All students study Design and Technology at Key Stage 3. We aim to teach our pupils to work independently and with creativity. Technology skills are developed through analysis of existing products and skills based activities to design and make quality products. Through Design and Technology, students become independent and creative problem solvers. They become confident practically and develop the ability to work within a fast changing world.


Key Stage 3 Technology:

The main topics in KS3 are Food, Textiles and resistant Materials. We also incorporate ICT skills along with an element of Graphics. Technology develops a range of skill including innovation, creativity and problem solving as individuals and as part of a team. Throughout KS3 we aim to develop confidence as well as awareness of safety by working with familiar contexts and advancing to the unfamiliar.

At this level, homework should take no longer than 30 minutes each week. Types of assessment could include research, investigations, exercises and evaluations. Students are encouraged to develop their skills using Google sketchup and There are many valuable resources on Manufacturer websites, and we particularly like M&S.

The department has a history of offering various lunchtime clubs and competitions.


Key Stage 4 Technology

From September 2017 we expect to offer two GCSE courses, the Food Preparation and Nutrition which we already teach (see below), and a new Design & Technology specification from AQA.  For more information about this, click here.

Our current KS4 students are following GCSE courses in Food Preparation & Nutrition, Textiles and Product Design.  The exam boards are as follows:

Food Preparation & Nutrition: WJEC Eduqas GCSE (9-1)

Textiles: Edexcel 2TT01

Product Design: AQA 4555

All Technology subjects are weighted with 60% controlled assessment and 40% exam assessment. This gives the opportunity to develop practical skills, time management and independence as well as a knowledge base.

30-45 minutes of homework is expected each week, and this may cover research, planning, revision and exam preparation exercises.

Students are encouraged to take part in competitions both local and national. In particular, we have had successes in Rotary Club cooking competitions.


Exam board websites:

GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

GCSE Catering

GCSE Product Design

GCSE Textiles


Other useful websites:


Page updated September 2017