Day of Light

March 20th / The International Day of Happiness seemed to get off to a gloomy start during today’s eclipse, but the Loreto community came together to bring a little light into the lives of people far less fortunate than ourselves.  Many of our students and staff wore something bright yellow in support of the Sunshine School in Vietnam, and visited the school Chapel to offer […]

Careers Day

Nov 27th / Wednesday was Careers Day here at Loreto: a variety of professionals visited the school in order to discuss their occupations with our students.  During their PSHE lesson, Year 9 students all visited them in the studio and started to get more of a feel for what sort of careers might appeal to them.  Many students in […]

Year 7 Geography

Nov 17th / Mrs Hyslop was really impressed to find herself being given some poems without prompting at the end of one of a Year 7 lesson.  “I’ve been inspired by Geography”, said Isabel Woodley “so I wrote these poems …” Isabel Woodley poems

Drama Festival 2014

July 18th / Last week students and staff celebrated another successful Drama Festival. The first part of the festival took place on 9th July, and involved all Key Stage 3 forms. The festival aims to foster the skills of writing, directing, set designing, costume creating, prop hunting, rehearsing, and performing their own short play. Year 7 took us back […]

Duke of Edinburgh Training

July 17th / Last weekend some of our Year 12 students took part in a weekend of training for their Duke of Edinburgh Award Expedition.  They spent two days navigating through deepest, darkest Hertfordshire, carrying all their own gear on their backs.  They practised cooking for themselves on Trangia gas stoves, and spent the night […]

Sports Day Results

July 15th / Today saw the whole school heading down to Westminster Lodge to take part in Sports Day.  The PE department, led by Miss Baxter, ensured that the event ran very smoothly and that everyone had a role to play.  The vast majority of pupils showed plenty of commitment when taking part, and gave plenty of […]

Y12 Biology Trip

July 14th / Last week our Y12 Biology Students took part in an A2 Ecology field trip to Rhyd y creuau Drapers’ Field Centre in Snowdonia.  Here are a few pictures followed by two reports from those involved. Ciara Condon and Natalie Case The centre itself was around a half an hour walk away from the secluded town of Betws-y-coed. It […]

Amazing Art Exhibition!

July 12th / Yesterday the Art Department invited guests to an exhibition of this year’s GCSE and A-level Artwork.  The students have produced some simply stunning creations, as this selection of images shows.  Congratulations to all of those who put so much effort into producing these.  Many thanks to the Art department, and to Mrs Cooke and her catering […]

Y8 Geography & Classics Trips

July 11th / On the 4th and 5th of July everyone in Year 8 took part in a Geography trip to London and a Classics trip to investigate life in Roman Verulamium.  Emily Miller of 8S has written the following report of her experiences on these trips. We split into two groups, one with three forms and the other with […]

Y9 Gurdwara Visit

July 8th / As part of our Religious Education topic ‘The Spiritual Quest’, all Year 9 pupils took part in visits to the London Sikh Gurdwara last Thursday & Friday . They were given a guided tour and a talk on the background of the Sikh faith, and then had an opportunity to sample some […]

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