences …


When we went to St Albans Cathedral we dressed up as different characters in the Peasants Revolt. We also walked around the cathedral and saw all the paintings on the walls, and the very old stained glass windows, all of which were amazingly detailed. After that we went outside to act out events which happened in the Revolt. After that we sat near a statue of St Alban to talk about what we had learned.


I was role-playing a monk while my group were going around the St Albans cathedral. When we were role-playing, we chased the person who was playing the part of the Abbot. We also went to abbey gate, which I was surprised was still intact. The guide was very interesting when she was telling us about the history of this place.