17th July 2018 – The standard of the performance in this year’s Drama Festival was exceptionally high and every tutor group in KS3 created highly imaginative and gripping pieces.  We were delighted to have Mrs Tinsley, a previous Head of English at Loreto, acting as adjudicator and offering her feedback on each group’s performance.  The theme for each year group, and the eventual winners were as follows:

Year 7 – Shakespeare

7F  – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Year 8 – Gothic

8J (The Picture of Dorian Gray)

8Y (Grimms’ Tales Cinderella)

Year 9 –Mystery

9J (Roadkill)

As well as the photos of the performances which appear within this article, you will also find photos of every single tutor group at the end.  Click on any of these to enlarge them and/or view a slideshow.

In the Year 7 performances we were transported from magical forests in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, to the exciting party at Lord Capulet’s house in Romeo and Juliet, to the desolate heath where the witches lurked in Macbeth and to Olivia’s court in Twelfth Night. 7F produced a particularly witty and highly engaging rendition of the dispute between Titania and Oberon from A Midsummer Night’s Dream and were highly commended by Mrs Tinsley for their interpretation.

In the Year 8 performances we were horrified by the eerie ghostliness of Jeanette Humphrey in The Woman in Black; disturbed by the strangeness of The Picture of Dorian Gray; left chilled by the horrors of Grimms’ Tales Cinderella, unsettled by the heinous acts of Charlotte Says and haunted by the ominous threat in Coraline. 8J and 8Y both produced terrifyingly gothic performances that sent a shiver down the spine of every audience member.

In the Year 9 performances we were intrigued by the mystery in Rule of Three, left in shock by the menacing twist at the end of Façade; dismayed by the grisly murders in Roadkill; threatened by the sinister presence of the anonymous killer in A Killer Night, and anxious to see the criminal brought to justice at the end of Broken Home. 9J produced a thrilling and gripping performance of Roadkill that saw twists and turns in the plot from the start. The group was highly commended for its originality and the convincing characters which were developed.

Overall, it was a highly successful day that saw the girls showcasing their incredible talents. The directors; scriptwriters and lighting-music coordinators all worked tirelessly behind the scenes and should be praised for their efforts and input too. A special thank you to Mrs Winchester who masterminded the whole event, and to Mrs Bamford for the wonderful photography, filming, provision of costumes and the support with the technical aspects of the production too.