Learning Support

The Learning Support Department believes that all of our pupils should be given the opportunity to access and appreciate all areas of the curriculum to the best of their ability.  We encourage resilience and independence in our students, and we help to make this a reality. Our aim is for all students to experience a challenging, relevant and enjoyable education.

‘I would like to thank your department again for all the support you have provided throughout our daughter’s time at Loreto.’  Comment made by a parent of one of our statemented pupils 2016.


Key Stage 3

All students benefit from excellent classroom teaching which is differentiated to cater for the needs of the individual. Learning Support Assistants can also be present during lessons to help students access the curriculum. Some students are withdrawn from lessons and have small group intervention which focuses on basic numeracy and literacy as well as organisation and social skills. Other students who have been identified may have a more individual timetable to help support them in their learning.

We want our pupils to develop independence and to become as resilient as possible. We try to encourage this by giving students just the right amount of support.

The department run the following extracurricular activities at KS3:

Year 7 pupils only:

  • A 6th form buddy is available to help support reading during registration once a week. This is replace with Maths on a Monday during the Summer term
  • A sixth form mentor can be arranged for students who would benefit from some extra social support

All KS3 students:

  • A homework club is run on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday lunch times in the ICT suite
  • A quiet study area is available
  • We invite some of our students to attend a craft and social club
  • We have a bright dyslexic group
  • Some pupils are invited to join our touch typing club
  • There is a school shop that is open every Monday Lunchtime in M6.


Pupils may find the following websites helpful








Key Stage 4 Curriculum Support

Curriculum support is available to some pupils who choose to study one fewer GCSE subject. The lessons are tailored to meet the individual academic needs of the students. They are provided with the opportunity to support their studies in other subject areas through guidance, instruction and ICT.

The department also runs the following extracurricular activities during KS4:

  • Students are offered meetings with connexions who give support and advice on further education and careers.
  • A homework club is run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the lunch hour in the ICT suite
  • There is a school shop that is open every Monday Lunchtime in M6


Useful websites:






Key Stage 5

All Y12 and 13 students are encouraged to support our younger students by taking part in our Reading in Registration programme, or by helping out at form time.

There is a school shop that is open every Monday Lunchtime in M6.


Page updated Sept 2016