Sociology is only taught in Years 12 & 13. It asks questions about how people live and work together. While it does not train for a particular career, it provides an excellent background for any job which involves interaction with people. Sociology students have typically been successful in journalism, teaching, police force, media, law, health and social work, it is an A level highly valued by midwifery. It is a subject that will challenge many preconceived ideas and the successful Sociology student is one who is prepared to open their mind to the opinions of others.

Students can take both AS and A2 level exams (AQA specification 7192).

At AS, we study:

  • Families and Households
  • Education with Research Methods

At A2 we study:

  • Beliefs in Society
  • Crime and Deviance with Theory and Method

During the course students will have the opportunity to:

  • Improve communication skills
  • Present a balanced argument
  • Research and synthesise new ideas
  • Develop an understanding of unfamiliar concepts
  • Develop a tolerant attitude to others’ views

For each module, students can expect to spend at least 90 minutes each week on homework.

Particularly useful websites:

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