Exam Timetables


Internal exams take place at the following points in the year.  Full timetables will be published closer to the start of each session.

Year 7

May 8th-11th

Year 8

June 4th-8th

Year 9

May 21st-25th

Year 10

April 16th-27th

Year 11

Dec 4th-15th

Year 12

Oct 30th-31st       Feb 22nd-23rd       June 25th-29th

Year 13

Oct 30th-31st       Feb 19th-23rd

Sixth Form Test Timetable – October 2017

External exam timetables will be published as and when they are made available.

Here is our full guide to all the Y10 GCSE courses at Loreto: GCSE Assessment Guide