1st October 2018 – Last Friday the MFL department put on its annual Fun Day for Y8 pupils.  Here Lottie (8T) and Jewel (8F) tell us more about what took place …

This was a brilliant day full of learning, culture and languages and all of us enjoyed ourselves.

At the beginning of the day we had an assembly in the studio.  To welcome us was Elsa singing ‘Let It Go’ in a variety of different languages! The main purpose of the assembly was to introduce us all to any teachers that we didn’t know. Our teachers were Mrs Fitzsimmons, Miss Boyt, Mrs Godfrey, Miss Baptisto and Mrs McLoughlin. All the groups were given a different timetable, but we all had a longer break and earlier lunch to allow us to get the best possible experience out of the day.

We had food prepared for us at break, lunch and at the end of the day. During break, we indulged in a pain au chocolat. At lunch, the canteen prepared an Italian feast with a choice of pizza of pasta plus salad and garlic bread, and then a dessert of either pancakes of apple strudel. We were also given a pretzel at the end of the day: Year 8 students were not hungry when we left school!

One of the lessons that we enjoyed was all about flags. It was full of mini games and was very educational. In this time we learnt about some countries’ flags, how to say hello in a variety of different languages, and we made a flag to represent ourselves. To conclude we had a ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ quiz on countries and their flags. It was a very informative and fun lesson, particularly as we were working in groups.

In another lesson we created two posters, one on the computers and another one by hand. On the computer, we researched one country then typed facts and phrases from that country’s language. On the handwritten poster, Year 8 came up with answers to the question ‘Why should you learn a foreign language?’  For example, it is useful when you travel because you can understand the people you meet.

We also had a Japanese lesson. During this lesson, we learnt a lot about Japanese culture, including; traditional clothing, its location, and how to count to 10 in the language – we used actions to aid our memory. This lesson was very interesting and fun!

A further session was a song lesson. During this lesson a series of songs from a variety of countries were played. We had to guess which language was being sung. This was challenging but exciting as there were familiar singers such as Shakira but there were songs from other countries such as Denmark.

Finally, there was a session with a quiz, in which we were put into groups with the people who were in our form. We were each assigned a country that we had to learn a lot of facts about within a short time period. Then, we did a quiz made up of 25 questions. At the end of the day, the winning team were rewarded in front of the year group.

At the end of the day we had an assembly to celebrate those who stood out to the teachers in terms of effort, and also to those who won the quiz. It was very tense because there was a tie-breaker question! We also filled out an evaluation form for the day.

In conclusion, all of us thoroughly enjoyed MFL Fun Day because it was entertaining and interesting: we were learning alot without it feeling like normal lessons.  It was an incredible school day with delicious food, new friends and new facts!

On behalf of Year 8, we would like to thank the MFL Department for making it such an amazing day, and especially Mrs Fitzsimons for organising it for Year 8.