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Controlled Assessments

Guidance on the completion of GCSE Controlled Assessments can be found here:

Information for candidates – GCSE Controlled Assessments

Once controlled assessments have been marked and internally moderated, subject teachers will always discuss the outcome with the students.  If, after discussing these marks with their teachers, candidates wish to have them reviewed prior to submission for external moderation, they should request a Controlled Assessment Marking Review form from the exams officer at the start of the week beginning Monday 23rd April 2018.  Completing and returning part 1 of this form will trigger the release of the relevant materials.   Any candidate who subsequently wishes to request a formal review must complete and submit part 3 of this form by Friday 27th April 2018.  Before requesting a review, candidates should read the Controlled Assessment Review Policy which can be found on our policies and procedures page.


Other important information for candidates

Information for candidates – onscreen tests

Information for candidates – Privacy Notice

Information for candidates – social media

Information for candidates – written exams

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Replacement Exam Certificates

Anyone who wishes to obtain a replacement exam certificate, should visit this government website.