GCSE Art, Craft & Design

3rd Dec 2018 – We thought it would be nice to share some examples of GCSE Art, Craft and Design work.  Here Nancy O’Grady in Year 10 tells us what she and her classmates have been working on …

As an introduction to the new course, we have been trying out a range of different RM, Art and Textile techniques. Our theme is ‘Winged Wildlife’, so we have taken inspiration for our samples from the beautiful colours and textures seen on birds, butterflies and bugs.

It has been really enjoyable to learn a variety of new skills such as lino printing, where we carved our design into a tile, and also precious metal clay, where we used blow torches and the polishing machine to create a pendant. We now have the chance to select our favourite techniques and use them to design and make a product that could be sold at the National History Museum gift shop.