The Canteen

Our caterers are Edwards & Blake, who pride themselves on producing nutritious, varied and interesting meal choices to suit the pupils they serve.  Food is always fresh and homemade, and uses the best locally-sourced ingredients.  As well as serving food in the canteen, Edwards & Blake also sell snacks from “the picnic basket” at breaktime and lunchtime.  This facility, pictured below, was generously funded by the Parents Association and first opened in September 2017.


2018 Spring Term menus


Canteen Payments

The canteen operates a cashless biometric system. This means that rather than paying for their food with cash, each pupil places her finger onto a machine which then transfers payment from their account to the canteen. At the start of Year 7 each pupil registers her fingerprint and this creates a code which is unique to her.

As part of this system, the pupil and/or her parent must make sure there is always some money in her canteen account. Accounts can be topped up online using the ParentPay system [link available to left of picture above], or cash can be put into the re-valuer machine outside the library.

If a pupil forgets her lunch, or does not have enough money to buy it, the school office will lend her what she needs. Naturally, we expect this to be repaid promptly. Pupils entitled to free school meals have their allowance automatically topped up every day, and they can add further funds to this if they wish.


Free School Meals

If you would like to find out whether your family is eligible for free school meals please click here.


Promotions for Summer Term 2018

The above promotions will end on 20th July 2018.