Live Updates from the Orbital Hub

Paddington Academy are working on stories such as smoking in cars, budget cuts, comic relief and Liz Taylor’s death.


11:03 Camden School for Girls are working on stories including: The use of Facebook, local cuts, pressure to wear make-up (including an interview with ex-pupil and model Lily Donaldson) The Royal Wedding, and pupils’ use of slang.


11.31 St Andrew’s School Bedford are covering a variety of stories including: The man with an aquarium in his cellar, Jerusalem bomb victim, Dead man’s thumb fell from the sky, Royal wedding vows on YouTube and The story of an escapologist-linking with the 137th birthday of Houdini.


11.31 St. Marylebone School are covering stories which include: Westminister Libraries closing down, Music education cuts, The English Baccalaureate, women at war, London Zoo stopping free educational trips, 2012 London Olympics, music piracy and Food Technology education.


11:54 Paddington Academy are currently capturing the footage of the links for: Comic Relief, tree planting, smoking in cars.


12.15 Loreto College have been speaking to representatives of all three main political parties about university fees. They are also working on a project about school food waste and how The Only Way is Essex does not necessarily reflect true life. Pupils are also working on articles about Justin Bieber and body image.


12.30 Zara and Charis from St Marylebone school have been interviewed by Vanessa Feltz on BBC London.Charis said: "She asked us what we did and whether we wanted to be journalists" Zara said: "I said no but I have a lot of respect for journalists. I don't think I could handle the pressure every day!"


12:33 Paddington Academy have edited the footage and links to their Comic Relief, tree planting and smoking cars stories. They are currently editing the Royal Wedding dresses and Elizabeth Taylor reports. They are planning to film the links for these last two stories.


13.32 Paddington Academy have finished all their stories and are currently editing and sequencing!


14.11 Loreto’s first story goes live!