French Play

30th Nov 2018 – Escape room … in French!  Last week Onatti Productions performed a play in French for our Year 9 pupils. Here Freya Clancy and Jessica Buzzle tell us all about La salle des Énigmes …

The story was about two friends called Marie and Jeremy who were stuck in an escape room. They had to figure out codes and solve puzzles to open the door and get out. We helped them by answering questions, and some people even got to go on the stage to help with solving the puzzles. Even though we couldn’t understand every word that they were saying, the actors made it easier to understand by speaking slowly, repeating themselves a few times and using hand gestures.

We all understood a lot more than we thought we could, and have learnt some new vocabulary. Overall, the French play was amazing. Both actors were very funny and we really enjoyed the audience participation. The set was very detailed and looked very good. We all really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you Marie and Jeremy!