Classics Internationality Week

14th May 2019 – During our Internationality Week earlier this year, the Classics Department decided to set pupils in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 a ‘Classics Challenge’!  Their mission: to spread Classics on a GLOBAL SCALE!

Each year group was given a ‘mystery’ ancient artefact, which they had to investigate and then create an electronic resource about.  Their objective was to help pupils in schools around the world today learn more about the world in classical times.   Four of our international sister schools signed up to use the materials from St Albans with their pupils: Gibraltar (Spain), Pretoria (South Africa), Kolkata (India) and Melbourne (Australia).

The Classics Department was hugely impressed by the standard of work that was produced, and we would like to thank all those pupils who participated.  Everyone has been awarded with a merit.  Sadly though, we could only send off a handful of projects.  The winners’ names, and the destinations for their work, are listed below.  We also awarded several students commendations for very good work.

Congratulations girls!  In the summer term you will receive formal recognition and a prize (including immortality!) for your outstanding contributions.  All the winning entries have been sent off now, and we are looking forward to receiving feedback from our sister schools. We will keep the pupils posted with any updates.


Mia Suzuki 7Y – video presentation (Pretoria, South Africa)

Maya Elliot and Lily Gazza 7S – newsroom presentation (Gibraltar, Spain)

Amarisa Rrukaj 8T and Emily Perra 8J – PowerPoint worksheets, crime quiz etc. (Pretoria, South Africa)

Emma Staff 8S, Francesca Satik 8S, Ellie-May Brennan 8S- PowerPoint and strigil demonstration. (Pretoria, South Africa)

Glenda Asare-Bekoe 8F – PowerPoint and quiz (Kolkata, India)

Tara Clarke 9T, Henrietta Algaard 9T, Amelia Layne 9T – tour of Verulamium (Toorak, Australia)

Gabriela Gomez Pavon and Ellie Escuder 7S – info pack

Adrienne Koppes 7S – cartoon video

Alafair Reinsford and Aoife Brooks 7S – PowerPoint and quiz sheet

Mackenzie Holt 7T- poster

Matilda Cremins 7T – PowerPoint

Lily Freeman 7Y – PowerPoint

Klara King 8S, Jessica Kelly 8S and Emanuela Kucera 8S – board game

Josie Bogle 8T – PowerPoint, quiz, 20 questions

Lottie McCallum 8T – singing

Ivy Gayon 9T – PowerPoint with timers

Anna Berners Lee 9Y and Sarah Hill 9Y – Scratch animation