Exam Timetables


Internal Exam Dates 2016-2017

Please note that the dates below refer only to the Monday of the week in which the assessments will take place.  All internal exams actually take place over several days.


Year 7

May 15th 2017


Year 8

May 22nd 2017

8F exam timetable 2017

8J exam timetable 2017

8S exam timetable 2017

8T exam timetable 2017

8Y exam timetable 2017


Year 9

June 5th 2017


Year 10

April 24th 2017

Year 10 Exam Timetable


Year 12    

April 24th 2017

Year 12 exam timetable

June 26th 2017




External Exams Summer 2017

External GCSE and A-level exam timetables are still being collated.  This initial version is for general guidance only.  All Y11, 12 & 13 students will be issued with personalised timetables as soon as entries have been confirmed.

Skeleton Timetable – Timetabled Components 19.01.17

GCSE exam handbook

GCSE Final Arrangements and important information



Other GCSE Revision help

Pupils should refer to the following revision materials for each subject: