Latest Exam Report

We were really pleased with the achievements of our student in the 2016 exams. A breakdown of their results can be viewed here:

2016 GCSE Results

2016 A-level Results

In February 2016, the school received two separate letters from Parliament.  The first letter informed us that we had won a Pupil Premium Award because of the results gained by our disadvantaged pupils in 2015.  The full  letter can be seen here:

2016 Pupil Premium Award

The second letter from Westminster congratulated us on the fact that our 2015 results placed us among the “top 100 non-selective state-funded schools in England”.  This is the third year in a row that we have received such a letter.  The full letter can be viewed here:

2016 Top 100 Schools letter

A third piece of good news in February came in the form of a certificate recognising the achievements of our Sixth Form students in their 2015 exams.  The extent to which our pupils outperformed expectations places the school in the top 25% nationally.  This certificate can be seen here:

2016 A-level Recognition