Uniform & Equipment

The school expects all students to the wear uniform correctly and without complaint.  In choosing to send their daughters to Loreto, parents are making a commitment to support the school in this.  We ask that you encourage your daughter to wear her uniform with pride and to keep in a state of good repair.  Skirts should be worn to the knee.  Footwear should take the form of black leather shoes.  Canvas shoes, trainers and boots are not acceptable.  Any pupil who needs to wear other footwear on medical grounds must supply a letter from an orthotic specialist to support this claim.  Make-up and dyed hair are not allowed.

The official stockist for Loreto uniform, including our blazer and a few items which bear Loreto colours, is Stevensons Limited, Victoria Street, St Albans, Herts.

Click here for the 2016 Uniform & Equipment list

Some items of uniform can be purchased second-hand from the school office.  For further information on this, please email admin@loreto.herts.sch.uk.